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The new site is here..!

second-amendment-rifleFellow Patriots,

We are rolling out the new web site today so future posts will now be added at the new address,, with the blog remaining open as an archive for the foreseeable future. All appears to be as it should be, but please do report any glitches you experience by email and/or comment. Also, I continue to receive inquiries regarding “the book” I’m attempting to write and I’m grateful for the interest. Suffice it to say however, it has been far more challenging than I could ever have imagined. That said, I am committed to the project and will keep you all informed as to my progress.

Thank you in advance for your patience during the transition.

Fred “Patriot64”

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Living the numbers…

Youth-UnemploymentRichard Clark, owner of Supreme Janitorial Services in Jacksonville was speaking on one of the weekend news programs Saturday, and described his company as the “proverbial poster child” for the impending disaster that is “Obamacare”. A typical small business owner about to be pummeled by the mandates, taxes and fines of the “Affordable” Care Act, was very candid about not being able to hire full-time workers because of the staggering costs associated with the President’s signature law. He went on to say the recent implementation “delay” was nothing more than a political stunt, fueling the uncertainty which any economist worth his paycheck would tell you is kryptonite to small business.

I watched that segment while digesting some of the jobs and growth data which came out at the end of the week, and I was struck by a couple of ironies. The unemployment rate remains a reflection of how the numbers are calculated, persistent “underemployment”, and a critically high youth unemployment number of about 16 percent. Moreover, those same numbers continue to drive the market as the “Fed stimulus” lives or dies by any fluctuation. Make no mistake, our economy is a shadow of its former being, sputtering on fumes in the tank of ideological foolishness. The notion that it is somehow showing “resilience” is unrealistic and a fools play to be sure. Repeal “Obamacare” now, and unchain our nations free market economy so “We the People” may have real recovery! This classroom experiment has failed…

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So much for the “Obama Spring”…

Mohamed Morsi

Mohamed Morsi

Economics drive politics to be sure, and while the Islamic movement remains a political force in Egypt, matters of the wallet and pocket-book will always rule the day. The Egyptian culture is as diverse as any, and they are a proud people. Hosni Mubarak knew this and maintained his grip on power for 29 years because he embraced the need for individual profits as a means to keep a lid on dissention. Some would argue (including me), that his promotion of private over the public sector brought about Egypt’s best days. It was not until there was economic strife such that it allowed light to shine on more problematic issues like human rights and police brutality under his rule, that Mubarak’s hold on government was finally compromised. The latest and now former Egyptian President forgot this basic principle out of the gate, and while he won more votes in a popular election, Egypt’s young and middle class working stiffs quickly tired of “hope and change Morsi style”. Sharia Law is the last thing on the mind of a parent without enough food for their children to eat.

Ironically, the Muslim Brotherhood is now in the unenviable position of defending the very thing they hate most in the world, Democracy. Moreover, the Obama Administration’s often ambiguous at best approach to the turmoil in Egypt has left few on the international scene confident the United States has any leverage left in the Middle East.

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The Declaration of Independence…

The Declaration of Independence

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Independence Day 2013…

Every July I write a lot about the birth of this great nation. As part of that discussion this year I posted a story on Facebook and Twitter about “Lady Gaga” and how she elected to “modify” our National Anthem during a recent appearance. Mind you, I will always celebrate the hard-fought freedom which facilitates any persons free speech, including that of the controversial performer from New York. But free speech should always come with a fundamental understanding and basic respect for the price paid to attain it. Accordingly, I am substituting the following video for my annual Independence Day post as just another way I may suggest reflection and education when it comes to our country’s beginnings. Make no mistake, liberty and freedom are inherent and essential maxims derived from our maker and not any man or government. That said, many have died in their defense and we must take care to preserve and protect them for posterity’s sake.

Be well and be safe this holiday weekend, and may God please continue to bless the United States of America.

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