There’s no honeymoon in Presidential politics…

I knew they’d come for Paul Ryan, but it’s still amazing the degree to which the Left is will vilify an opponent when they have absolutely zero to run on. Regrettably, the “Lame Stream Media” seems in lock step with the Dems and their message. CNN’s Candy Crowley is out there quoting “unnamed” sources as having called the Ryan pick a “death sentence” for the ticket. Andrea Mitchell of NBC calls the pick “not one for women“. And 60 minutes (chop-shop editors) conveniently left Congressman Ryan’s home run answer to Bob Shieffer’s Medicare question on the cutting room floor. Oh well, so much for objective and non partisan journalism.

Nonetheless, cash is rolling in at a fever pitch as the energetic and charismatic Ryan seems to be making the Left cringe just a bit. Fact of the matter is, any debate over our country’s direction must include a serious discussion about entitlement reform, as a means of reigning in a deficit which will surely destroy our children’s United States. Congressman Paul Ryan understands this with great clarity, and his honest, middle class and straight forward approach will make it happen. Much to their chagrin, Dems will not be able to run from that debate, or their own standard bearer’s abysmal record. Oh, and that’s right, I called Ryan middle class. The Left has another thing coming if they think they’ll be able to pigeon hole this guy into the “rich Republican” category. He is as middle class as middle class gets, and he’s gonna stomp the fool who goes there.

Listen, I have read the Ryan proposal, and I personally don’t think it goes far enough. Having said that, it will clearly require a businessman President and Vice President to get any of it through Congress on behalf of “We the People”. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the men for this time in our history, and I’m confident and excited their realistic and truthful presentation of that which ails us, will bring Americans back together in a common bond which has been missing for almost 4 years now. With a victory in November, on their capable shoulders will rest the future of the next generation and the hope and prayers of the current one.


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