For Patriots Only???

Never in our nation’s history have the numbers been so glaringly obvious and the consequences of inaction so dire. All across the United States, cities, towns and even entire state governments are enduring the result of generations of fiscal irresponsibility on the part of some whom we’ve elected to speak for us in government. The power of an organized minority, emboldened by a blatantly hypocritical and complicit “main stream” media, and combined with a hard-working but long complacent majority, have set in motion events which our enemies could not ever have hoped to achieve militarily. As we watch our indebtedness grow beyond our ability to grasp the real figures, our children’s future and any hope for a better America we may leave them, now seem truly unrealistic at best. So I turn to Wisconsin and wonder, would it not be better if the recall elections achieve their desired result? In fact I wonder, would it not be better for this to be the case nationwide so Americans might realize once and for all the true magnitude of our plight? Are we too big to fail?

I am convinced of one thing this Spring, and that is America’s superpower clock is ticking. This November we face the fork in the road I have written about countless times. Do we bear “Left” and abandon a belief system that has set us apart for the better, thus relegating this great nation to an inevitable ash heap of European Socialist doctrine? Or do we bear “Right” and fix only what’s broken so we may begin down what is certain to be a long road back to our posterity’s American dream? The choice is much simpler than many on both sides would have you believe.

One road is easy and its grievous consequences supported by historical fact. The other road is much more difficult, but comes with freedom and peace of mind. Peace in the notion that your children’s future is in their hands and not those of an unseen and uncaring bureaucrat whose only desires our fortune and power/control. I hate to sound lofty and rhetorical, but I cannot listen to another political hack purposely muddy the waters to confuse the voter. “The argument” is most certainly part of the process of Democracy, and an important part at that. But we who engage in the discourse have a duty to be truthful not just in our factual reporting, but in our intent as well.

You see, a Liberal friend once commented to me that he felt unwelcome by the description of this blog, (For Patriots Only). I explained to him that he needn’t feel slighted because I knew of his love for his country, and that makes him a “Patriot” regardless of his political leanings. On the other hand, I feel strongly that some on the Left are hiding behind a Constitution they mean to dissolve or remove as a roadblock to their utopian dream land, and they are my political enemies. Mind you I still support their right to free speech, however I would prefer they be intellectually honest about their true intentions. The only prerequisite I have for “the argument”, is the acceptance of the fact that this nation while not perfect, provides a platform of human freedom unlike any in the world, and that platform has its roots in two documents written to ensure future generations never forget it.

So as I often do, I’m using one issue to broach another. After the Republican Primary, it will be up to voters in Wisconsin to make a choice similar to that which all Americans will consider in November. How far from the Framers intent, an ideal fostered in the mindset of personal freedom and responsibility as the road to individual success, do we wish to go? In the end, history tells us that if we choose the easy road, it is never easy for very long…

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