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Crunching the numbers…

The flailing Obama economy is pretty much self-explanatory. Unemployment and manufacturing numbers today are evidence enough that our fiscal condition has only been prolonged by way of this Administrations academic “solutions” to complex economic problems. But what is more interesting of late, are the unorthodox “techniques” President Obama is using to deflect attention away from the alarming statistics.

Casting his policies (and results) against those of Reagan’s was laughable to say the least. But more recently, the POTUS has taken to the college circuit to promote a crisis that does not even exist. Now one cannot ignore the debt being

I mean the man is walking the "runway"...

acquired by young people making their way through higher education these days, and the potential for disaster if the issue goes unaddressed. But any hike in college loan interest rates was never and is never going to happen, and the President knows that. Still the crowd cheers his statements of the obvious, and Mr. Obama basks in the praise of those who still believe in his damaged “Hope and Change” banner. But in reality he has given up trying to convince the opposition, instead channeling all of his energies to special interests and class warfare techniques to put him over the top in November. Ironically, even his numbers with the under 25 groups have plummeted, not to mention “Independents” heading for the exits as fast as their conscience will carry them.

The truth is the promises were too lofty for problems too significant. But even worse, the President’s response to failure has been to lower the bar beyond the bottom to make his efforts seem somehow worthy.


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