“Occupy” your mind with facts…

Mitt Romney was speaking as a guest of former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani at a city fire station today, to honor the memory of 11 first responders from that dispatch who lost their lives on 9/11. While he was speaking, a female heckler began shouting “Mitt Romney you’re a racist” (laced with numerous “F” bombs), repeatedly and before apparently being led away by police. Now while I feel I understand the First Amendment and what it represents, and while I thought Governor Romney was gracious and polite in not engaging the disrespectful heckler, the moment did make me reflect a bit. It made me realize how in some cases it falls to “We the Pundits” to try and clarify in some cases what is actually “free speech” and what is anarchist psychobabble intended only to disrupt and disenfranchise anyone not in line with the particular message of the purveyor. In this case, it sounded like a young and ignorant “occupier”, incapable of any legitimate or intellectual exchange, and devoid of enough life’s experience to render her thought process at that moment, foolish at best. Moreover and unfortunately, she and her cohorts have chosen a day which marks the celebration of a failed ideology responsible for the enslavement and murder of millions of innocents, to make their case for the so-called 1%. Typical… We are truly living in pivotal times.

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