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Cowboy Diplomacy vs. Vegas Diplomacy…

Apparently the President’s “chickens have come home to roost”. The policy of apathy and apology is a flaming disaster. Even SOS Clinton was stunned and heard to say “how could this happen”?

So how does the POTUS respond? He misrepresents and lies regarding Governor Romney’s statement concerning the attack in Libya, blows off yet another “intelligence” briefing, then jets off to Vegas to raise some campaign cash calling Ambassador Stevens’ death “a bad day”. Mr. Obama’s strategy for addressing a monumental failure of policy and leadership, which in this author’s opinion resulted in the coordinated murder of 1 United States Ambassador and 3 Diplomatic/military attaches’ on the anniversary of 9/11, appears to be to do more of the same.

Nonetheless it is ironic, that with memories of the DNC Convention still lingering, and all the attempts to portray Mr. Obama as somehow foreign policy savvy, that we now see the complete ineptitude of an inexperienced political creation way out of his league. Even more ironic though easier to reconcile, is that the press feels it is unacceptable to question the Administration or the POTUS regarding foreign policy during a campaign cycle. This from the same bunch of dolts that couldn’t print enough of then Candidate Obama’s distortions about President Bush’s foreign policy initiatives. Heck, the “Lame Stream Media” unwittingly gave us all of the one liners and sound bites we now use against the President. Turns out Obama in his own words is a treasure trove of material.

Ultimately, my advice to the President at this time would be this. You have just lost a senior and well respected diplomat to a terrorist attack, and there must be accountability. Your Administration is the laughing stock of the Middle East and most everywhere else but the U.S. East and West Coast. I beg you please, do your Constitutional duty Sir and protect the interest and safety of the American people here and abroad.

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John Christopher Stevens (April 1, 1960 – September 11, 2012)

When I heard the President claim his “foreign policy experience and superiority” over Mitt Romney, while simultaneously trashing that of President George W.  Bush, my first reaction was to lash out at the shear “audacity” of such an inference. I quickly laughed it off though, like every other ridiculous claim from this unprepared and unqualified Administration. However, with the recent reporting of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’ death at the hands of Libyan Militia, it’s just not that simple. Not only has this President diminished our nation in the eyes of the world, but his “lead from behind”, and policy of bowed appeasement, has undoubtedly cost American lives. From the unprecedented leaking of classified information which put the members of “Seal Team 6” in grave jeopardy, to an outstretched hand to the most sinister of Islamofascist organizations like the “Muslim Brotherhood”, the Obama Administration’s policies toward Egypt, Iran, Libya and Syria, along with their seemingly sarcastic indifference to allies like Israel, demonstrate a lack of cohesive and appropriate diplomatic initiative / oversight at the senior most levels. Stealing the credit for the bin-Laden assault and sidestepping victory in favor of premature troop pullouts, does not make you an expert in foreign policy Mr. President. It makes you a political punch line overseas, and “We the People” far less safe.

God bless the family of Chris Stevens. He died doing his duty for his country…

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“All those opposed, say NO…”

If there was a moment when the Democrats laid it all out for everyone to see, it was yesterday when they “amended” the party platform to include the mention of God and show Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Not only was the lunatic and Godless Left element, which now appears to be dominating the Democrat Party, present and accounted for, but it also sounded as if they actually won a vote L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa tried desperately to pass off as two thirds “in the affirmative”. Only after a wayward camera caught the teleprompter with a “cued up” message to that end already running, was the “Lame Stream” press then forced to run the story. Moreover, it was not until the original story of the platform lacking the references broke, that the “smartest man in the room”, President Obama, intervened and ordered the platform changed, (most likely regardless of the vote count).

Now if there is anyone still out there who believes the Democrats are not obviously and drastically influenced by the radical Left wing of their party, and that they are at the very least, nothing but a bunch of desperate and pandering politicians, please apply either your (sycophant apologist) or (dunce) cap immediately, and proceed to the corner of the room, because you should not be part of any logical or useful debate. Wow….

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Evil x 2+1…

Events here at home have us focused on our Colorado brothers and sisters, and this is all together appropriate. We continue to pray for the souls of the twelve who were so senselessly taken, and for those fighting for their lives in Aurora area hospitals. I for one will be watching as “evil” will face justice beginning  tomorrow.

However scenes from around the globe remind us of the perils still lurking outside our door. Syria is poised to dissolve into total chaos as Assad and his regime run out of options. This is worrisome when we consider the amount of chemical and biological weapons that monster has stockpiled, and whether he would now use them to hang on to power or exact revenge. Worse yet, might they fall into the hands of terrorists should the government ultimately collapse? Assad is no Khadafy. He was raised a purposeful and blood thirsty killer, just like his old man. And it is likely he will lash out in some fashion before this is all over. Israel is monitoring the situation closely as is to be expected, and at the same time their attention is focused on Iran and the “shoulder monkey” terrorist group, Hezbollah. Truth be told, the Israelis will not run for the politically correct cover of the so called “United Nations” as does Secretary of State Clinton, but rather they will act in the best interest of their people first. And if it can be determined that the Iranians had a hand in the Bulgarian bus bombing, then you can bet some Hezbollah operative and/or one or more of his Ahmadinejad handlers, are going to have a severe case of shrapnel disease coming on.

All this comes under the backdrop of another UN attempt to corral the U.S. into a Constitutionally incompatible small arms treaty, and while Mitt Romney is planning to go overseas as part of a campaign initiative to roll out and gauge international support for the Presidential Candidate.

The weeks ahead are sure to bring more fateful events outside our borders, and the United States had better be prepared to act if need be.

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Reliving a nightmare…

I think it’s fair to say, if you asked those who survived the Fort Hood massacre to describe that event, “war zone” would come to their collective thought. The location alone serves to remind us our soldiers face military threats here at home as well as abroad. Some were in uniform that day and some in civilian clothes preparing for oversees action, but all nonetheless engaged in activities related to the defense of our nation and the “war on terror”. So when the shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan screamed “allahu-akbar” and began indiscriminately shooting people in a processing center, there could be no doubt that the war had come home to Fort Hood.

So why then does our President deny “Purple Heart” combat medals to those involved opting instead to address the “incident” in the “broader scope of work place violence“???? Huh?????

Could it be because an admission of military foundation could jeopardize AG Holders ongoing attempts to locally criminalize enemy combatant (terrorist) related issues. This matter alone speaks volumes to the inexperience and/or lack of real understanding of DOD matters exhibited by this Administration. From the complacency on behalf of the military afforded Hasan for fear of being labeled politically incorrect, to the propensity of the Obama Administration overall to de-militarize what is clearly military in nature, one has to wonder who have we entrusted our children’s safety too.

So when I hear folks talking about the President’s foreign policy prowess, I think of things like this and wonder, does the carrying out of an order by the previous CIC, and a few on target drone strikes a foreign policy President make? I’m not so sure…


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Burning Bridges…

Admittedly, I have been a bit pre-occupied with our crumbling economic situation and what our elected leaders must to do to stop the bleeding. However, I heard something on the news this morning that caught my ear with regard to the qualifications of our President during these difficult times. As I’ve said from the beginning of this trip down the “Utopian Yellow Brick Road”, this Administration simply appears to be out of their league and experimenting when they should be leading.

And this is our new cow milking machine Sir...

It now seems that in the absence of any discernible record of progress here at home, the POTUS and his re-election team have opted to paint the picture of a tough President on foreign policy. From the credit hogging of the bin-Laden adventure, to the terrorist  “kill list” President Obama allegedly keeps on his desk, to the incessant leaking of classified intelligence/information regarding things like the computer virus that nearly crippled the Iranian nuclear program, and finally the outing and then abandoning of the doctor who gave us bin- Laden on a platter, it appears the Obama WH has no problem breaking every covert rule in the book as a means to secure their political future. The problem comes moving forward as we face the world having lost every ounce of credibility that once emboldened a potential freedom fighter to our cause, as these “operators” will now view the POTUS as a disingenuous and self-serving bureaucrat. Note: (Our days as that beacon of freedom and justice to the world are fading along with the President’s credibility).  

When I analyze this type of “bush-league” political ineptitude, my confidence that the “Obama Brigade” is even remotely qualified to face the enormous challenges posed by our failing economy is simply not there…

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“Gitmo” Shenanigans…

As I watch and listen to the courtroom shenanigans coming out of Gitmo, my heart is filled with sadness for the families of those lost on 9/11. I think of the anguish they must be feeling all these years later. Not only have they had to endure delay after delay while Eric Holder argued for the “rights” of the terrorists, they must  now sit and peer at monitors as these murdering bastards mock the military proceedings, and their lawyer argues for the right to wear “appropriate” clothing out of respect for the religious beliefs of the enemy combatants. What is happening over on that Godforsaken little Communist island?

“Judge Fred (Patriot64)” would offer the following as a solution:

1. Jurists – Please submit your briefs by the first of the month.

2. Miss Bormann, you will wear clothing appropriate for a military tribunal without deviation, end of discussion.

3. Both sides will have 1 – day long evidentiary session to present their case.

4. A verdict will follow within 24 hours, with sentencing and “punishment” to be carried out at sunrise the following morning. (No appeals), and relatives will be afforded the right to view the proceedings as well as take part if they are so inclined. (Please submit written requests for participation by tomorrow.)

5. I will make a formal statement apologizing to the victims’ families for the delay of justice, prior to the punishment phase.

6. And finally, Gitmo will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and serve as a staging area for the construction of a resort hotel and beach front, to be utilized by the “Wounded Warrior Foundation” as a treatment and rehabilitation center, free of charge, for all who have sacrificed on behalf of their country.

No joke people…

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Punch Line…

President Obama kicked off his campaign on familiar ground today, a university campus. His strategists are certainly advising him well to seek safe haven among the young, inexperienced and easily manipulated sheep who flocked to his 2008 adventure. Help from Moderates will be much harder to garner this time around however. Many who may still be inclined to voice their support for the President in a Starbucks Wi-Fi Hot Spot, are far less likely to shade in the line next to his name behind a voting booth curtain in November.

Make no mistake though, the Progressive Left will be at the Polls in force to cast their votes for the man who brought their Socialist causes to the mainstream under the disguise of “hope and change”. But for those who saw Mr. Obama’s election as vindication of their 1960’s feel good ideology, and who are now finding it difficult to reconcile Utopia against the reality of mortgages, retirement, healthcare and the price of gas, “hope and change” has been relegated to the trash heap of history like so many campaign punch lines of old.

The mantra today was, “we have come too far to turn back now“. Well Mr. President, with all due respect, turning back now is our only “hope”…

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I-I-I- ???

This about says it all…

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“Air War”…

Campaign stop?

I would remind Sheppard Smith of FOX News that it was the POTUS himself who launched the ad suggesting Mitt Romney would not have seized the opportunity (provided him by his predecessor) to take out OBL. It was the President’s campaign team which manipulated and took Romney’s words completely out of context, and used them as the first salvo in a campaign that is likely to see a far more dramatic and nasty “air war”. “To be clear”, Romney himself seemed almost disgusted that this non-issue has even been raised.

I just love it when Libs lament against the politicization of certain events, when in fact it is they who fire the first shot most of time…


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