Foregone conclusions…

A horrible and sickening event occurred in Newtown Connecticut this past December. A deranged person shot and killed innocent women and children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Consequently, there is little doubt the shock and despair associated with that incident will be with the families of the lost, as well as the nation for some time to come. Regrettably however, and in the time since that fateful day, it has become increasingly clear that the President of The United States, riding some perceived political mandate, will attempt to exploit the lost lives of Newtown in order to advance the ideological issue of gun control.

BidenI do not say this lightly, and indeed I was willing to give the father of two young daughters the benefit of the doubt in the days immediately following the murders. Having said that, Vice President Joe Biden dropped the inevitable political bombshell today, as the newly formed “gun control task force” was meeting in Washington. Simply put, and to no one’s surprise who has been watching this Administration with any objectivity, Biden hinted Mr. Obama might in fact bypass Congress and invoke “executive privilege” to initiate gun control measures. I’m sorry folks, but this abuse of power is unnecessary and unwarranted based on the facts and common-sense. However it does give us great insight into the foregone conclusions drawn of this masquerade run by the VP. There will be no real consideration of the evidence, only a rigged outcome born of a baseless, ideological and un-Constitutional Left Wing agenda, ever-poised to strike with crisis afoot..

Make no mistake, the Newtown tragedy must serve as a catalyst for change, but not the change the President and his Left Wing buddies desire. Sandy Hook should remind us that in any free society there will be evil which must be addressed. Not with the stroke of a pen, or the politically motivated band-aid solution of a self-aggrandizing politician, but rather by way of education, community, prayer, and a fact-based common-sense approach which provides security while preserving liberty. That is the American way, and the best way to honor the memories of those little angels and their teachers.

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  1. Jane Rivelli says:

    If it was just the President and (this is how you put it) his “left wing buddies” wanting gun control – then maybe I could see your point – even though I don’t like guns – don’t own any – don’t want to – I still believe in the 2nd Amendment, however, 98% of this country wants some type of gun control because of the mass shootings happening way too frequently. When you mow down innocent children in a school a week before Christmas – it kinda hits home don’t you think? Even if we just go around the edges and do something – to do nothing is unacceptable.

    • patriot64 says:

      Jane, I agree that something must be done to curb gun violence, especially when it involves our children, but you betray your own reasoning with the emotionally charged “mowing down children” comment. Unfortunately, cooler heads must prevail in these situations when we’re talking about an Amendment to our United States Constitution.

      Truth be told, 98% may support some kind of gun control, but be careful who is asking the question and how it’s framed. If someone asks, “Are you for some kind of gun control so we can stop these kids from dying?”, well then you can pretty much assume what response you’ll get. “Of course I am!”

      That’s why I do my homework and can tell you that most of those 98% don’t support “gun control” when your honest and tell them what the POTUS really wants to do. Moreover, when you give them the factual numbers about guns in America and around the world, washed of all bias and exploitation, the truth hits home. That truth tells us nothing the President is proposing would have stopped Sandy Hook from happening.

      I spend a great deal of time at our state capitol arguing this very point Jane, and I don’t use “NRA numbers”. I use, BATFE, FBI, CDC, DHHS and a number of other governmental agencies numbers, and every year we walk away with a win. Not because we’re really smart, but because politicians are concerned with votes and not attacking the real problems driving much of the gun violence in our country today. Regrettably, this is true with many of the political arguments concerning what ails our great nation.

      Prosecute laws on the books and improve the way background checks are performed. Lock up violent criminal offenders and promote necessary “societal repair”. “Assault Weapon” bans and magazine limitations do nothing. This is a statistical fact as researched by our own CDC, which performed no less than 50 studies in an attempt to find some shred of evidence the “Clinton Ban” had any effect at all on violent crime.

      We must protect our children. Trust me, I do it for a living every day. I have buried myself in training and statistics for years on this subject, and unfortunately for the anti-gun crowd, the answer to the problem has little to do with firearms. Massaging and manipulating statistics, as well exploiting the deaths of these little angels for cheap political gain is reprehensible, and does nothing but unnecessarily compromise liberty while ignoring the real issue of safety in our schools.

      Any “common sense” approach to the issue of gun violence, with the realistic and heartfelt intent of making a difference and not a political statement, must first begin with a foundation of facts, and not emotion.
      Thanks for taking the time comment…

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