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Rush and Bill…

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh

I think there’s an interesting debate to be had over Rush’s latest comments regarding how he sees our nation. That said, I always preface my comments about Rush by reminding everyone he’s a radio personality, albeit an extraordinarily popular one.

Look, when we have a man running the country who I frankly wouldn’t give a second job interview to, doing a pretty damn good job convincing American’s that shaving 1 penny off each dollar spent in Washington will bring about end times, it does say something about whether or not folks are doing their homework. I argue every day with people who are simply unable to move past their ideological prejudice to the facts. I literally find myself managing my time away from folks who are just too far-gone to partake of a legitimate debate. I can’t even imagine being on Limbaugh’s level, (though I wouldn’t mind that paycheck).


Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly

Nevertheless, I think Bill O’Reilly’s analysis is a bit closer to the actual reality than Rush’s, or at least I hope so. He thinks more and more people are just plain selfish. For my part, I’m concerned the proverbial clock is ticking while this battle for the soul of our country, which I predicted some years ago, rages on. Moreover, I remain convinced the President of the United States is a narcissistic ideologue first, who means to leave this nation humbled in the wake of his time in office. To that, I believe Americans would do well to wake up and smell the political coffee.

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All The President’s Media…

"Let me be clear..."

“Let me be clear…”

“We the People” must go to the media in one form or another for our information, but it’s not that simple anymore. There are many checks and balances available to us in the 21st century, so we may reconcile much if not all of what we hear. This requires effort however, and in many cases, intestinal fortitude if we truly desire the facts on any issue. With this in mind, there is no single news agency or pundit that/who gets it right 100 percent of the time, including this one. But when the man in the highest office in the land, a man charged by sworn oath to defend the rights of “We the People” as outlined in the Constitution, starts telling us who we should be getting our “information” from, it’s problematic to say the least. It shows us how little these supposedly learned and certainly untested academics we’ve sent to represent us, really understand about our Constitution. In an era when we are hearing professors, sheltered within the alternate universe of higher education, advocate we “dump” the founding documents in favor of “a new and more modern approach”, one can only conclude this nation, which has set the mark for human dignity and God given liberty, is sliding perilously close to a deep and dangerous precipice.

I was talking with a Liberal friend recently who fervently believes Bush 43 should be tried and “hanged” for treason. I chuckled and then shuddered a bit as I realized he was dead serious. It was at that moment I realized the battle lines have definitely shifted, and we can now see the unabashed and true intent of the Left. These are the folks who scream for justice at the loss of innocent young lives in Newtown Connecticut, yet defend something as gruesome and inhuman as partial birth abortion. They are the people who advocate for more spending on behalf of the “less fortunate”, but seek to destroy the means by which to pay for it. And they are citizens of this country who see it’s worth only in terms of how they may systematically dismantle everything it stands for, in order to make it fit some 1960’s narcotics driven version of the truth. Not surprisingly, their voices are now given weight with the 2nd election of an inexperienced, ideological and partisan standard-bearer. Moreover, that man, our President, now sees certain segments of the media as threats to the realization of this twisted and shallow dream of “Utopia”. Sounds scary doesn’t it.

Well I’ve listened to statements made by President Obama recently, and tried mightily to figure out how CBS could have had the nerve to air their recent “interview” with Mr. Obama and Secretary Clinton, and I couldn’t help but wonder how any fair minded person could come to any conclusion other than the following. With the exception of FOX News, and certain talk-radio shows, the press is largely and even gushingly sympathetic to this President and his ideology. Regrettably, these same media outlets, and those who own and operate them, have cast aside any shred of journalistic credibility they may have hidden away under the clever disguises of icons like Brokaw and Cronkite, two admitted but cautious and calculating Liberals.

Much of the battle to come will be fought inside these lines as folks gravitate to one camp or the other. In the end, it will not be which ideology you subscribe too, or which news outlet you feel best represents your view, but rather our future as a nation will be determined by whether or not “We the People” do our own homework, or whether we buy into the “main stream media’s” and/or the President’s interpretation of what we know to be true of our freedom and our Constitution.

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Lambasting Limbaugh…

Well it looks like the “main stream” media will take yet another whack at Limbaugh. And once again there will be some knee jerk reactions to that “press”. Subsequently, I will be sure and remove any and all affiliation with, or purchase from “Legal Zoom”, “Quicken Loans” and “The Sleep Train”, makers of the Sleep Number Bed. And this goes for every other entity or business so quick to bow to the whining Socialists which have infiltrated and hijacked journalism in our country.

As I have said many times, Rush is not a journalist, a fact he himself has pointed out so many times on his program. He is a radio talk show personality with an opinion based show which thrives on ratings. (Ironically, all this attention does nothing but drive his ratings even further skyward). Now I will not reiterate again how the reason for the Lefts attacks on the portly pundit are obviously rooted in their failure to present and maintain any semblance of a competitive show to best him, as well as just a simple inability to compete in the arena of ideas. Basically speaking, he cleans their clocks in the ratings markers with embarrassing regularity. Moreover, every Lib show to challenge him has failed miserably because no one is interested enough to listen, (a fact which infuriates the “Fairness Doctrine” folk’s).

In this case, rush as he so often does, was using edgy stuff to draw attention to the fact that the Dems have no problem sending out the innocent to do their dirty work for them. He was reminding his listeners of exactly the tactics the Left uses, and what they essentially lead too. Everyone knows Rush does not support any initiatives which mandate insurers provide birth control to their customers, as those insurers will in turn pass that cost on to the other customers. That is just simple mathematics even an idiot understands. (Accept maybe an ideological idiot). What Rush was doing was verbally illustrating the obvious mine field Progressives send their foot soldiers through with absolutely no regard for the way they will be treated on the other side. He was drawing attention to the notion that this is not a question for prime time and never should have been. As a personal observation, I have no interest whatsoever in this young lady’s sex life, family planning issues or anything else for that matter. It is none of my business. It has little if anything to do with women’s health and everything to do with agenda based political gain. Sadly, young ideologues are often drawn into the web of deceit spun by the Obama sycophants and are subsequently labeled and unjustly ridiculed for it. “Sad but true.”

Now while Rush can be a bit brash at times, he reminds his listeners they must tune in regularly to the program and understand fully his approach to these types of issues, and the entertainment based satire he often uses to make his points.  (Anybody remember Don Imus and the shellacking he took from those poster children for racist hypocrites, Sharpton and Jackson??) This is what these guys do. If ya don’t like it, spin the knob…

Look, the bottom line here is stay out of the fire if you can’t take the heat. And to the Democrats who are now holding up this young woman as a cause celeb for no other reason than to silence Limbaugh, shame on you for your indecent and uncaring willingness to use her as a prop for your political gain.

Oh, and I will continue to post a listing of those who abandon Limbaugh, and urge all of my readers to “drop” them as well.

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