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Middle Class Warfare…

As this election year drags on the President seems more and more comfortable in his class warfare role.

 President Obama:Being part of the middle class is not just about income, it’s about knowing what’s important, and not measuring your success just based on your bank account. It’s about your values and being responsible and looking after each other and giving back.”

Now one can look quickly at this and say, “Yeah, that’s right”. Actually however, it is the bait and switch tactic (argument) used by Progressives with alarming frequency. Change the subject and play on the emotions of those most affected so they may forget your policies have devastated their children’s future. Erase the ambitions and efforts of those who seek to achieve greater success by making them feel guilty about that success. And pigeon hole those in poverty to think their aspirations of achieving “middle class” are simply out of reach without massive government “intervention”.  I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a more cynical and elitist view of the middle class engine which drives our nation as this. President Barack Obama has erased any doubt in my mind as to his true political motivations and ideological belief system. He does not understand our country and he does not understand “We the People”.

As for Biden’s recent comments about “the so called job creators” vs. the middle class, the fact he doesn’t realize they are one in the same tells us all we need know about the VP, (ignorant).

Mr. President, I am not fooled. American values were born of hard work, entrepreneurism, and a desire to make a “better” way for our posterity. That motivation is what has made this the greatest nation on earth. Your attempts to separate and call into question the “faith, hope and charity” naturally associated with the resulting successes, is now bordering on pathetic. Frankly, as a God fearing and hardworking middle class American, I am insulted. The closer we come to the election, the more I see my President as a resentful demagogue interested only in the “greatness” of his ideological plan and personal legacy, and not at all in the best way forward for his country. Elections truly do have consequences and we are seeing them unfold before our very eyes.

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