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Foregone conclusions…

A horrible and sickening event occurred in Newtown Connecticut this past December. A deranged person shot and killed innocent women and children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Consequently, there is little doubt the shock and despair associated with that incident will be with the families of the lost, as well as the nation for some time to come. Regrettably however, and in the time since that fateful day, it has become increasingly clear that the President of The United States, riding some perceived political mandate, will attempt to exploit the lost lives of Newtown in order to advance the ideological issue of gun control.

BidenI do not say this lightly, and indeed I was willing to give the father of two young daughters the benefit of the doubt in the days immediately following the murders. Having said that, Vice President Joe Biden dropped the inevitable political bombshell today, as the newly formed “gun control task force” was meeting in Washington. Simply put, and to no one’s surprise who has been watching this Administration with any objectivity, Biden hinted Mr. Obama might in fact bypass Congress and invoke “executive privilege” to initiate gun control measures. I’m sorry folks, but this abuse of power is unnecessary and unwarranted based on the facts and common-sense. However it does give us great insight into the foregone conclusions drawn of this masquerade run by the VP. There will be no real consideration of the evidence, only a rigged outcome born of a baseless, ideological and un-Constitutional Left Wing agenda, ever-poised to strike with crisis afoot..

Make no mistake, the Newtown tragedy must serve as a catalyst for change, but not the change the President and his Left Wing buddies desire. Sandy Hook should remind us that in any free society there will be evil which must be addressed. Not with the stroke of a pen, or the politically motivated band-aid solution of a self-aggrandizing politician, but rather by way of education, community, prayer, and a fact-based common-sense approach which provides security while preserving liberty. That is the American way, and the best way to honor the memories of those little angels and their teachers.

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“Reality Shrugged”…

It seems Team Obama aim to ride this class-warfare thing right into November. Now we are hearing the POTUS will go on the attack regarding “Bain Capital” this Tuesday. Well I say bring it… Now I know there are those who cringe at the thought of defending Capitalism, but I’m not one of them, and I’ll tell you why.

After doing my best to get past the “Biden effect” last Wednesday, I heard Congressman Ryan say something he says religiously on the trail, and that is Americans will have a clear choice in this election. This is as true in 2012 as it has ever been in American politics. Rhetoric aside, “We the People” must choose what kind of country we will leave our kids. Will it be an ever-growing “nanny state”, brought about because we were too complacent and lazy to heed the lessons of history? Or will we take back our schools, our city halls and our inalienable rights, so we may at least give the next generation a fighting chance?

No matter how you slice it, Capitalism is the engine which provides and Liberalism is the engine which costs. There are many ways to tweak this reality. But in the end, government must always turn to the private sector for its worth. And without a healthy and vibrant private sector, there is no government sector. Simple math… I am no conspiracy theorist, but I would encourage my readers to peruse a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. In it you will find Collectivism and Statist topics that read as if straight from 2012, even though the book was written in 1957. It might at least make you second guess the Chris Matthews platform for America.

Anyway, Biden did make one thing very clear during the debate, and that was his boss’s vision for our country is measured largely in terms of phony empathy and unrealistic theory. The very notion you can create a “lean military fighting force” for example, is Liberal fools code for massive “Carter” style equipment and personal cuts at the expense of national security. Moreover, if anyone believes this will not result in massive job market and ultimately economic bleeding, just ask the stunned folks in Ohio, who could have sworn they heard the VP throw the M-1 Abrams out with the bath water.

Look, we can do this together. We have compromised and done it before. But if the bi-partisanship these Leftist ideologues are speaking of looks anything like the “my way or the highway” application of the last four years, then the cost is simply too high. Mitt Romney for President.

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Gruff old Liberal…

I was gonna give this a couple of days to percolate, but I think something got lost in the mix last night. Clearly Paul Ryan steadfastly adhered to a pre-planned strategy for the debate. So much so I believe he missed a number of opportunities to knock that arrogant old fart off the stage with a cold blast of facts. However, it was even more simple than that. Biden was on point and delivered the pandering message in order to scare the living crap out of the old folks, as well as every other “hot button” group he could think of. The problem was he misrepresented every issue he raised.

Now I know the fact checkers will eventually pick this thing apart and they should. But here are just a few basic points. I’m a big Reagan fan and I can tell you President Reagan initially provided very few specifics on his tax reform plan in 1986. #40 knew full well that a tax code  printed on about 50,000 pages back then was sure to contain enough wiggle room to accomplish his “across the board” goals. He was right and legendary House Speaker Tip O’Neil knew it. That was how the extraordinary bipartisan arrangement was facilitated. So “Old Joe” got his wires a bit crossed on that one.

And how many times is the Obama Administration going to count that 700 + billion dollars they raided from Medicare? The reality is they could not possibly pay for “Obamacare” on the promise of simply cutting waste and fraud within the existing structure of the law. As a matter of fact, the CBO figured they would be about 500 billion dollars short. Joe Biden knows this but bullied his way passed a very polite Ryan to make his case for a necessary, albeit clandestine “middle class tax hike” in order to recoup the shortfall. Moreover, Obamacare adds in another 300+ billion dollars in taxes over the next ten years to account for the ever “graduating” costs of the program. Obamacare will be the greatest money pit Americans have ever seen. It is inevitable.

Biden was also out in “Left” field when he repeatedly misrepresented small business folks and how they fit into the tax structure. Team Obama continually returns to this theme because they believe Americans are too stupid to understand how many small business owners file their tax returns. Those numbers must ultimately be adjusted to reflect the (cost of actually “doing” business) including business tax, medical coverage for employees (impending Obamacare), simple overhead and a slew of other state and federal regulatory taxes and fees. So what does their final paycheck look like, and whose gonna get that tax hike Joe? This is simple economics that unfortunately even the fact checkers and economists have a hard time understanding beyond their singular academic prowess. The Democrats hope is you don’t get it, because they need that tax revenue to pay for their massive spending. Inevitably, Ryan was right. If the Dems have their way, better than a half a million jobs will likely be lost next year alone, as those small businesses will downsize and close under the suffocating pressure of “Obamanomics”. And the “big businesses” will simply just go into hibernation like they always do.

And then there was Libya. Well, that one is gonna play out soon, and I personally think it sinks the Obama Administration. (Just sayin…)

In the end, I think Ryan was too polite but did no damage, and Biden had a good night in the eyes of the red meat Libs. Talking points were on the menu and Biden “cooked” them up. Having said that, I believe the real Biden was up last night. Not the nice guy that even many Republicans portray, but a gruff old Liberal with rocks in his head, and a grudge against the truth.


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Middle Class Warfare…

As this election year drags on the President seems more and more comfortable in his class warfare role.

 President Obama:Being part of the middle class is not just about income, it’s about knowing what’s important, and not measuring your success just based on your bank account. It’s about your values and being responsible and looking after each other and giving back.”

Now one can look quickly at this and say, “Yeah, that’s right”. Actually however, it is the bait and switch tactic (argument) used by Progressives with alarming frequency. Change the subject and play on the emotions of those most affected so they may forget your policies have devastated their children’s future. Erase the ambitions and efforts of those who seek to achieve greater success by making them feel guilty about that success. And pigeon hole those in poverty to think their aspirations of achieving “middle class” are simply out of reach without massive government “intervention”.  I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a more cynical and elitist view of the middle class engine which drives our nation as this. President Barack Obama has erased any doubt in my mind as to his true political motivations and ideological belief system. He does not understand our country and he does not understand “We the People”.

As for Biden’s recent comments about “the so called job creators” vs. the middle class, the fact he doesn’t realize they are one in the same tells us all we need know about the VP, (ignorant).

Mr. President, I am not fooled. American values were born of hard work, entrepreneurism, and a desire to make a “better” way for our posterity. That motivation is what has made this the greatest nation on earth. Your attempts to separate and call into question the “faith, hope and charity” naturally associated with the resulting successes, is now bordering on pathetic. Frankly, as a God fearing and hardworking middle class American, I am insulted. The closer we come to the election, the more I see my President as a resentful demagogue interested only in the “greatness” of his ideological plan and personal legacy, and not at all in the best way forward for his country. Elections truly do have consequences and we are seeing them unfold before our very eyes.

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Shoe sale…

Focus Joe, focus...

From Axelrod claiming the GOP is “screwing up the economy” for President Obama, to Biden saying the “Taliban are not our enemies”, one has to wonder if the wheels have finally come off the “hope and change” train. I think I’m willing to give Axelrod a pass as he is clearly frustrated with the failure of his Bosses vision for a new and more European United States. The Presidents chief advisor is wholly representative of the “blame everyone but ourselves” gang who have occupied the halls of the White House since 2008. Biden however is a different animal.

I have commented many times on this guy’s ability to find any shoe in the room and stick it right in his yap. His haphazard and callous way with words has led me to believe he was not so good at ad-libbing when necessary. But after hearing that he feels a group, who for so long has reiterated its hatred for the “crusader enemy”, and who has backed up that hatred by spilling the blood of our brave soldiers on the fields of Afghanistan primarily by way of trick weapons and booby-traps, is now somehow not our enemy, I’m convinced that the Vice President of the United States is an imbecile.

It pains me to say this as I am aware of VP Biden’s son and his contributions as a combat veteran. With that said however, the assertion that the Haqqani network is not a clear and present danger to the interest of the United States, demonstrates a critical disconnect which should never exist at that office level during time of conflict. There are men and women in harm’s way who know with clarity the enemy they face, and this Vice President would do well to join them on the battlefield for a “hands on” tutorial. This is to say nothing of the obvious and fundamental human rights issues which place the U.S. and Taliban on very different and ultimately conflicting paths.

This is war Mr. Vice President, please do not confuse the issue any more than the “main stream” press has done already.


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