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The Self Destruct Button…

The so-called “fiscal cliff” was nothing more than a response to the accountability gauntlet laid out by both the WH and Congress, intended to make “We the People” believe our representative government actually gave a rats you know what about our kids futures. In essence, a made up deadline that when reached, only triggers the cold and broken reality of gridlock politics in Washington.

375px-US_Public_Debt_Ceiling_1981-2010Now the “debt ceiling”, well that’s a whole different ball game. So it was interesting to hear the POTUS going on about how Republicans somehow want to prevent the nation from paying its bills on his weekly radio broadcast. (No Sir, they want to keep those bills from growing beyond our “ability” to pay them). He even attempted to draw a comparison line to the government shut-down of 1995. In fairness, some of the political components may be the same. But the monetary dynamic is something very different, and unlike anything we have ever faced before. The numbers today are, for all intents and purposes, the end of the “green back” road for us. At nearly sixteen and one half trillion dollars in debt, The United States is not only broke Mr. President, it’s darn near bankrupt, and credit reporting agencies like Moody’s know it. Consequently, and in full view of this financial Tsunami, Mr. Obama’s approach in the weeks ahead will be to ask for yet another blank check, signed by the next generation, so he can burn off another boat load of borrowed money that we just don’t have, on a bunch of foolishness that just doesn’t work.

So as our economy remains on life support, with its full potential reined in by bureaucrats in Washington bent on ideological change, “We the People” are left to watch in utter confusion, as those sent to represent our best interest prepare to push the self-destruct button on our economy, as well as a better America for our children.

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Hooray, we’re #7!!!

My hero, the late Dale Earnhardt liked to say, “second place is just the first loser”. So what does that make us at #7 in the world when it comes to “global competitiveness”. Sliding for yet another year since this President took office, the “World Forum” has reported the United States’ decline from its coveted and long-held position of number #1, all the way to #7 and falling. The biggest reasons given, you guessed it. Out of control debt, as well as unemployment and economic instability brought on by a cavernous void of distrust of the federal government by U.S. businesses. We simply cannot continue down this road away from what has made us great.

The “Obama way” is not new you know. It has been applied by many a socialist politician as a feel good cure for a nation in trouble, and whose people seek change.  In fact, economic class warfare and a centralized all-powerful federal system, have been tried many times around the world, often with catastrophic and even fatal results. Just look around even today and see the chaos created by promises of utopia absent a real and viable economic plan for the future.

This is not just a headline people. This is what happens when you entrust a proven and profitable free market system, which in practice has been responsible for so much good in the world, to an inexperienced college ideologue, lost in the dreams of his Progressive mentors. He is attempting to fool you once again.

Vote accordingly…

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Going political “dutch”…

"That better be a debit card".

If Republicans chewed and screwed, the Democrats certainly didn’t show up to pay the bill. They held up the joint and cleaned out the register. I mean, is this President auditioning for a Saturday Night Live gig after politics? These corny one liners are really getting tedious considering all the real life drama unfolding around our nation. I guess when you “got nutin”, you go comic…

Anyway, the POTUS is so far off base as usual, he is sure to get caught stealing. (No pun intended.) The facts though, as reported by CBS no less, show Obama has already outspent Bush’s entire eight years in office and his policies are projected to have us well beyond $20 (T)rillion in the red by 2016. The price of a gallon of gas has doubled and many feel it is the new norm. Unemployment is realistically 9.2% and American wealth has diminished a staggering 40% while the median household income is down almost 8% since 2007. The housing market is on life support and corporations are hording cash for a “double dip” they know is coming. And as if these numbers aren’t sobering enough, what is the President of the United States talking about, the “unfunded” prescription drug program of (2003). For God’s sake and by their own admission, Democrats would have overwhelmingly supported that bill had there been more government and less private sector in the final draft. Ultimately they had been begging for expanding it in one form or the other since the early 1970’s. Let’s face it, when has any “Democrat” initiative ever been “funded”? Come on Mr. President, is that all you’ve got???

Fact – This President has promised more and delivered less, (with a two house mandate through his first election cycle) than any POTUS in recent memory. And he has done so by burdening our posterity with additional debt they will never be able to pay.

Look, I’m not here to tell you, that for fear of being attacked as ogres and granny killers, Repubs haven’t signed onto a lot of unreasonable and frankly unconstitutional entitlement crap over the years just to keep from getting booted from office. What I’m saying, is that common sense tells us in our own daily budgeting that we cannot continue to spend when carrying this kind of unconscionable debt. President Barack Obama had better own up, tell the truth, and kick the “bash Bush” habit quickly, or he may just wind up an ugly foot note rather than a debatable albeit ideological chapter in American History.

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Funny stuff…

Putting aside the Democrats actually admitted they will continue bringing the “Buffett Rule” up for a vote purely as a political ploy, I’m actually cracking up for a different reason this morning. I mean come on people, everyone with at least half a working brain knows and admits, (including the President’s own economic advisors), the proposed law would do absolutely zero to address the national debt. Even President Obama himself has said it would have little effect on the $1 Trillion + yearly budget deficit. Yikes… I guess it’s all about “fairness” and feel good politics then. Well, a lot of good that does to address the $16 Trillion + back pack our kids will take to school this Fall.

Anyway, back to my good laugh. I turned on the news today and started surfing for some particulars on Romney’s tax plan, (which I like the sound of so far BTW), and came across Bob Beckel doing his usual song and dance defending the POTUS’s economic strategy to the death. I was laughing because for every fact brought to the table, all Beckel (and most other Libs) could come up with was, “it’s not fair”… These people are simply out of wind. In the face of the worst economic recovery in U.S. history combined with unprecedented and economy crushing deficits, President Obama is attempting to patch the Hoover Dam with Spackle, and there is just no common sense defense of it…

Ultimately, the whole “Buffett Rule” thing is a cheap tool in the class warfare tool bag, and nobody uses it better than a tax and spend Liberal like the President Barack Obama.

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“Out of control” spending…

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyLmru6no4U’] I thought it was interesting that “FOX NEWS” was the only major network broadcasting the President’s stump speech from 2008 where he characterized President Bush as “unpatriotic” for using a “credit card issued by the People’s Republic of China” to raise the national debt ceiling. I wonder which credit card he’s using to double that very number now. I wonder which one he is using to chain our great-grandchildren to the yoke of international debt at the cost of their own futures and freedoms. Isn’t it ironic that something so glaringly obvious is so conveniently overlooked by the “main stream press” when reporting on President Barack Obama?

Now while we have come to expect this from most of the media today, sadly there are many partisans and sycophants who will ignore this type of blatant hypocrisy by our President and support him in spite of the facts. Moreover, they deny as if it were not reality, his total failure to accomplish anything but the most ideological of initiatives as our nation’s Chief Executive.

I wonder if Americans are just simply numb to the fact that this Administration is on par to eclipse $20 trillion in debt even before the new health care law is fully enacted. My God, “asleep at the wheel” of a hurtling tractor-trailer without brakes is an understatement when used to describe the registered voters who are still polling this President in the high forties.

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