Motor City Madness…

Qualifier – 18 USC Sec. 871 is a federal class D felony which prohibits threats/extortion and/or violence against the President of the United States. It is my stated position that any person convicted of violating this statute should and must be punished to the fullest extent allowed. Our nation is a Constitutionally protected and governed republic under law. Respect and adherence to those laws is essential to the tenet of freedom and justice for all.

Ted Nugent is anything but timid when he speaks. One rarely has to wonder what his message is. After reading just about every account of the recent dust up over remarks he made at an NRA Convention in St. Louis however, including that of a recent meeting between the “outwardly patriotic Nuge” and the Secret Service where the matter was declared “resolved without necessity of further action“, it is clear the “Motor City Madman” was once again lambasted out of context by the Left and so-called “main stream” press. At this point though, I will leave this specific matter in the capable hands of my astute and educated audience so they may make their own determination(s).

I cannot however, walk away from the blatant and frankly outrageous hypocrisy on the part of the Left in this country when it comes to the argument over civility. For the life of me, I don’t remember a time when that argument has been so one-sidedly misrepresented in the media. When Gabrielle Gifford’s was critically injured in that horrific Tucson massacre, I remember a monotone President who spoke long and fervently about the desperate need for civility in our nation. Since that time we have seen the POTUS inject himself time and again into the “politics of justice” in what can best be described as “muscling” the potential outcome of a politically charged event for personal and political gain. He subsequently jumbles the facts, and even turned a blind eye to threats of violence by a militant and clearly racist organization against a defendant in an as yet unresolved and local criminal matter. Mr. Obama and his supporting cast of Progressive characters have simply missed (or ignored) every opportunity to inspire “We the People” to the obviously higher ground, instead choosing to stoke the flames of descent on both sides. Media elitists and Hollywood insiders get a pass when they berate and insult Conservative women, and Republican politicians are all too often accused of wanting to starve children, pollute the water and air, and cheat our seniors. This from the party of perpetual poverty and dependency and their standard-bearer, a man who is supposedly schooled in Constitutional law, and was once a practicing “civil rights attorney”.

Anyhow, I must admit the “Nuge” issue would have been much easier to digest if it weren’t for the fact that our young people are exposed daily to the vulgar and violent “musical”/”acting” tirades of literally hundreds of entertainment industry thugs, who/which have celebrated and continue to celebrate everything from sexual and physical violence against women, racist terminology and thought, the murder of law enforcement officers, and even the assassination of a former President. I mean, are these folks who are now calling for Ted Nugent’s scalp for real?

While I am disheartened by what I see as a growing chasm between the ideologies in America today, I still feel that civility and Constitutionally realistic compromise are the way forward. For my part, I will continue to argue my position in a “passionate” but “factual” manner. Having said that, I am ready at a moment’s notice to listen to reason and truth, if the other side will as well…


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