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Abolish the IRS,,, and impose term limits too…

Looks a little like an old Chris Matthews, doesn't he???

Looks a little like an old Chris Matthews, doesn’t he???

I think it’s now fair to say, many Liberals in Congress have absolutely no idea what’s contained in the founding documents. Either that, or individuals like Representative Jim McDermott (D) WA, simply could care less about the intent of the framers, or the great tenets of liberty and freedom which have made the United States the freest and greatest nation in the history of nations!

As I watched the “Ways and Means Committee” hearings on the IRS scandal play out, I was floored by the atrocious comments coming from fools like McDermott, and the other brain surgeon with the poke-a-dot bowtie and day glow green bicycle on his lapel, (Blumenauer (D-Ore.). How in the world has this country descended to such a point where its people are targeted by their own government for speaking freely, and then forced to listen to a bunch of ignorant bureaucrats attempt to pass off their own ideological horse excrement as truthful explanations for the aforementioned ignorance. If there were ever a time to abolish the IRS, while simultaneously implementing strict term limits in both the House and Senate, now would be that time!


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IRS “Franken”stein…

220px-Max_S_Baucus220px-Charles_Schumer_official_portrait220px-Carl_Levin_official_portraitstuart-smalleyThe fact that Al Franken was apparently pushing the IRS to investigate Tea Party and other Conservative groups should come as no surprise. The man is a goofy Hollywood hack and has no business representing anything or anyone, except maybe some of those “light-bulbs in Minnesota”. That said, it appears FOX is tracking as many as a dozen letters sent to the IRS Office of Tax Exempt Status during the period 2010 / 2011 from folks like Schumer, Levin and Baucus. This is troubling because despite the Lefts propensity to substitute emotion in place of fact and reason, I spend a lot of time advocating for everyone’s right to free speech and to engage in the arena of ideas. I would have expected as much from these so-called “Senior Senators”. Regrettably, these jackasses stepped way outside their Constitutional boundaries and at the very least, may have encouraged un-Constitutional and possibly even criminal behavior on the part of the most feared of all government agencies.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time Congress names an independent special prosecutor with subpoena power and access to a grand jury, so we might have some appointee and politician posterior alike dragged before “We the People” to answer for this lunacy.

Wake up people. America’s enemies are emboldened and shedding their disguises.

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Above The Law…



Sometimes politics is frightening. As I watched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answer questions about Benghazi on Capitol Hill yesterday, I was struck by the audacity and anger she displayed at having her version of events called into question. Even more alarming was the suggestion that the negligence and politics of the Obama Administration during that time is somehow no longer relevant. This speaks volumes for the indifference and disdain these folks have for our Constitution, as well as the governmental process necessary and vital to the survival of our Republic. Mrs. Clinton was clearly offended, and attempted to portray herself as a victim advocate, instead of a department head with critical responsibilities. Crocodile tears were flowing as she spoke of “greeting the flag draped caskets” of those lost when they arrived at Andrews AFB, and then disavowed any knowledge of the “talking points” she spoke when addressing the families that very day.

I would have to say that Clinton’s testimony was the most significant display of contempt on the part of a politician called to account that I have ever witnessed. When taken in the context of the President’s partisan and divisive Inaugural Address just a few days earlier, I think it’s fair to say this bunch feel they have been crowned, not elected, and are somehow above the law.

If it were I who were elected and charged with the responsibility to ensure governmental accountability, I would have stated the following in response to the Secretary’s “outburst” when pressed about why the American people were lied to.

I understand you’re upset Madam Secretary, but please look into that camera and tell those folks you spoke so tearfully of earlier, that information regarding how their loved ones died doesn’t matter! I have nothing further Mr. Chairman…”

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Department of “Justice”???

“Contempt”- an act of disrespect that impedes the administration of justice. I have written enough on the fact that Eric Holder has been nothing short of negligent and possibly even complicit in the death of Agent Brian Terry. I have also written about how these types of things don’t happen without an “Administrators” blessing. Nonetheless, one only has to observe the Attorney General’s posturing and listen to his comments after the vote to understand he is certainly a contemptuous individual with little regard or respect for the family of the slain Border Agent.

While I was prepared to cut this loose if the AG provided what was asked of him, I am now convinced he was never equal to the title of our nation’s “Chief Law Enforcement Officer”. He should resign immediately or be fired by the President. Disgraceful…

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This President’s “new norm”…

With hope of banking and debt stability in Europe, and the stock market and “some” leading economic indicators showing anemic signs of life here at home, there are those including our President who would have you believe our nation is on the mend. Insomuch as many of us would like to believe that, reality is unfortunately something very different.

The recent Congressional Budget Office report has leading economists warning of a very real scenario for the United States. Ironically, the one thing which stood out for me in the report besides the references to rising fuel costs, inflation and localized budget shortfalls, was  the Congressional watchdog agency predicts that even if the “Bush Tax Cuts” were to fade away, any budget windfall would not plug the enormous hole in our economy. Actually, it would not even come close. The CBO cites inflation in all categories, the aging population as it relates to the cost of the health care overhaul and a host of other entitlement programs to include Social Security and Medicare as the main reasons. But it also adds that the estimated $800 billion dollars in added revenue the federal government would receive by eliminating those tax cuts would not keep the national debt from soaring to $21 trillion dollars in less than 10 years, thus setting off a chain reaction of economic nightmares. The CBO is now officially calling our record deficits “unsupportable” and warning of the dire consequences of inaction on the part of our leaders in Washington.

Look folks, no one is praying for light at the end of this tunnel more than I. But the sad reality is this Administration has taken a bad situation and made it far worse, with ideological politics and unprecedented spending. Moreover, for all their talk about saving the country from another “depression”, they have actually set us up for a disaster the likes of which will make the depression of the early 20th century look mild. The cost of this little experiment in socioeconomic restructuring has failed miserably and the numbers show it. And while Americans are being told the “recovery” is on track just slower than expected, the housing market is crippled, fuel costs are rising, unemployment is expected to stay in the 8% range with a real number closer to 15%, wage earners are making less than ever before, every man women and child in America is shouldering close to $50,000.00 of the national debt, the federal reserve is printing money with nothing to back it up, and we will once again run a $1 trillion operational deficit, with servicing interest on the national debt actually eclipsing what is spent on Medicaid.

So when some politician points to the paper tiger that is the stock market today, bear in mind this is a bunch of speculative paper, backed up by less tangible assets than at any time in its history. Thankfully, I hear folks becoming more and more attune to the truth about where we really stand and what it means to our children.

I thought this would add an interesting twist to this post. I heard an exchange between an internet caller and the POTUS the other day where a women asked the President why her husband couldn’t get a job in the engineering field when the President has spoken so much about how many of these jobs are out there. Now as I have said time and again, I feel President Obama is in way over his head. However, I will leave it up to you to listen to the exchange and tell me if he doesn’t sound like a man who has very little real world experience, and even less in the actual job market. Keep in mind then, how can we ask that he or his administration “feel our pain”?

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj3HOmL0OJs’]
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Barack Obama is obviously a President who will use the power of the office in the most technical of ways to benefit politically. His minions have already made no secret of the fact his campaign will be an exercise in gutter politics as he targets a Congress with very low approval ratings. But while the POTUS attempts to deflect blame for a nation in crisis, by emphasizing Congressional negatives to an electorate that only dislikes the Senators and Congressmen from “other districts/states”, I will be watching the behind the scenes tactics of this ideological politician as he contemplates recess, or what are known as “adjournment appointments” of those most radical of his cabinet submissions who could not initially generate an up or down vote on Capitol Hill.

It’s always dangerous when a President has failed the leadership test in every way and then attempts the end around game to accomplish that which he could not have otherwise. The implications of these “appointments”, while temporary in nature “if” a new President is subsequently elected, and the damage which could occur in the interim, could be catastrophic. Federal agency policy and application related to everything from the EPA to the newest and ultra-controversial “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” could be affected in dramatic and consequential ways to “We the People”.

These types of maneuvers have taken place on the watches of past Presidents to be sure, but as I have written, these are extraordinary times. What we allow to go unchecked in 2012 is sure to haunt us far beyond…

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Call it what it is…

I read an editorial in the Providence Journal the other day which focused on why, under Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution, the “Affordable” Care Act would eventually be upheld as Constitutional when it is heard this coming summer in the U.S. Supreme Court. After I finished and accepted that the author, who was from Los Angeles and spoke of regulatory constraints in terms marijuana legalized for medicinal purposes, was obviously attempting stretch the Commerce Clause far beyond any discernible measure, I refocused on the battle over the debt raging within the so-called “Super committee” and how the two debates are ultimately related.

Anyone who can perform the most basic mathematical equations must conclude in large part that our current fiscal ditch was dug primarily with an entitlement shovel. Spending beyond our means and outside of our Constitutional responsibilities has resulted in the fiscal breakdown of government from the cities and towns to the federal black hole. Consequently, I want to leave the question of Constitutionality off the table for a moment and sprinkle a little common sense on this dilemma. In view of how almost every government entitlement program has wound up (in debt and insolvent), why in the name of God would anyone ever think of adding more to that already bloated and foundering ship by way of yet another tax and spend initiative? In beating to death the question of whether we can, many on Capitol Hill have not even bothered to ask if we should.

I would submit to all of you the fundamental problem in Washington today, is born not of a lack of intelligence, reason or capability, but rather reflects simple irresponsibility in the face of overwhelming truth. It is this foolhardy and blatant disregard for our children’s America that will be our undoing, not some silly deal to cut a lousy 1.5 trillion dollars over ten years from a debt number that will swallow that much long before 2021.

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Balancing act…

My wife and I sat today as we often do, and discussed money coming in and money going out. It is a discussion that in this day and age is all the more critical. As a side note, the discussion involved taxes on everything from my cell phone bill, to gas, to the utility delivery apparatus for my house. So the next person I hear say they would be willing to pay more taxes, I will give them mine. (Or would this be considered a loophole)?

Getting back to our household budget, the mathematical equation is actually quite simple. Money going out should not exceed money coming in. This is a struggle sometimes I understand. But fiscal discipline my wife and I agree is as important as or more so today than at any time in recent memory. That said, I understand and can sympathize with the notion of succumbing to the impulse to buy that hot new phone or flat screen. But in the end, my son’s future dictates a balanced budget and it must be done.

Why then is this concept so foreign and/or difficult for our government and to those to whom we have entrusted it? Why have we allowed them to use “federal plastic” in so reckless a manner for so extended a period of time? Why have we allowed the culture of special interest politics to burden our great-grandchildren? And why now does the congress scoff at the idea of a “balanced budget amendment” on behalf of our posterity. When I think about the answer, it causes me to believe there is no hope. I cringe and will not allow this however. I will not believe that “the entitlement free ride”, as promoted and financed by the Progressive Left, has finally crippled our nation beyond repair. And I will not believe that “We the People” have signed off on the American dream and the individual freedom necessary to achieve it.

I will say though that every step we take away from common sense and every ounce of leverage we forego in the name of political expediency is another step toward an America we will not recognize when all is said and done.

The Wall Street folks should quit stifling the Manhattan business economy, and should be yelling shame at those who voted against our children’s future today in Congress when they voted against the proposed balanced budget amendment. Shame! Shame! Shame!




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