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The Politics of Gun Control…

gun-control-posterWhen you ask the average American, “Are you in favor of background checks for people buying guns?”, the obvious answer will be yes. As with all “polls” however, when you adjust the question to reflect the hidden details, you get a different (and more educated) answer. My point is that the President’s assertions about American’s feelings on gun control are skewed and highly political to say the least. Moreover, how in the world can we have a logical discussion on making our children and our nation safer, when our ideological chief executive’s contribution is to exploit the parents of Sandy Hook by flying them around from sound-bite to sound-bite on Air force One.

If there is anyone out there who believes the President of the United States cares about anything other than positioning himself politically by attempting to demonize and divide the opposition, please remove your head from the partisan sand before you suffocate.

“This is not about me.” Really Mr. President? I think this is all about you.

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Its been a difficult weekend. I was comforted however to see a Barrington Police Officer standing watch as I dropped my 5th grader off at school this morning. But it did bring home some of the reality for me, if only out in front of any substantive discussions concerning why Sandy Hook happened.

Firstly, we understand there is evil in the world, which is sometimes manifested in ways we simply cannot imagine or understand. Secondly, we must rally in our communities and show support for the families of Newtown who need us emotionally and financially right now. And lastly, the question of “why” those innocent young children died should be first and foremost to be answered. “How” they died is a forensics question, and while certainly applicable, must be addressed in the appropriate context and order.

Inevitably, there will be many who attempt to frame this horrific incident in rhetorical terms in spite of fact and reason, and we must reject their efforts for the political fodder they are. For the moment, and frankly until the time is right, this is and should be about pulling those affected close to our hearts and keeping them in our prayers this Christmas.

May God Bless those little souls in Heaven this day, and may he provide some measure of solace to their families left behind.

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“I left my Christmas lights on all last night, so the babies could see them from Heaven.”…

“I left my Christmas lights on all last night, so the babies could see them from Heaven.”

I have been around the block a few times. Over the years, my life’s path has shown me more than a few unpleasant things. But this day, there is a knot in my stomach that won’t go away. I don’t know if I want to scream or cry. I feel as though I must do something. So for the moment I’m just talking to God and writing.

As a political pundit though, I’m going to get this out of the way up front. And just because of my aversion to all the fools out there who would politicize and exploit the tragedy in Newtown, while the bodies of those children still lie frozen in time on the floor of their elementary school. This is my post on Facebook after the incident occurred, and I will leave it at that for the moment.

Even more frustrating and disgusting, is to hear politicians and “media types” already rushing to the debate over gun control. Uninformed, irresponsible, incentive and disrespectful. For my part, I will pray for the loved and lost and say simply that this is big picture. And only after we bury our dead and tearfully comfort those left behind, will it be time for sensible and serious non-political folks to bring hearts and minds to the table of honest thought, so we may contemplate what truly ails our wounded society.

The one constant that keeps coming to my mind concerning the events of yesterday in Connecticut, is something Bill O’Reilly of “The Factor” said on his program last evening.  -“We can’t stop it“. Part of me believes he is right. Politics aside, how do you stop an individual who is unstable and proceeding unchecked from that instability? Moreover, I believe evil is real, often manifesting itself in human form and committing these nightmarish crimes against the innocent. So where does that leave us?

I’ll tell you where I believe it leaves us. It leaves us back at the beginning, back at the time when we decided that God had no place in our children’s classrooms, or in the halls of higher education and government. It leaves us in the place where we have become desensitized to the horror of war, violent crime and death, which are all now glamorized within the incredible graphics of the latest video games we allow our children to play. It leaves many families overworked and extended beyond their ability to see the warning signs. So much so that in some cases it is often too late to stop the resulting explosion of rage. And it leaves us running straight back to the arms of a loving God, who I believe is disappointed in the way we are living his gift to us, but willing to embrace our wounded souls nevertheless.

Look, I am not placing blame but rather applying what I can clearly see to any possible explanation for what seems unexplainable. I’m very sure the ensuing law enforcement investigation will begin to shed light on the events which led to this unimaginable act of violence. Regrettably, there will also be a great push by those of questionable intent to frame it in one way or another. Many facts will be ignored for the sake of political posturing, and in the end the true lessons may even be lost. For this father of a boy age 10, it comes down to a couple of simple realities. First and foremost is to take hold of your children, and do not take for granted a love and bond like no other on planet earth. And secondly, we are simply not the “be all and end all” damn it!

Faith alone may not stop things like this from happening. But I believe in my heart that if we do not deny Him, and at least make an effort every day to walk as He would have us, then “God” will not deny us a better world…

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