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Biden, “over the pond”…

You got a license for that finger Mr. Vice President???

You got a license for that finger Mr. Vice President???

Hypocrisy in one form or another seems a permanent detriment in the modern political arena. I suppose one could cite voter apathy as a cause. In fairness, it’s not exclusive to either party, though this Administration seems to have opened significant inroads in terms of “do as I say, not as I do”. That aside, is the Vice President of the United States dumb, or do he and his staff simply have the utmost contempt for “We the People”.

Watching the President’s wife live the jet-set life in financially crippled Spain last year was bad enough, but Biden’s overseas hijinks on the tax-payer dime recently, all the while allegedly drowning in a sea of tears for sequestration, is borderline nauseating.

At the end of the day, over a million dollars spent on transportation, staffers, security and five-star hotels for two nights in London and Paris, is a bitter pill to swallow for those still struggling in an ever-shrinking American work force.

Now for all you apologists who would try and validate the VP’s ability to accomplish anything of substance over in Europe, (or anywhere else for that matter), I have some simple math for you:

Biden’s trip + the “Tiger Woods Presidential Golf Extravaganza” = 1/2 of the yearly cost of White House tours. Moreover, if the “First Family” would kick back just 1/5 of their vacation cost to taxpayers last year, we could cover a whole year of tours, and some change for popcorn too… Nah, I hear Michelle doesn’t vacuum…

Hypocrisy or elitist contempt, you make the call…

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Shoe sale…

Focus Joe, focus...

From Axelrod claiming the GOP is “screwing up the economy” for President Obama, to Biden saying the “Taliban are not our enemies”, one has to wonder if the wheels have finally come off the “hope and change” train. I think I’m willing to give Axelrod a pass as he is clearly frustrated with the failure of his Bosses vision for a new and more European United States. The Presidents chief advisor is wholly representative of the “blame everyone but ourselves” gang who have occupied the halls of the White House since 2008. Biden however is a different animal.

I have commented many times on this guy’s ability to find any shoe in the room and stick it right in his yap. His haphazard and callous way with words has led me to believe he was not so good at ad-libbing when necessary. But after hearing that he feels a group, who for so long has reiterated its hatred for the “crusader enemy”, and who has backed up that hatred by spilling the blood of our brave soldiers on the fields of Afghanistan primarily by way of trick weapons and booby-traps, is now somehow not our enemy, I’m convinced that the Vice President of the United States is an imbecile.

It pains me to say this as I am aware of VP Biden’s son and his contributions as a combat veteran. With that said however, the assertion that the Haqqani network is not a clear and present danger to the interest of the United States, demonstrates a critical disconnect which should never exist at that office level during time of conflict. There are men and women in harm’s way who know with clarity the enemy they face, and this Vice President would do well to join them on the battlefield for a “hands on” tutorial. This is to say nothing of the obvious and fundamental human rights issues which place the U.S. and Taliban on very different and ultimately conflicting paths.

This is war Mr. Vice President, please do not confuse the issue any more than the “main stream” press has done already.


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