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Free Ryan Jerome…

Maybe this guy should be applying for Ray Kelly's job...

It’s simply amazing to me that we continue to have these annoying conversations about NYC’s draconian and unconstitutional gun laws. Not only is Ray Kelly endorsing researching a device which covertly scans folks for firearms while they’re walking down the avenue, but it turns out the NYPD are also arresting Marines for checking their home state legal firearms so they may be in compliance with some of the most ridiculous guns regulations on the books anywhere in the lower 48. Look, I have the utmost respect for the NYPD rank and file and their efforts in what is a tough city to say the least. However, this Kelly character and the sickening way he is almost joined at the hip with one of America’s most disingenuous and unaccountable elected officials is really starting to annoy me.

Message to Bloomberg and company: Please quit hassling America’s heroes and playing politics instead of fighting crime in the “Big Apple”. It’s an absolute disgrace that this should even have been an issue. Moreover, it’s appalling that the mayor and his puppet sidekick police commissioner aren’t down at the Manhattan DA’s office strategizing on how to apologize to this Marine Legacy for what should have been treated as nothing more than a simple misunderstanding.

Please go to “Facebook” and support this defender of the very freedoms those political clowns in New York City enjoy every day at “Free Ryan Jerome”.

Man, it is just so hard sometimes to have legitimate dialog about the critical issues of our time when we can’t even get this stuff right…Shameful… Hang in there Marine, we got your back!



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