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Crisis “Standard”…

I’m actually not sure how to read Mayor Bloomberg’s rebuff of President Obama’s request to tour the city. Frankly, I remain skeptical of any of the Mayor’s intentions or sensibilities. Nonetheless, it does make sense because initial damage reports are still coming in and folks are basically stunned at this point. Taxing already strained resources to secure a Presidential overture is not something which should be high on the priority list.

The question of November 6th is inevitable however, and both candidates must walk a fine line as they return to the last few days of a very bitter and divisive campaign. It is noteworthy that at a time when there has been so much talk about what divides us, the President must somehow bring the country back to its most basic of principles, “united we stand”. On the other side, Governor Romney must bite his tongue as he watches a President who has trumpeted so loudly, the differences between Americans, now attempt to morph into a champion of all the people.

I have watched Barack Obama talk out of both sides of his mouth from the day he was sworn in. I have listened intently as he spoke of working together, but then took the most partisan policy line of any President in U.S. history. And I waited patiently for the “hope and change” promised, but received only the rhetoric of redistribution and American arrogance.

So please forgive me as I hold out little hope the Presidents talk of decisive action during time of crisis will receive much praise other than for the opportunistic and tailored photo-op. For as we watched the POTUS make his stand in the situation room during Sandy’s wrath, some of us were left to wonder why we did not see the same pictures when Americans were under fire in Libya. Where was this decisive leadership while our diplomats were dying?

God please bless all those affected by this devastating natural disaster named Sandy. But as for the President, I think he is full of it…




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