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“Total Recall”… NOT!

I think the sentiment of the people in Wisconsin was simple. This recall thing just didn’t meet the threshold.  It was seen, even by some Democrats as vindictive and misguided. Regardless, Governor Walker pummeled his opponent for the second time winning the recall election handily. What has been amazing to watch however, is the vitriolic response by the losing team. I think their downright nasty whining is symbolic of where the Left is today. Damn the voice of Democracy when it does not suit us.

Let’s look at this realistically, it wasn’t even close. Say what you want about what the Republicans spent, but Bill Clinton “in the house” couldn’t even get it done.  And frankly I’m getting awfully tired of the Libs crying about fundraising and the like. Their “standard bearer” is the poster child for political big money. Oh well, it’s always okay when they do it…

On the matter of big labor, I just want to set my Left leaning friends straight on a couple of things. First off, I walk the walk. I have been in unions most of my working career, and the big ones no less. I served in a number of capacities over the years and fought the big fights like you all have no idea or concept. And all through that time I was always able to do something many whom I served with could not. I remembered I was a tax payer and a worker as well. I always understood what my father, (a business man), told me. “Be careful how hard you push”.

He meant that in plural terms. From the stand point of the private sector union, “be careful not to close the damn company you work for Sherlock”. And from the standpoint of the public sector union, “don’t forget your a damn tax payer too. That’s not a bottomless pot buddy”.

Look, what I’m trying to say is I have been both behind the gun and in the crosshairs on this issue, and that knife cuts both ways. The bottom line in this case was the unions wouldn’t budge and Walker made a promise to the voters he kept. It was the most widely covered union protest and recall in American history so the money just doesn’t matter. The voters of Wisconsin witnessed the whole deal in real-time and have now spoken. Questioning their intellect after the fact is simply sour grapes and frankly sounds a bit un-American…




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The Unseen War…

When I send my little one off to school every day I must admit I do so with trepidation and doubt. I’m fully aware this is not the public school system I attended at his age. Frankly it has been overrun by the Leftists, and education has been largely replaced by indoctrination. Only a handful of teachers remain to stand against the tide of union financed apathy and mediocrity. All this I know, but still when I hear the individual who chastised the student for exercising his First Amendment right instead of celebrating that right, I am no less horrified.

These types of tirades by folks who clearly have no business teaching our posterity, are proof beyond the shadow of a doubt there is trouble in our schools. Be it a fundamental disconnect when it comes to our country, its Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights, or simply an ideological desire to suppress free speech and/or thought, these “teachers” are waging a war against America in classrooms from East to West and all the way through higher education. Parents must be vigilant like at no time in our nation’s history if we are to preserve our American culture and true history.

Just another battle to consider as we make our way toward this historic election.


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