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Polls and more polls…

It is interesting to note the average of the Presidential Election polls lately. Mitt Romney would essentially be tied with the POTUS if the election were held today. Now there are a couple of ways to look at this. Firstly, the same polls show huge negatives for the incumbent President when it comes to his handling of the economy. Those same negatives translate into huge positives when folks are asked if they feel Mitt Romney would do a better job in that area. Taking this into consideration one has to wonder why Romney is not ahead in the polling. Secondly, the overall likability and what is said to be “unwavering” union support numbers swing heavily in President Obama’s favor making one ask, why he is not farther ahead?

At the end of the day the election is still months away and I have to believe folks are just not yet engaged. This isn’t to say the current condition of our United States is not on the minds of many Americans. It does however lend itself to my theory that this election will be more about “We the People”, and how we see ourselves just a generation and a half removed from what was once the “American Dream”.

Consequently, if I were to advise Mr. Romney and those handling his campaign I would tell them, these poll numbers may be showing us the Obama class warfare message is finding its mark. We are not the America of the 1950’s any longer, and many young people of this age know little or nothing of the hard work, sacrifice and values that got us here. Revisionist history and a warped version of multiculturalism, applied by way of political correctness, ignorance and American complacency, are being used by the Left to hijack and eventually stamp out our own unique and necessary culture. In November of this year, we shall see just how successful they have been.

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