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That’s a terrorist Sir, not a world leader…

The more I see of this Administration’s “foreign policy”, the more I believe it is in fact armature hour at the WH and the State Department. As we watch thousands die in Syria, Bashar al-Assad is now moving his chemical weapons around, apparently in defiance of our President’s “imaginary red line”. Even more concerning is the now much clearer timeline of events before, during and after the attack on our consulate in Benghazi. When I watched it all pieced together, the incompetence and frankly the Administration’s obstinance in the face of overwhelming information, contradicting their ridiculous assertion that some dolts half assed movie was responsible for Ambassador’s Stevens’ assassination, left me wondering when the next hostage crisis will happen.

I have been confused to say the least when I hear folks talking about this President’s international prowess. I’m simply not sure what world they’re looking at. Putin thinks our days are numbered, Ahmadinejad is at the U.N. calling us devils, the Middle East is on fire, and the POTUS will barely take a call from our one true ally in the region, opting instead for Letterman or “The View”. I mean, I know this is an election year, but does Iran have to test a nuke on the WH lawn to get his attention?

And yes Joe, I will give the President credit for pushing the go button on President Bush’s’ kill order for bin-Laden. Sadly though, you guys botched the leaks and damage control so badly, it most likely cost American Special Operators their lives because of your incompetence.

This is real Mr. President. And while I wouldn’t run to Biden in a crisis either, David Letterman sure as hell shouldn’t be your (go to guy) when there’s a “bump in the road”…



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More Rhode Island “Obamanomics”…

It’s always easy to find examples of the “Obama Recovery” here in my home state of Rhode Island. Ironically in a place so unfriendly to small business and plagued by some of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Congressman David Cicilline and part-time Governor Lincoln Chafee, were all out in force bragging about how the feds just coughed up another half million Chinese dollars to hire back employees at our local unemployment office. It just seems so utterly ridiculous, that in a state with over 60,000 unemployed, our local politicians are out there lauding the fact that wait times will now be less while on hold for the unemployment representative. The Obama Recovery, “hope and change” alright…

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The Eye of the Storm…

My wife and I renewed our wedding vows this past weekend and then traveled to our favorite Block Island Bed and Breakfast to recharge our batteries. It’s amazing how some quiet time on the beach can promote introspection. The ocean has always been a friend to me, and I’ve run back wounded to the sea many times. It also doesn’t hurt to be married to a like-minded soul. This trip had special meaning though, and our son’s future was a huge part of that. Things are changing in our country and I’m becoming more and more aware of what we as a nation seem increasingly comfortable with leaving behind. It’s almost as if there are forces at work lopping off huge chunks of our cultural identity and no one seems to care. Ironically, as we head back to the mainland and I turn on the news for the first time in a few days, I see things getting steadily worse, yet the President’s poll numbers are getting steadily better.

For too many reasons I’m sure, there is a growing segment of the U.S. population who are completely comfortable with barely an, or even no effort at all. These entitlement voters have either been convinced or have convinced themselves the “American Dream” is dead and buried, and they are now somehow owed their “fair share” at the expense of someone else who earned theirs. Social mainstays that are the foundations for all which has made us unique and exceptional, are now routinely manipulated and attacked as “out of touch” by revisionist anarchists with only selfish motivations. Progressive politicians are rewriting our founding documents in order to establish and maintain an environment were even change for the worse can be viewed as favorable so long as you can blame all the negative results on something or someone else. And the simple truths of God given and inalienable rights are called into question when they stand in the way of wealth redistribution and/or some perceived utopian fantasy world without accountability. Yes, it is a sad day in America when a man with as many secrets as President Barack Obama can slip in under the radar and alter the course of freedom, because so many Americans are asleep at the wheel, and still others have simply surrendered their reason at the altar of Left-Wing Progressivism.

Alas, I suppose I must continue the fight despite the growing number who continue to fly in the face of fact and history. I would tell you though, I think Kirk Cameron got it right at the end of the movie “Monumental”, a short film I think every American should watch with their children close by…

“The responsibility to secure freedom for my family lies in my hands. For 400 years we’ve had the strategy. We’ve got the game plan. And its produced a nation that is healthy strong and free. And every time we’ve strayed from it, we’ve suffered the consequences. The seed that grew this nation is faith in God. That faith produces character. A character that produces great courage. Courage to self-govern. Courage to guide and educate our children in the right world view. And the courage to elect today’s liberty men and women who will take the torch from our forefathers.The answer doesn’t begin at the White House, it begins at your house. I’m no longer gonna sit on the sidelines. I’m gonna get involved. And I know there are millions who feel like I do. As for me and my family we’re going this way. The way of our heroes, who fought against all odds and changed the world. The time is now. Join me, and together we will secure a monumental future for our children…” – Kirk Cameron —-Amen!



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OMG!!! The truth is so painful for the Left…

49 percent of Americans pay no income tax. 47 percent receive government assistance, more than half of which is (Welfare related). And nearly 40 percent of those who are able to work, are now unemployed or looking for work. Wake up people, this is the sad reality of President Barack Obama’s America.

Now I will argue till I’m blue in the face about who is responsible for these numbers, and I won’t absolve either party. But I also won’t cut off my nose to spite my face and continue down a failed path because some dolt thinks the President is a nice guy. Our children’s America is slipping away, and Barack Obama’s policies are providing additional ice. Lying about, or dismissing the facts for political gain is irresponsible and tantamount to purposely jeopardizing our kid’s future.

Message to the union hierarchy, Liberals and Progressives: Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. And thank you Governor Romney for telling the truth and stating the obvious.

Oh, and shame on the “Lame Stream media” for getting wrong, (again)…

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What we do know…

Listening to talk radio has its draw backs. It can frustrate you to the point of “calling in”, which would be the ultimate objective of the broadcast station I suppose. Nonetheless it does give you some insight into what “We the People” are thinking and saying.

I heard a Rhode Island pundit opining on the recent turmoil in Libya and elsewhere yesterday. He offered up that he was not prepared to place blame at the feet of the President or his administration just yet. He went on to say there was too much information out there, and that 4 days was simply not enough time to decipher the ever changing ramblings of the 24 hour news cycle. On its face, I am inclined to support his hypothesis. Having said that, let’s look at what we do know

1. In 08, then Candidate Barack Obama and his Left Wing Brigade of college educated but grossly inexperienced upstarts, made no secret of their disdain for the “cowboy diplomacy” of the Bush Administration, as well as how they felt it ultimately left us less safe and hated by the rest of the world, (sort of like now). Ironic just the same, this coming from the drone wielding gunslingers who lit up an America citizen and his 15 year old son without the basic due process afforded them Constitutionally. Now we can certainly have a discussion about the line one may cross and become an enemy combatant, however I’m merely pointing out what appears to be some serious hypocrisy coming from the Obama propaganda machine.

2. The now (President Obama) continues that line of thinking and has even gone so far as to “tour” some of the more consequential nations of the broader Middle East during his term, and offer an outstretched hand in “friendship and cooperation”, along with an “improved diplomatic style” of international debate and conflict negotiation, (BS). And this comes on the heels of numerous speeches abroad which seemed anything but a show of American strength and/or consistency.

3. President Obama has snubbed and alienated our one true ally in the region Israel, while quietly bringing up the rear as nations like Egypt and Libya shook off the bonds of tyranny, only to allow them to fall prey to the bloodthirsty influence of the Islamofascists.

4. Iranian sanctions have only served to inflame the anti-American sentiment of a populous that at one point actually turned to our country for support in the face of the murderous mullahs’. Moreover, Iran is now almost 4 years closer to a nuclear weapon, a fact that will change the dynamic of this argument in ways we cannot even begin to imagine.

5. Tens of thousands, many of them innocents, are dying in the streets of Syria as am I writing this post today, and the President of the United States is content to stand by and abandon a legacy of American moral courage and obligation on behalf of human kind everywhere. A legacy carved out by his processors, the likes of which include John Kennedy and Harry Truman.

So, in view of just these facts alone, (and there are plenty more), I would like to ask some very simple questions.

1. If the POTUS’s “theory” regarding some twisted atonement for perceived “American sin” is to be deemed credible, then why is the Middle East now erupting into violence the likes of which we haven’t seen since Jimmy Carter’s imitation of a presidency in the late 1970’s?

2. Considering the political climate in that troubled part of the world which has been anything but one of peace and reconciliation, why then was our Ambassador Stevens, whose words are from the President’s mouth to the host nations leaders ears, not better protected?

3. And if it is true that Islam is truly a religion of peace, as promoted by the Secretary of State’s office and the President himself, then where are the mass protests of outrage by the so called “majority of Muslims” who are not of the radical persuasion in Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, (the U.S.) etc, condemning the acts of those who are supposedly misrepresenting their religion?

4. Did Obama and Biden “spiking the ball” on the whole (Osama thing) every other day enrage an already pissed off Islamist world and inspire revenge attacks on our interests on 9/11?

5. Has our hand of “friendship and cooperation” been rejected because it was never sought after in the first place by an evil doctrine of hate and violence, so perverted and manipulated by “Godless” criminals, that it is beyond any response but violence in return?

6. And finally today, has this President’s callous and “campaign oriented” approach to overseas crisis’ ultimately cost American lives?

I think we know enough to draw a few conclusions here, wouldn’t you say??





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Cowboy Diplomacy vs. Vegas Diplomacy…

Apparently the President’s “chickens have come home to roost”. The policy of apathy and apology is a flaming disaster. Even SOS Clinton was stunned and heard to say “how could this happen”?

So how does the POTUS respond? He misrepresents and lies regarding Governor Romney’s statement concerning the attack in Libya, blows off yet another “intelligence” briefing, then jets off to Vegas to raise some campaign cash calling Ambassador Stevens’ death “a bad day”. Mr. Obama’s strategy for addressing a monumental failure of policy and leadership, which in this author’s opinion resulted in the coordinated murder of 1 United States Ambassador and 3 Diplomatic/military attaches’ on the anniversary of 9/11, appears to be to do more of the same.

Nonetheless it is ironic, that with memories of the DNC Convention still lingering, and all the attempts to portray Mr. Obama as somehow foreign policy savvy, that we now see the complete ineptitude of an inexperienced political creation way out of his league. Even more ironic though easier to reconcile, is that the press feels it is unacceptable to question the Administration or the POTUS regarding foreign policy during a campaign cycle. This from the same bunch of dolts that couldn’t print enough of then Candidate Obama’s distortions about President Bush’s foreign policy initiatives. Heck, the “Lame Stream Media” unwittingly gave us all of the one liners and sound bites we now use against the President. Turns out Obama in his own words is a treasure trove of material.

Ultimately, my advice to the President at this time would be this. You have just lost a senior and well respected diplomat to a terrorist attack, and there must be accountability. Your Administration is the laughing stock of the Middle East and most everywhere else but the U.S. East and West Coast. I beg you please, do your Constitutional duty Sir and protect the interest and safety of the American people here and abroad.

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John Christopher Stevens (April 1, 1960 – September 11, 2012)

When I heard the President claim his “foreign policy experience and superiority” over Mitt Romney, while simultaneously trashing that of President George W.  Bush, my first reaction was to lash out at the shear “audacity” of such an inference. I quickly laughed it off though, like every other ridiculous claim from this unprepared and unqualified Administration. However, with the recent reporting of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’ death at the hands of Libyan Militia, it’s just not that simple. Not only has this President diminished our nation in the eyes of the world, but his “lead from behind”, and policy of bowed appeasement, has undoubtedly cost American lives. From the unprecedented leaking of classified information which put the members of “Seal Team 6” in grave jeopardy, to an outstretched hand to the most sinister of Islamofascist organizations like the “Muslim Brotherhood”, the Obama Administration’s policies toward Egypt, Iran, Libya and Syria, along with their seemingly sarcastic indifference to allies like Israel, demonstrate a lack of cohesive and appropriate diplomatic initiative / oversight at the senior most levels. Stealing the credit for the bin-Laden assault and sidestepping victory in favor of premature troop pullouts, does not make you an expert in foreign policy Mr. President. It makes you a political punch line overseas, and “We the People” far less safe.

God bless the family of Chris Stevens. He died doing his duty for his country…

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September 11, 2001 – 8:46:30…

My wife’s constitution and temperament are thankfully, much more reasonable than mine. So as we recounted where we were on that fateful day in September of 2001, I was somewhat surprised by her pessimistic outlook 11 years later. My partner of 16 seasons caught me a bit off guard when she remarked how she felt we are far less united as a nation today, than at any time she could remember. We talked about the “me attitude” and how dodging the “one finger salute” seems a constant when traversing about our state, and I suspect the rest of the country in 2012. I looked into the eyes of this woman of slight stature but enormous soul, and wondered about how she saw her young sons America 20 years from now.

I have never been able to reconcile the vivid memories of that day. Those who leapt into the hands of God, and those they left behind. Those first warriors on Flight 93, and the face of the enemy who sought to make his case by killing the innocent among us. But where I saw war, she saw hope in its shadow. I think this is why I’m so fixated on our past, so that we may secure our future for the mothers of peace like my wife. You see I believe without reservation that in order unite as one people, we must understand who we are and where we come from. Only then can we hope to carry that which the “Greatest Generation” entrusted to us, forward in our children’s name. (Are there any teachers with conscience reading this?)

9/11 made us angry. It made us long for payback. These are natural and fitting emotions when the loss is so great and unexplainable. However we are now at another crossroads in America, faced with some of the same questions. Where do we go from here? How do we move forward? Is this time to much for us to overcome?

To answer these questions we have to go back and revisit our founding principles. We must overcome the urge to be complacent and worship false promises because some media knucklehead says we should. It is not wrong to love your country. There is much to love and admire about the nation that has done more to advance the cause of human kind than any other in history.

So as we contemplate not only where we are as a nation, but who we’ve become as a people 11 years into the “War on Terror”, I think the best way to honor the memory of those whose futures were taken from them by a “foreign” ideology of hate, is to unite behind one common and oh so American principle. In the simplest form, there is no hill too high nor problem so insurmountable, that cannot be overcome by a people, diverse but of one culture, and united in the God-given and inalienable promise of liberty.


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Hooray, we’re #7!!!

My hero, the late Dale Earnhardt liked to say, “second place is just the first loser”. So what does that make us at #7 in the world when it comes to “global competitiveness”. Sliding for yet another year since this President took office, the “World Forum” has reported the United States’ decline from its coveted and long-held position of number #1, all the way to #7 and falling. The biggest reasons given, you guessed it. Out of control debt, as well as unemployment and economic instability brought on by a cavernous void of distrust of the federal government by U.S. businesses. We simply cannot continue down this road away from what has made us great.

The “Obama way” is not new you know. It has been applied by many a socialist politician as a feel good cure for a nation in trouble, and whose people seek change.  In fact, economic class warfare and a centralized all-powerful federal system, have been tried many times around the world, often with catastrophic and even fatal results. Just look around even today and see the chaos created by promises of utopia absent a real and viable economic plan for the future.

This is not just a headline people. This is what happens when you entrust a proven and profitable free market system, which in practice has been responsible for so much good in the world, to an inexperienced college ideologue, lost in the dreams of his Progressive mentors. He is attempting to fool you once again.

Vote accordingly…

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The “Secretary of Explaining Sxxt…”

So the POTUS cleaned up that tweet from one of his loyal subjects, obviously enamored with President Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. Personally, I would have added “Bull” as a prefix to the original communiqué.

Explaining stuff? Did he mean the guy who couldn’t explain how one of his cigars turned up missing from the humidor in the Oval Office, or for that matter how his DNA wound up on a WH intern’s cocktail dress? Was he talking about the guy who had trouble defining the word “is” while being deposed. Or maybe he’s referring to the guy who lost his law license because he had a little difficulty “explaining” some “stuff” to a Federal Grand Jury. My, how many of the “baby boomer” /  “boomer baby” generation conveniently forgo the truth in favor of that “tingling feeling” Chris Matthews gets every time he sees #42.

Just another example of why I keep saying this election is the most important in our nation’s history. Not because of the two men running for the most powerful office on earth, but because so many Americans of the latter generations are content to vote in spite of their children’s future. And because they also appear ready to cast aside all that was entrusted to them to protect.

We will only get one shot at this, I fear. Do not ignore what is staring you in the face, for the sake of an ideological argument that only exists because of the liberty and freedom necessary to sustain it in the first place.

Def: “Cutting off your nose to spite your face”.

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