Let the record show…

I think it’s pretty obvious Team Obama won’t run on their record in 2012. Let’s face it, the “real” numbers, and dramatically low standards this Administration has put forth as evidence of recovery, don’t exactly spell slam dunk re-election for Barack Obama. Moreover, if you believe the polls, this President has succeeded in at least one area, and that is ensuring our nation will be divided and polarized like never before on Election Day.

Let’s have a look at some facts.

The crushing national debt threatens our children’s future in ways we cannot even fathom as yet. The “student loan debt bomb” will certainly explode sooner rather than later regardless of any Election Year Band-Aid the POTUS proposes and/or applies. The chain of collapse for Medicare and Medicaid, which will culminate with the complete and total failure of Social Security by 2033, is downright frightening. It takes 3 working stiffs to support 1 Social Security beneficiary, who on average will collect for more than 20 years with 25% of seniors living to age 90. American States, cities and towns are on the verge of bankruptcy, pummeled by an elitist and unrealistic union hierarchy bent on taking their membership over the edge. The true picture of unemployment, home prices and foreclosures are dirty little secrets most Obama sycophants choose to ignore. Some others might be that the federal government spent over a Trillion dollars on entitlements last year and reported some of the highest levels of food stamp and related assistance in U.S. history. To put this in perspective, one must understand that (feel good and so-called “means tested” entitlement spending) in this country, has risen by an unbelievable 5500% since 1975, (not a typo). Nearly 150 million Americans are currently receiving some sort of government assistance today. Consequently, anyone who says we are not on the fast track to a European style economic “Slip and Slide”, is simply not in touch with reality, or worse yet actually wants such a future for America.

Now for all of you “it’s all the other guys fault” folks, I have never suggested this is entirely the fault of President Obama alone. To the contrary, the problem has roots dating back to the 1930’s. However, I do liken his approach to “fixing” it, (not his motivations which I believe are even more ideologically driven than I originally thought) to putting a gallon of gas in a jetliner, Boston to LA. Look, the facts are simple and daunting. America will fail if we don’t take action to change course. It is clear this President has a plan that is not working, at least not in a way discernible or identifiable by any cognizant and realistic citizen.

So as I cast my ballot for Mitt Romney in the Rhode Island Republican Primary today, I have this to say to my Liberal friends. I was not sleeping when Barack Obama ran for President in 2008. I listened closely and heard everything he had to say. I paid attention when he was speaking from the teleprompter and off the cuff, and I for one have no illusions about his abilities, stated intentions, motivations and vision for our country. For this reason I will take to the keyboard as often as I can and try my level best to make Americans think very carefully about their vote in 2012. Much is at stake…

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