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Not just in Rhode Island…

second-amendment-rifleThe fight for Second Amendment rights in Rhode Island is always interesting. The Ocean State’s unique political landscape lends itself to all kinds of curious interpretations. As a general rule, Rhode Islanders tend to be the quintessential procrastinators, prone to reactionary politics. That said, firearms owners in the state are a passionate bunch when roused. Appropriately and for the purposes of this writing, I think it’s important to identify the two opposing groups on the matter of gun control here in Rhode Island.

Firstly, the states entrenched Leftist politicians oppose the right to “keep and bear arms” as outlined in the federal Constitution and reinforced by an even less debatable state application. Their foremost agenda is “registration” as a means to eventual confiscation. Truth be told, if you hang around in political circles long enough, you’ll hear them say that very thing. Regrettably, their media sanitized efforts are often disguised by a blatant mischaracterization of the Amendment itself, as well as the exploitation of murdered innocents as an acceptable means to the aforementioned end. This is the most despicable kind of political gamesmanship, made even more indefensible by a deliberate end run around the Constitution(s) these elected officials swore an oath to defend.

On the other side there are the ardent few defenders on Smith (Capitol) Hill. Emboldened by a rising tide of awakening gun owners, folks like Representative Chippendale (R) 40 and Costa (R) 31 are often hampered by boatloads of media misinformation, political pandering and a lack of understanding on the part of the general public when considering the true intent of the Second Amendment. It’s always troubling when some in this camp go on about hunting and sport shooting, neither of which have anything to do with the Amendment. This ignorance, willful or otherwise, only makes the task of countering a well-organized and focused opposition more difficult. Ultimately, factual unity around the Second Amendment’s true origin and meaning provides the clarity necessary to understanding how “the right” facilitates/protects additional benefits like hunting and other sporting uses of firearms. Moreover, every gun-owner who values his or her time at the range or in the woods should understand that while the Second Amendment was not drafted for “recreational” purposes and/or reasoning, many of these cultural traditions as well as the God-given right of self-defense, are also protected by way of our founders wisdom, experience and the subsequent Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms”.

Please take some time to read “your” founding documents, as well as the letters and papers of those who wrote them. You will discover they are anything but outdated. In fact, the content could not be more necessary and applicable to our current national posture.

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Look to Rhode Island and see where we are headed…

Rhode Island’s local internet news outlet “golocalprov.com” is reporting today that at least one in five Rhode Islanders are receiving some sort of public assistance. (Ouch!) Ironically, it is only a somewhat different demographic breakdown which separates this figure from the national average of one in three Americans receiving assistance, (Double ouch!) But I’m gonna stay local for the most part today.

This is my message to Rhode Islanders who have either been hoodwinked by our current Washington Delegation, or who simply choose to ignore their pathetic record. “Wake up!” You are compromising your children, grand children and even your great grand children. If you don’t know, go look and you will see. Medicare is going bankrupt. Social Security will begin going bankrupt in 2013, we are borrowing nearly $4 billion dollars a day (mostly from China) to pay the interest on our debt, and the new health care law is in the red right out of the gate, with folks average premiums up over $2000.00 in real time. Now let me help you some more. Despite what conniving liars like David Cicilline, Sheldon Whitehouse and Jim Langevin are telling you, Seniors today have absolutely nothing to fear from any Republican budget plan. That is of course if Mitt Romney is actually elected and returns the over $700 billion dollars President Obama raided from the Medicare program to make his health care law doable on paper. Additionally, Governor Romney has pledged not to raise taxes on the middle class. Now I know everyone wants to know how he will pay for this, and the answer is simple. He will do much like President Reagan did by reaching across party lines and finding the necessary combination of tax cuts and code revisions to make it happen, all while finally removing the doubt which has chained small business to the side lines for four years now. And we should rightfully hold him to those promises. But also, to the claim of our own Rhode Island Congressional Delegation, that the President “lowered taxes” over three thousand dollars for the “middle class”, well, He did! And the median income for that same tax bracket fell by more than four thousand dollars in the same period because of his economic policies. (WT-X) Consequently, in very few areas of this nation are the effects of this disastrous “recovery” more evident than in Rhode Island. Please tell me what the heck the elected officials we’ve sent to Washington have done to address these monumental, and defining issues of our time. The answer is simple. Nothing!

Look, all I’m asking is that the Democratic Party “lever pullers” in my home state stop kidding themselves and look around. The evidence of ideological failure in Rhode Island is everywhere. Doesn’t it then make sense we turn to our representatives to answer for this, especially when they enjoyed the greatest concentration of political power in recent memory when this President was elected, and did nothing with it except add to our unborn children’s crippling debt? This is a truly contemptuous and disgraceful bunch.

Wake up Rhode Island and focus on the records of these individuals, and not the thirty second T.V. spot where they highlight some poor soul they “may” have helped while thousands of others go belly up. Where is their legislative record of accomplishments on our behalf. Oh, and do not be fooled by the Pell Grant BS being spouted by Senator Whitehouse, as Congressman Ryan’s proposal was just that a proposal. Governor Romney has actually pledged to expand the program in the third debate.

Enough is enough. “I’m gonna fight for you” is getting old without tangible results. The bottom line is if you keep sending these lying charlatans back to Washington without accountability, the days of our downfall will soon be at hand. The well has run dry people! We either fix this problem or we’re all screwed! Please give someone else a chance, for my son’s sake…

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Re-elect the slate…

Gas and food prices continue to sky-rocket, foreclosure rates among the highest in the country, unemployment well above the national average, and a business climate not suitable for a sidewalk lemonade stand. So what do the Rhode Island voters have to say? “Re-elect the slate again”.

When Brendan Doherty enjoyed a 14 point lead in the polls, I told many of my like-minded friends not be over-confident, as the “perfect pandering politician” had not yet wound up his class warfare campaign machine of hate. And now that the “do nothing Socialist spitfire” who destroyed our home city of Providence has made quick work of Anthony Gemma, he may now turn his mean-spirited and propagandist lies in the direction of the retired State Police Colonel.

Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that David Cicilline is the quintessential baby kisser when it counts. What’s sad is that Rhode Islanders appear to be game for “more of the same” yet again. A few folks on a campaign commercial talking about how these dolts came to their rescue for a photo-op, and presto, all is well in Little Rhody. Demonize the opposition by framing real and critically necessary solutions to monumental problems in the context of perceived “radical reform”, while simultaneously and shamefully scaring the collective crap out of old folks and those who don’t know any better, and you have a recipe for assured collapse of what is left of this pitiful state.

Sadly, I think Doherty will lose a close race, and the other Republicans will be pummeled by the rest of the entrenched leaches . And that as they say will be that for Rhode Island.


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“Clause” and effect…

I still love my home State of Rhode Island...

I have always said that in order for us to better understand the words and meaning of our founding documents, it is necessary to “be in the heads” of the men who wrote them. Such is true for the “Establishment Clause” of the 1st Amendment. Now I will not put all of you to sleep with my interpretation of Jefferson’s “Wall of separation” letter, which was actually drafted by Madison, nor will I dissect the myriad of legal challenges to the so called “separation” which have arisen over generations. What I will say however, is that if one is a true study of history and desires to be intellectually honest, one must admit to the central place of the church and its influence within the fabric of early American history.

Mind you I am no zealot, nor am I qualified to speak to the problems of religion in our world. I am also certain that any theocratic approach to governance “applied by the hand of man” is dangerous to freedom. But it occurs to me there were some very basic foundational beliefs shared by a majority of folks back in the day which most certainly would have shaped their opinions, complete with every nuance and caveat. Having said this, and accounting for all the whims and contradictions which defined Jefferson’s life and work, I think that when one “Atheist” young person, who is most likely unsure and/or at least unclear on the many changes of opinion she will surely express in her long life, is allowed to rip the cultural and foundational rug from under the common sensibilities of the collective majority, then this can only be part of that slow and steady unraveling of our future I write about almost every day. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/11/federal-court-orders-rhode-island-school-to-remove-prayer/


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Rhode Island’s Governor Scrooge…

He kinda looks like Scrooge…

I am always a little hesitant to write about my home state of Rhode Island. There are just so many topics of “disgust”. I say this with some angst because I could never leave the most beautiful state in the lower 48. It is simply our politics which continue to stink up the place…

Most recently, this was reflected in our illustrious Governor’s decision to call a Christmas tree, trimmed in the rotunda of our beautiful and historically significant state house, a “Holiday tree” instead. Now there are the obvious and national implications of this story which are being framed by the Christian faithful as attacks on Christianity, and I would not disagree with those analogies. However, the problem is the press are already beating that to death culminating with an O’Reilly exclusive which I will be sure and catch tonight. On the other hand, I have a slightly different take on Lincoln Chafee’s “angle” regarding the State House “Christmas Tree”.

For starters the Governor’s attempt to explain away his hypocrisy by invoking the non-existent “separation of church and state” thing goes down the toilet as the entire circumference of every floor surrounding the rotunda proper is traditionally adorned with the holiday decorations of many faiths and cultures, so why not Christmas? I know this because I usually attend the lighting ceremony, and I’m always interested to view all the awesome displays. Additionally, the observing of “Advent” and the Christmas holiday season has been a cultural mainstay in Rhode Island for generations and is deeply rooted in its earliest beginnings. The lighting of the tree has come to symbolize the peace and love associated with the entire season.

Now let’s talk about Lincoln Chafee the man. In the simplest possible terms, he is not his dad nor will he ever be remembered in the same light as the iconic John Chafee, revered Senator and former Governor of Rhode Island. In fact the history books will show Lincoln Chafee’s indecision and political opportunism as significant reasons for him having lost his fathers beloved Senate seat to the current Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. Chafee the son possesses neither the political gravitas nor the depth of thinking his dad did, and instead has elected to grab hold of and attach himself to any and all controversial headlines to cement any sort of legacy. Even his election as Governor was notable only for the votes he did not receive as opposed to those he did.

So in the end, Rhode Island receives yet another black eye at the hands of an opportunistic “wanna be” with something to prove. Another controversy finds a home in the smallest political cesspool in the country. And another four-year term will pass while Rhode Island sinks further and further into the abyss of economic and social decay. Man I still love this place…


P.S. Is it possible to find a more opportunistic revisionist than John Stewart. What pains me most about this idiot is that folks actually look to him for journalistic insight. “God”, yes I said “God”, please help our country!

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