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Factual Hurricane…

There are 1 million fewer (jobs available) in the job market today than there were in January 2009. The unemployment number is ticking down at a rate that would not see pre-Obama levels until 2018. Jobs created last month were an anemic 150,000, and manufacturing has been revised down yet again to reflect the Obama “new norm”. (Note: Average Job creation under Clinton was 240,000, Bush 20,000, Obama -53,000 that’s right, negative), and this is allowing an extra 6 months to accommodate trickle down “stimulus” spending. Median income levels are down 2.3% and poverty is up 1% since 2009. Gas prices are headed North of $4.00 per gallon. The federal government has spent an unprecedented $6 Trillion dollars it did not have since 2009 making the national debt nearly $16 Trillion. There are more people receiving some sort of government assistance today than at any time in U.S. History. 45% of Americans pay almost 94% of all income taxes while over 50% pay nothing at all. Our enemies are salivating as we crumble from within, and expectations are to say the least pitifully un-American, as we are fast losing site of the country our parents entrusted to us.

This is just a glimpse of a factual hurricane that will eventually devastate and change the United States forever. And President Barack Obama’s answer? – Blame Bush, more taxes on job creators, class warfare, and a level of political division unprecedented in American history. The “great uniter”, I think not… Please wake up America. It’s time to save our nation from this failed academic and elitist experiment.

Oh, and I should mention that the POTUS’s “fairness” tax will raise a mere $700 billion dollars over 10 years, against a deficit projected to be over $23 Trillion by then at our current rate of spending, (“Affordable” Care Act not included). Election year politics as demonstrated by a masterful demagogue? Absolutely…

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…

There is some good news to report today in that applications for unemployment fell to a seasonally adjusted 390,000, the third decline in four weeks. This comes as economic growth ticked up a bit as well. Economists are still worried however, that consumer spending rose only as household revenues decreased indicating people are using credit again making less money. With crude on the rise again and gas prices soon to follow for the holidays, Wall Street is “sketchy” at best in its forecasts, though the Dow did manage to hold on to modest gains today after yesterday’s plunge. This is probably due in part to some possible stability being reported from overseas within the last 24 hours.

Truth be told, our economic prognosis is still grim at best considering businesses are hedging their bets to make certain they survive. Additionally, and in the absence of any real growth spurring initiatives by this Administration, and with a national debt that looks only to climb dramatically over the next five years, job creators in America are simply looking to outlast the bad times and emerge on the other side. This understandable consensus is only aggravated by the lack of any level of confidence that might be instilled by the current political climate in Washington. Regrettably, I see these infinitesimal upward movements as only the gasps of a grievously wounded economic engine in need of immediate, tangible and “real” stimulus.

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