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Who the hell is Kermit Gosnell???

Kermit-Gosnell-Philadelphia-Abortion-Clinic-27054632What could possibly be more horrific than partial birth abortion? Inducing labor on a 17 year-old to cause the delivery of a living breathing baby, only to snip his tiny spinal cord with medical scissors and discard him in a plastic shoe box for later “disposal”, that’s what!

Now I try to temper my writing on the issue of abortion as it evokes strong personal emotions for me. I’m also inclined to see it in terms of the oaths I’ve taken over the years as opposed to any particular political belief. Having said that, I think it’s important to recognize the role, or lack of role the media has played in the case of accused abortion clinic murderer Kermit Gosnell. Clearly, we are witnessing a circling of the wagons if you will, as a complicit “lame stream media” barely raises a collective eyebrow to the monstrous and barbaric charges involved in this case, because they cast a wholly appropriate cloud of evil over the Left’s defense of everything “Planned Parenthood”.

Once again I would ask decent Americans to take a good look around. From the unsupervised birth control “rights” of a 15 year-old child, to the brutal rape and forced captivity of three innocent young women in Ohio, to Kermit Gosnell’s “house of horrors” in West Philly, “We the People” seem lost for the outrage these types of events would normally elicit. Indeed for some, that outrage has been replaced by a morbid but disconnected curiosity satisfied only by the next 24 hour news cycle. Moreover, the news media we once sought to ask the tough questions on society’s behalf has now embraced a particular ideology in spite of truth and reason. What does all this mean for the value of human life, and ultimately for the longevity of a nation with our creed and Constitution? Anyone???

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“Stylistic” cover-up…

1132876At this juncture, I think it’s reasonable to assume the White house and State Department conspired to manipulate CIA intelligence on Benghazi, so it would fit the 2012 Obama Campaign’s narrative of a diminished al-Qaeda threat on the President’s watch. Moving passed the obvious for a minute however, I think what’s getting lost in all this, is the CIA warned of a possibly coordinated terrorist attack on the consulate proper in the days and weeks prior to 9/11/2012, and the Obama Administration did nothing about it. Now let me save all of you “Barackapologists” a lot of hot air and tell you that any Congressional discussion of funding for additional security was just that, “discussion”, and had no direct impact regarding real-time safety considerations on the ground in Libya. (See Ambassador Pickering threat).

benghazi0Having been vindicated once again by the truth, there is still something troubling me about this tragedy, and it is Hillary Clinton’s well publicized rant when pushed by Senator Johnson about the reason for the attack. When taken in the context of Deputy Chief of Mission Hicks’s treatment by the State Department after he decided to testify, and in consideration of State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nulands “specific objections” to the original CIA talking points draft which she felt “could be used by the political opposition”, one can only surmise this situation was at the very least bungled from beginning to end, and/or at the very worst, a reprehensible and possibly even criminal political cover-up. Regardless, the families of those brave souls who sacrificed all that night in a foreign land, deserve to know the truth.

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Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, August 22, 1934 – December 27, 2012…

In a nation seemingly scarce of true heroes these days, the passing of Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf conjures up images of a not so distant past for America. Simple recognition of right and wrong and an unwavering commitment to “duty, honor, and country” were most certainly the foundations of this man’s life.

We were truly enriched as a nation to have counted him among those who took up arms in our stead. And as some of us watch with anxiety, the declining health of President George HW Bush, it is increasingly difficult to see The United States with the depth of character and courage embodied in these great men going forward.

RIP “Stormin’ Norman”… Your dedication to this Republic is duly noted, and your place in history secure.

God please look after President Bush as he battles on…



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Its been a difficult weekend. I was comforted however to see a Barrington Police Officer standing watch as I dropped my 5th grader off at school this morning. But it did bring home some of the reality for me, if only out in front of any substantive discussions concerning why Sandy Hook happened.

Firstly, we understand there is evil in the world, which is sometimes manifested in ways we simply cannot imagine or understand. Secondly, we must rally in our communities and show support for the families of Newtown who need us emotionally and financially right now. And lastly, the question of “why” those innocent young children died should be first and foremost to be answered. “How” they died is a forensics question, and while certainly applicable, must be addressed in the appropriate context and order.

Inevitably, there will be many who attempt to frame this horrific incident in rhetorical terms in spite of fact and reason, and we must reject their efforts for the political fodder they are. For the moment, and frankly until the time is right, this is and should be about pulling those affected close to our hearts and keeping them in our prayers this Christmas.

May God Bless those little souls in Heaven this day, and may he provide some measure of solace to their families left behind.

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Charles Woods deserves to know how and why his son died…

I was taken back when I heard the father of Special Operator Woods’ father commenting on Benghazi and the death of his hero son, Tyrone. Charles Woods is a soft spoken man but his pain and sorrow were evident. As someone who has seen his fair share of tragedy, I assure you I’m taking that pain into account as I write this post.

Nonetheless, Mr. Woods went a long way to making my point the other night about the major news outlets stuffing the Benghazi story until the President is re-elected. And given the latest revelations from high level sources on the ground in Libya during the attack, which detail the horrific battle that was raging there, the scandal continues to grow larger and more sinister with each passing day.

I must tell you, the Administration’s attempts to stonewall the truth about what happened in Libya have now become the story. Pandora’s box is open and there are now a host of new questions regarding everything from the Obama foreign policy, to military preparedness and operational questions. And Mr. Obama’s decision to haunt the Hollywood talk shows instead of holding a press conference to clarify all of this “intelligence” he supposedly received, might just cost him his job. At the end of the day, if the President can’t provide the American people with an explanation, then who do we go to? “We the People” look to the POTUS as the leader of the free world. He was elected on the promise of “Hope and Change”, “transparency” and a new way forward. Therefore, he is either inept and not up to the job, or he is lying.

The actions of S/O Woods, and S/O Doherty on the night of September 11th in Benghazi, were nothing short of selfless and morally courageous. They readily stepped up and gave their own lives to save their comrades in harm’s way. I Implore the Commander-in-Chief to fulfill his responsibility to their families, the families of Ambassador Stevens and Attaché Sean Smith, as well as the American people, and hold a press conference today to explain just what the hell happened over there, what he knew and when he knew it.

The anguish of Mr. Woods and the other family members is only magnified when they don’t have a clear picture of how their love ones were lost. Moreover, the ridiculous but initially adamant claims by Secretary of State Clinton, Ambassador Rice and Jay Carney, that these events were somehow related to a foolish and inconsequential video made in a free country, should be fully investigated by an oversight committee with appropriate sanctions leveled if needed. These people answer to us damn it, and Charles Woods deserves to know how and “why” his son died, Mr. President.

As a side note: If we are to believe Mr. Woods claims, (and we have no reason not to), regarding the remark made to him by VP Biden as his sons casket was being loaded into a hearse concerning the size of his sons “balls” in relation to those of “cue balls”, then President Obama should pull that jackass aside and explain the merits of his immediate retirement from public service. What a disgrace!


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This can’t be…

Based on now overwhelming evidence, reasonable people must agree the Obama Administration and its surrogates, to include Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice and Chief WH Spokesperson Jay Carney, lied to the American people and the world regarding the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. At the very least, that evidence now indicates there was a planned and highly coordinated assault on both the embassy proper and its annex one mile away lasting nearly seven hours, in which Ambassador Stevens, his attaché and two security forces personal were murdered. And while this “act of war” and the facts which surround it will continue to unravel in the days and weeks ahead, it is not why I write tonight.

I write because I continue to be stunned and outraged at the notion only FOX News is covering this story in its appropriate context, that being an unforgivable act of combat violence against a sworn ambassador and his team in a foreign land. I am not suggesting these types of travesties will not or can never happen. What I am saying, is that by and large the majority of American media outlets have chosen to down-play the events so as not to jeopardize the re-election of President Barack Obama.

This is without a doubt the worst abuse of the free press I have ever witnessed, and goes far beyond the typical Left Wing slant. While the families of the lost wait in anguish for what now appear to be answers which have existed right along, the majority of the “lame stream” media have failed in their sacred profession, and chosen instead to spit in the face of every American who looks to them for a truthful and un-biased reporting of the facts. In doing so, they are compromising everything our soldiers are fighting and dying for, as well as the sanctity of the America electoral process. I am nothing short of disgusted to know, that had this been George W. Bush or any Republican President, these same fools would be screaming for his resignation or immediate impeachment. It is a sad day in America when our allies around the world look on in disappointment as “truth, justice and the American way” are slowly relegated into obscurity by this President and his administration.

Election 2012 aside, the events in Benghazi, and the now obvious attempt at cover-up by the Obama Administration and a complicit media, have already cast a cloud over our national soul that will not soon be removed. What a damn disgrace.

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Andrew Breitbart, February 1, 1969 – March 1, 2012…

3/1/12 – The untimely death of Andrew Breitbart showed me something today. Despite having been at this game a little while, I am still a bit of a novice. As I read through some of the vile crap posted on the social networks by a number of hygienically and morally challenged individuals, it occurred to me the propagandists are indeed a dangerous bunch. Truth be told, I have been labeled in this regard a number of times.

I have to admit though, even having been witness to some of mankind’s most evil acts against one another, there is nothing like the presentation by an individual so corrupted by an ideology that they are incapable of (real) debate. Any form of mutual discussion with this type, descends almost immediately into vitriol and unabashed intolerance for any other argument, (or person) for that matter. They seem almost robotic as if brainwashed beyond any compromise by hate and deep seeded self-esteem issues. I find this to be the case when dealing with the Progressive wing of the Democrat party. So “convinced” of the opposition’s complicity in all things bad in the world, they simply cannot allow the seeds of self-doubt to temper their rhetoric. They become that which they claim to oppose with every fiber of their being. These are the true Socialists. These are the real intolerant among us, the true minority who would even “silence” dissent if allowed to by way of our collective complacency or some perceived notion of “political correctness”.

Now I will admit that I was not a Breitbart follower per say, and I’m not so naïve as to candy coat the real world we live in. But what decent person among us could condone such hate filled vitriol as we have witnessed in recent hours? What decent person could view this as acceptable while a wife and children mourn the loss of a husband and father? A consequence of the saturation of social media, maybe? Ironically, it seems to be a broad cut of the Leftist political machine, from the “intellectual giants” in the twitter cage to the so called “main stream media” types. This is not to condemn the lot by any means, but you know who they are.

Breitbart was apparently many things to many people. He was true to his cause and passionate to a fault at times with regard to his beliefs. He was not perfect, but who in this field claims to be? He took a position and defended it. Simply put and for the purposes of this post, he was a family man and he died too young. For my part, I have many political enemies and feel strongly about how their agendas will affect my son’s country. Debate along these lines is what sets us apart from the rest of the world, and I welcome it (if) sincere. However, with the exception of those who would harm children, and of course Osama bin-Laden, I could never see myself partaking in such hurtful dialogue at so inappropriate a time. It is simply wrong.

So at the risk of over simplifying, I will reflect on what my dad told me many years ago: “Take a step back kiddo and consider the source. That (sxxt) just makes rejects feel good about themselves”… He was a smart guy my dad…



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