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I think Senator Lindsey Graham R- SC said it all recently when he summed up what a confrontation with the rogue nation of Iran would involve. While the POTUS was off kissing the fannies of the Iranian co-conspirators, Graham noted that simple elimination of Iran’s nuclear facilities would not be enough, and that total destruction of the ability to make war with her neighbors must be the objective. We must keep in mind that the Iranian regime has been allowed to pursue its military advancements essentially unhindered by the West, and has actually been aided by the Russians and the Chinese who would sell gasoline to an arsonist if meant profit and/or the demise of the United States as a world power. Moreover, the Obama Administration’s approach to diplomacy as a means to “negotiate” with stone cold killers has certainly not been much of an impediment either. For all intents and purposes, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been operating on a free pass with only Israel sounding the alarm of Armageddon if this psychotic should succeed in developing a deliverable nuclear device.

Let’s look at the hard reality of this nightmare. This regime and its facilitators are of the most reprehensible sort and see all things through the lens of Sharia law. They have expressed openly, their desire to rid the world of the “Zionist state”, and have even suggested that the documented events of the Nazi Holocaust did not occur. This group condones and carry’s out appalling violence against women, in some cases merely because they are women. Stoning, lashing and public hanging can and have been the punishment for adultery with the men involved walking away. Rejection of their belief system can bring a sentence of death as we are witnessing in the case of a Christian Pastor convert imprisoned by the Mullahs. And it is common knowledge that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have been actively engaged in supplying weapons and operatives who have brought about the deaths of American soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is just a sampling of a long list of factual evidence suggesting, no, proving this is indeed a rogue regime which when in a position to do so, will act out against those seen as enemies and most certainly with epic consequences. Make no mistake, World War III will begin in Tehran if action is not taken to deter these insane bastards.

Now that we have shown the mindset and intent of this bunch, what to do?? I know there will be those who say a war with Iran will be costly both in blood and treasure and they would be correct. And there will be others who say it is not our place to police the world and they have a point. Some would even suggest that it is the United States which is the rogue nation. All of this is certainly adequate material for a lengthy and lively debate on the matter. But time is now of the essence as the most recent United Nations report on Iran’s nuclear capabilities confirms what we all suspected, that being they are far closer than originally thought or was reported by that phony, Mohamed El-Baradei, when he was the U.N. Nuclear Inspector. With this in mind, and while I would not rule out military action if necessary to avert world conflict, we seem to be forgetting the most well established resistance movement in the world today exists within the nation of Iran itself. Truth be told, these folks have been at it for some time and with the appropriate backing could surely wrestle their own country out from underneath the stench of its current leadership. Long before the so-called “Arab Spring” was even a phrase, Iranians were protesting and dying in the streets for the cause of freedom, and these were not Islamic radicals masquerading as “freedom fighters”, but rather young folks who were expressing themselves in the open and on the social networks, and who clearly identified with a true desire to chart their individual destinies by way of a free and representative government. Why then is our own government not talking more about how they might incorporate this movement into any proposed solution, and soon?


I suspect there are some who walk in military circles and who see the value in this thought process. I can only hope they will have a place at the table for the coming debate. In the end, and despite all of our other issues of late, the world problem that is and has been the rogue nation of Iran is now upon us. To blink now is to invite a world-wide confrontation.


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