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Christie-ObamaJosh Lederman of the Associated Press writes in today’s Providence Journal on how Republicans may be conceding a place for Obama big government, albeit reluctantly. However the article seems more a swipe at Republican Governors like Fallin and Christie as they appear to embrace the POTUS in their time of need, and almost implies Mr. Obama may have written the checks himself. There are references to the “Affordable” Care Act and how other so-called Conservatives are warming to parts of the bloated law as a means to bolster their own state coffers, but you get my drift. I would suggest another angle (reason) however, for the perceived change of heart.

Notwithstanding some Republican’s lack of skeletal structure when it comes to staring down our less than thrifty Commander-in-Chief, the simple fact is we’ve spent most of our money in all the wrong places, and unwisely in others to be sure. Generations of targeted and un-Constitutional entitlement spending, complicated more recently by two wars our government won’t let us win, have finally caught up with Washington, making necessary and wholly appropriate spending like disaster relief and infrastructure repair seem like gifts to be begged for. Moreover, the President of the United States jets in and out of these wounded states at a cost of about $200,000.00 per hour, and is seen as a hero for giving the folks their own money back.

Regrettably, most Republicans are far too concerned with re-election to stand for a re-prioritizing, or “re-Constitutionalizing” if you will, of our federal budget. “We the People” are therefore left to wonder, “What is the role of federal government in time of crisis, and how long will it be before we are simply left to our fate for lack of funds?”

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Get in the damn game…

See ya...

I think it’s fair to say when looking at the failure of the “Super Committee”, Governor Christie is spot on when he asks the POTUS: “What the hell are we paying “you” for”? Put aside for a minute Christi’s accurate assertion that President Obama has been essentially AWOL during the debt debate choosing instead to heckle from the side lines. What is truly amazing is that he’s made around 50+ trips to 11 potential 2012 swing states of recent, and all on our dime, that’s more than any of his predecessors. Moreover, I continue to chuckle every time I hear School Boy Jay Carney say things like: “It would be a stretch to think we would know which states will be battleground states”. I mean, how stupid does this clown think we are. Truth be told, the Obama team has a group of individuals whose sole responsibility is to monitor every detail of his election campaign, specifically something as critical as the 80 or so electoral votes he must get to win in 2012.

So putting aside Carneys contempt for the “unwashed”, it is not “a stretch” when we ask our President to get off the campaign train, jog on over to Capitol Hill, and get in the damn game!


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