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Re-elect the slate…

Gas and food prices continue to sky-rocket, foreclosure rates among the highest in the country, unemployment well above the national average, and a business climate not suitable for a sidewalk lemonade stand. So what do the Rhode Island voters have to say? “Re-elect the slate again”.

When Brendan Doherty enjoyed a 14 point lead in the polls, I told many of my like-minded friends not be over-confident, as the “perfect pandering politician” had not yet wound up his class warfare campaign machine of hate. And now that the “do nothing Socialist spitfire” who destroyed our home city of Providence has made quick work of Anthony Gemma, he may now turn his mean-spirited and propagandist lies in the direction of the retired State Police Colonel.

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that David Cicilline is the quintessential baby kisser when it counts. What’s sad is that Rhode Islanders appear to be game for “more of the same” yet again. A few folks on a campaign commercial talking about how these dolts came to their rescue for a photo-op, and presto, all is well in Little Rhody. Demonize the opposition by framing real and critically necessary solutions to monumental problems in the context of perceived “radical reform”, while simultaneously and shamefully scaring the collective crap out of old folks and those who don’t know any better, and you have a recipe for assured collapse of what is left of this pitiful state.

Sadly, I think Doherty will lose a close race, and the other Republicans will be pummeled by the rest of the entrenched leaches . And that as they say will be that for Rhode Island.


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More home state politics…

Why is it when we hear the campaign commercials of Liberal politicians like David Cicilline, they always seem so selective. In his first real media outing thus far, the clever congressman exploits the usual demographics, including the elderly women with the heavy Rhode Island drawl. And while assisting in removing any bureaucratic red tape which may have prevented a deserving Patriot from receiving his just due, or making sure a senior citizen gets her meds are certainly admirable efforts, in many ways these are simply normal functions of the constituents representative office. What is the message however? Will Representative Cicilline advocate only for certain voter blocs, or will he act in the best interest of “all” Rhode Islanders? Moreover, what tangible or “passable” piece of legislation has the congressman authored which would boost our pitiful economy here in the Ocean State? And what has he been doing to create jobs for the smallest state in the union with the second highest unemployment rate?

All I’m saying here, is this guy has basically been AWOL on our “collective” behalf for two years. And it turns out he duped a whole bunch of folks on his way out as Mayor of the City of Providence. Ultimately, our entire Washington Delegation has been off the reservation in terms of “representing “We the People” here in Little Rhody. So I say unto you my fellow 1st District voters, if the “political experience” of the “usual suspects” has taken us to the road we are on now, maybe we need a fresh perspective in Washington. Maybe we need a guy like Brendan Doherty, whose first order of business might just be representing “all” of his constituents, not just a few! P.S.  – My young son would really appreciate it…


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Unsolicited Advice… (Rhode Island Local)

As some in the “political know” may have already surmised, Anthony Gemma has decided to throw his media savvy hat into the ring for District 1 yet again. This time will be very different however in that the current occupant of that office, David Cicilline, is all but finished in Rhode Island (RI) politics. Though it still amazes me how the guy ever made it to the halls of Congress in the first place, this news is truly a game changer, and Brendan Doherty’s team had better focus like a laser beam moving forward.

Gemma is a media smart closet Progressive masquerading as a champion of business. He has plenty of ready cash and a propensity to launch devastating and well thought attack ads against his political opponents. He has a decent grasp of the issues and is an acceptable debater. Basically, he has done this before.

Doherty is the quintessential law man and a model of integrity. His nearly 3 decades in law enforcement are littered with the hides of bad guys who had it coming. His sheer size and demeanor smack of a firm and forthright handshake to be followed by the straight skinny. He is a champion for the citizens of his state. To those who know him, there could be no better soul to send to Washington.

The problem is that RI voters are a microcosm of what’s wrong with our country today. Political cronyism and targeted pandering are the inroads to the hearts of many who will head to the polls in our state this November. For this reason I see the following as my unsolicited advice to the Trooper icon and would be Congressman:

  1. Tell the RI voter that you are indeed “inexperienced” and that is exactly why they should vote for you. Heck, if experience has gotten us to this point, I’ll vote for a little less of that. Note: (Brendan Doherty probably has more experience dealing with people from all walks of life than the rest of the RI Congressional Delegation combined).
  2. Present a “basic” viewpoint and platform for only the headline issues of the day and explain that you will do what every other “rookie” on the hill does when he gets to Washington, run like crazy to catch up, but that this will happen more quickly for you because you are sincere in your reason for wanting to be there in the first place. It will also be much easier because you will most likely be part of a Republican Congress.
  3. Keep it simple and control the argument. Articulate in the simplest possible terms that it will not be a cardinal sin to cast a vote for a Republican running for Pat Kennedy’s old seat, and that more of “the same” is no longer a suitable way forward for our children’s sake.
  4. Finally, do what you do best and tell the truth about how you have absolutely no intention of supporting any legislation that cuts social security benefits for seniors, or ships every Latino back to “Mexico”, and that “right to work” does not mean chasing unions out of the state but rather allowing for simple fairness in the process.

Anthony Gemma has timed his entrance perfectly and will attempt to paint himself as an alternative to going over to the other side. Cicilline will be removed by primary as a reason to vote for Doherty and, (in the humble opinion of this pundit), the Colonels camp had better be ready for this RI “politics as usual” strategy.

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