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Abolish the IRS,,, and impose term limits too…

Looks a little like an old Chris Matthews, doesn't he???

Looks a little like an old Chris Matthews, doesn’t he???

I think it’s now fair to say, many Liberals in Congress have absolutely no idea what’s contained in the founding documents. Either that, or individuals like Representative Jim McDermott (D) WA, simply could care less about the intent of the framers, or the great tenets of liberty and freedom which have made the United States the freest and greatest nation in the history of nations!

As I watched the “Ways and Means Committee” hearings on the IRS scandal play out, I was floored by the atrocious comments coming from fools like McDermott, and the other brain surgeon with the poke-a-dot bowtie and day glow green bicycle on his lapel, (Blumenauer (D-Ore.). How in the world has this country descended to such a point where its people are targeted by their own government for speaking freely, and then forced to listen to a bunch of ignorant bureaucrats attempt to pass off their own ideological horse excrement as truthful explanations for the aforementioned ignorance. If there were ever a time to abolish the IRS, while simultaneously implementing strict term limits in both the House and Senate, now would be that time!


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Major league hypocrisy…

When George Stephanopoulos led Brian Ross into the whole Tea Party connection to the Aurora shooter, my initial reaction was one of nonchalance. We’ve heard this all before. We know Stephanopoulos is political hack from way back, and in spite of Ross’s journalistic credentials, he too is a flaming Lefty. So why then am I so irritated?

I think it’s more having to do with the stark contrasts between Tea Party folks and Occupy folks, along with the hypocrisy of some in the media when reporting about them. On the one hand you have a group of people who espouse smaller government, fiscal accountability on the part of their representatives, and who for all intents and purposes generally stay away from social issues. To be quite candid, Tea Party types do tend to be more Conservative in their respective views on things like gun control and religion. Having said that, what about the Occupy folks?

Violence, rape and even murder at their rally’s, which are permeated by calls for anarchy, and hate speech so vile and inappropriate, I simply won’t re-print it here. Oh, and did I mention the millions of dollars in vandalism to include participants defecating on police patrol vehicles.

Now I ask you, if you were to somehow make a connection between the Colorado shooter and a political organization, which one of the above would you choose.

Ultimately, it was a foolish play for which ABC ended up having to apologize. This tragedy will likely end up being the case of a deranged killer, with loyalties only to his own selfish and twisted world, who murdered those innocent movie-goers in cold blood, and who should receive a death sentence himself. It is just shameful though, that the “Lamestream Media” would politicize an event like this in such cowardly and cheap fashion. Shame…

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