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Starbucks Politics…

I can be overly analytical at times, but in this day of poll driven politics, one must look beyond the sound bite to get to the truth. Accordingly, if we look at some of the polling numbers today, we see the divisive social issues President Obama and team are using to divert attention away from the economy and jobs don’t seem to be working. I think it’s also true however, that an issue like “gay marriage” is sure to gin up the base of both sides regardless. But it’s the “Independent” vote that will win the day in November.

Now I have written much about the 2008 Election and how Barack Obama was able to use a clever package, complete with a nostalgic albeit misguided component of 1960’s style “hope and change”, to coax a “politically correct” Independent block into voting for an arguably questionable candidate. The problem is the shine is off that plastic apple and reality is knocking hard at the door of the very same voter this time around.

It should be noted there is still plenty of time before the election and the Democrats have only just begun to engage their politically destructive machine, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and make a prediction. I believe the majority of so called independent thinkers who had cast their votes for Obama in 2008, have now seen the reality of his vision and will run from it as if it were a contagious cancer. Curiously however, they may yet espouse their politically correct notions on everything from gay marriage to global warming to their elitist friends at the local Starbucks. But on that fateful Tuesday when it matters to their posterity as well as the nation they leave behind, they will cast their vote for Mitt Romney.

I am beginning to see this election in a very different light, and the POTUS is helping me do that…

And not to be outdone, the Governor of Rhode Island (Lincoln Chafee) embarrassed himself beyond even his pathetic approval ratings and jumped on the gay marriage train as well… http://news.providencejournal.com/breaking-news/2012/05/gov-chafee-rene.html

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