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Out of Bounds…

Make no mistake, I fully support the President for giving the order so our brave soldiers could bring Osama bin Muhammad bin Awad bin Laden to room temperature. It was high time he pay the price for the innocent humanity he extinguished. I must however, be just as quick to be disgusted with the use of that momentous event as a political tool. Very much like when he was elected, I hoped President Obama would see the significance of the day and file it in the appropriate category of “obvious but out of bounds” in certain respects. Moreover, the suggestion that anyone in his position would not have seized the moment to cap that insufferable scumbag is almost too silly to reconcile.

In fairness, I think we can have a very lengthy and vetted discussion about the approach of the President when it comes to foreign policy. I for one think it has been a learning experience for the man who would be king, and that he has both overreached on, and missed opportunities to make the world a better place for our kids. I also believe that a thorough understanding of the unique role of The United States in this volatile and ever-changing world should always be a prerequisite for the highest office. “On the job training” for a POTUS will always lead to miscues like the killing of American citizens without due process, as well as hesitation in a NATO application. Having said that, I will give credit where it is deserved. The President of the United States showed great leadership during the time of OBL’s discovery and subsequent check out. It should however, not be a campaign slogan or punch line on late night television. Such exploitation only dishonors the memories of those that monster killed.


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