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The Liberal frustration with “truth”…

When the President of the United States begins one of his press conferences by essentially misleading “We the People”, I simply turn off the T.V. or the live stream, because I can’t bear to listen to the rest.

He’s starting off today with the “worst recession since the Great Depression” stuff, which is debatable on so many levels, and quickly transitioning into how his administration has created 4 million jobs and seen 27 months of positive job numbers. The sad reality for so many Americans under this President is that the size of the American labor force has shrunk to its lowest per-capita level in decades down to 58.4 % from 65.5% when Bush was in office. That disparity alone obliterates any job creation under Obama at all! Moreover, the “jobs” he boasts of are a part-time at best substitute to the stable and full-time employment of the past, and have cost the taxpayers of this country literally (T)rillions of dollars in the form of so-called “stimulus” spending.

In the face of indisputable fact as well as irreconcilable numbers, our President has chosen confrontation with the opposition party and “the blame game” in place of the “hope and change” he promised to bring to Washington. Consequently, “We the People” continue to pay the price for this ideological and dangerous gamesmanship.

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