Hypocrisy re-defined…

article-judd3-1204I spend a great deal of time fending off Left Wing foolishness and vitriol. The nonsensical ranting of a political party hijacked by revisionists and Socialist radicals is something I have come to expect. That said, the recent attacks on Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (and his wife), by the same despicable demagogues who wear “live and let live” as a banner wrapped around their empty heads, is solid evidence of the morally void and historically bankrupt modern Liberal Democrat.

The simple truth of the matter, is that Ashley Judd is neither capable of, nor qualified to, represent any people, never mind “We the People”, and some folks on the Left simply don’t appreciate how obvious this is. Moreover, to anyone out there who cares more about what was recorded as opposed to how and why it was recorded, I would invite you to be a fly on the wall inside the sewer that is any campaign headquarters of the 21st Century Democratic Party. Please!!!!

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