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My prediction???

I have been asked over and over to predict the outcome of Tuesday’s Presidential Election. Some of my political foes have tried desperately to engage me along these lines, so they might enjoy some post-election “I told ya so” benefit if the President is re-elected. Not interested…

The problem for me is I know this election is less about the candidates than about our country, and our children’s country in an even broader sense. After the most divisive and bitter campaign in U.S. history, I think we can all agree we’ve reached a crossroads in America. The direction we take will determine whether we keep the promise of our forefathers, one of rewards for hard work and individual achievement, or go the way of dependency and collectivism, carefully packaged in such a way as to “suggest” fairness while embracing the rhetoric of class warfare.

With that thought in mind, I will not bore you with another diatribe centered on the differences between President Obama and Governor Romney specifically, mainly because I’ve come to the conclusion they mean very little. Far too many on the Left will go to the polls next week and vote against the hard reality of economic calamity for the sake of a purely partisan victory, and it is unlikely anything would change their minds. No, this is more about a fight to one side, and history to the other.

All I have ever asked is for Liberal/Progressives to admit that our Founder’s United States is not a nation they support. I can respect a truthful advisory. But as most “Left Wingers” continue to disguise their contempt for the God-given and unalienable rights which have provided for their freedom of speech, I can only reiterate my own positions for the sake of debate.

It is simply impossible to espouse entitlement without means to support it, and sound off like a champion of the “American Dream” at the same time. Nowhere in that dream were there any handouts without responsibility, or aid without accountability. And the words which gave “birth” to it all, included the guarantee of (life) as well as “Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. Moreover, the denial of faith in favor of “truth” managed by a vain humanity, has shown us beyond doubt that our current course is a perilous one, fraught with the pitfalls of fractured families and a compromised moral foundation.

In the end, we must answer a couple of very basic questions in the voting booth on Tuesday. Firstly, how much of our grandfathers country are we willing to generationally steal from our children, because he is not here to tell us we are selfish jackasses? And second, how far is beyond the point of no return for America?

Come on people, you know the score. Is this the direction you want for your children? Are you okay with the nearly $60,000.00 in debt born to every child in the United States today? Are you comfortable with someone else’s private lifestyle being thrust upon you in a state of forced acceptance in order to somehow legitimize the personal behavior of others, all in the name of perceived equality? And will you stand by while someone tells you your country is not and should not be exceptional, rather than defend the greatness of a body politic which fought against all odds and changed the world for the better?

No my friends, this election is not about Obama or Romney, it’s about you! For this reason I will not make a prediction, but rather an observation. The United States of America has either lost or forfeited its soul. A soul, brave men and women have died to protect. On November 6th 2012, it will be up to you to find, recover or discard that soul. But I will predict this, we will  not have long to wait before we see the results of any wrong decision on the part of the electorate. Sadly though, “the new norm” may already have chosen for us… See you all on the other side…

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Look to Rhode Island and see where we are headed…

Rhode Island’s local internet news outlet “golocalprov.com” is reporting today that at least one in five Rhode Islanders are receiving some sort of public assistance. (Ouch!) Ironically, it is only a somewhat different demographic breakdown which separates this figure from the national average of one in three Americans receiving assistance, (Double ouch!) But I’m gonna stay local for the most part today.

This is my message to Rhode Islanders who have either been hoodwinked by our current Washington Delegation, or who simply choose to ignore their pathetic record. “Wake up!” You are compromising your children, grand children and even your great grand children. If you don’t know, go look and you will see. Medicare is going bankrupt. Social Security will begin going bankrupt in 2013, we are borrowing nearly $4 billion dollars a day (mostly from China) to pay the interest on our debt, and the new health care law is in the red right out of the gate, with folks average premiums up over $2000.00 in real time. Now let me help you some more. Despite what conniving liars like David Cicilline, Sheldon Whitehouse and Jim Langevin are telling you, Seniors today have absolutely nothing to fear from any Republican budget plan. That is of course if Mitt Romney is actually elected and returns the over $700 billion dollars President Obama raided from the Medicare program to make his health care law doable on paper. Additionally, Governor Romney has pledged not to raise taxes on the middle class. Now I know everyone wants to know how he will pay for this, and the answer is simple. He will do much like President Reagan did by reaching across party lines and finding the necessary combination of tax cuts and code revisions to make it happen, all while finally removing the doubt which has chained small business to the side lines for four years now. And we should rightfully hold him to those promises. But also, to the claim of our own Rhode Island Congressional Delegation, that the President “lowered taxes” over three thousand dollars for the “middle class”, well, He did! And the median income for that same tax bracket fell by more than four thousand dollars in the same period because of his economic policies. (WT-X) Consequently, in very few areas of this nation are the effects of this disastrous “recovery” more evident than in Rhode Island. Please tell me what the heck the elected officials we’ve sent to Washington have done to address these monumental, and defining issues of our time. The answer is simple. Nothing!

Look, all I’m asking is that the Democratic Party “lever pullers” in my home state stop kidding themselves and look around. The evidence of ideological failure in Rhode Island is everywhere. Doesn’t it then make sense we turn to our representatives to answer for this, especially when they enjoyed the greatest concentration of political power in recent memory when this President was elected, and did nothing with it except add to our unborn children’s crippling debt? This is a truly contemptuous and disgraceful bunch.

Wake up Rhode Island and focus on the records of these individuals, and not the thirty second T.V. spot where they highlight some poor soul they “may” have helped while thousands of others go belly up. Where is their legislative record of accomplishments on our behalf. Oh, and do not be fooled by the Pell Grant BS being spouted by Senator Whitehouse, as Congressman Ryan’s proposal was just that a proposal. Governor Romney has actually pledged to expand the program in the third debate.

Enough is enough. “I’m gonna fight for you” is getting old without tangible results. The bottom line is if you keep sending these lying charlatans back to Washington without accountability, the days of our downfall will soon be at hand. The well has run dry people! We either fix this problem or we’re all screwed! Please give someone else a chance, for my son’s sake…

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Let the battle begin…

I did my level best to keep an open mind during last night’s debate, which is more than I can say for some of my email detractors. You folks really need to consider anger management classes. With that said, I think not many minds were changed by this last meeting of President Obama and Governor Romney. I did feel the President sounded more like the challenger rather than the incumbent. But overall, the stark contrasts between the two men and their ideologies was only reinforced.

I have framed this election for the last four years as a battle for the soul of this country. I stand by that assessment even more steadfastly today. In the end, folks will have to do a great deal of gut checking when they go into the voting booth. And while there will always be the party loyalists who vote their emotions instead of on the basis of truth, this election will ultimately be decided when clear-headed individuals make a conscious choice in terms of where they see our country in twenty years.

With the debates now over, I cannot remember a more divided America. Sadly, this is our own doing and not that of some political boogie man conjured up by either side. We have failed in so many ways to safeguard that which was entrusted to us, and are therefore left to fight over what the founders had intended to be so much more clear. Our value system is in chaos and the minority has paralyzed an entire culture, because so many have chosen apathy and political correctness over the time-tested principles of individual liberty and accountability. Dependency is now revered and success is demonized. Revisionist history is the norm and few of our children are learning the greatness of America or of those who gave their futures to keep it that way.

Nonetheless and in the simplest of terms, for Governor Romney to become President there must be enough voters out there who understand, our current direction will erode and eventually erase the exceptionalism which has made The United States the greatest arrangement for mankind in all of human history. And for President Obama to remain President, there must be enough voters who have become comfortable with a globalist, big government, big debt and “live in the moment” application. On November 6, 2012, the world will know whether “We the People” shall rise up from adversity once again, and unite to leave our children a better future as we have done for generations, or whether we will simply be another political punch-line, remembered only for the missed opportunity of having learned the lessons of history. Please put any ill-conceived or resentment filled rhetoric in its proper place and vote your conscience this November…There is much at stake…

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The Constitution according to Matthews…

I always find it amusing when the Libs cry “FOX” foul every time Hannity gets out of bed in the morning. Love him or hate him, Hannity is versed on the issues and does not let his Right Wing politics cloud Constitutional reality. Sadly, this cannot be said for Chris Matthews and the rest of the “main stream” media.

Reading and understanding the Constitution is not a difficult thing. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to engage in the American political discourse. In fact, the individuals who penned the document intended it to be simple but rock solid in terms of its foundational properties. So when I hear the likes of Matthews spouting off about how Constitutionally, one cannot challenge the President, I have to wonder what this man’s credentials are to host a prime time cable news program, other than maybe being an undisciplined political hack with anger management issues, and a “bromance” crush on Bill Clinton. What a disgrace.

The simple truth is, much of the media today leans Left. To say otherwise is to intentionally live with your head firmly positioned up your backside. Consequently, President Obama has been afforded an unprecedented level of quasi collaboration with the press, many of whom manipulate and misrepresent things like Constitutional intent to make their case for his policies. From his candidacy through his Presidency, scrutiny of the POTUS by ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC has been rare and fleeting. Moreover, when agencies like FOX attempt to vet this man of lofty title, venerable praise, but little in the way of actual resume, they and others are labeled racists and liars, even in the face of indisputable facts and figures. This is a big reason Election 2012 is so important. In the end, if we refuse the lessons of history, and bargain for undeniable truth with those who would have us believe something less for political correctness sake, then how can we possibly leave a clear path for our posterity to follow?

President Barack Obama is the standard-bearer for a party high-jacked by revisionists and those who despise the hard-fought exceptionalism which made this nation great. In as much as we must turn from the Obama iceberg, Mitt Romney has the executive experience, character and drive to at least begin what will be the lengthy and arduous process of “real” and sound economic recovery for The United States of America.

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“Trust me”…

Demonize your opponent and keep it small and petty. Now the “Left Wing Blogosphere” is attacking Romney for his debate characterization of how he sought out women for high level positions within his administration, “Bindergate”. Lost in the mix is the ratio of women to men in Romney’s cabinet was the highest in the country during his time as Massachusetts Governor. Thankfully, women are coming to his defense, including  those who worked for the Governor.

More and more I find myself hoping Americans see beyond the desperation of not only a failing presidential campaign, but a divisive Liberal/Progressive ideology of class warfare and hate. And I hope everyone will see this type of rhetoric for what it is, and understand that it ascends to the highest levels of the Democratic party elite in ways that would make JFK and Truman cringe with disgust.

In the face of legitimate questions regarding the overseas deaths of Americans in service to their country, and a domestic policy approach which has brought our nation to the precipice of European style economic ruin, the ideological platform and application of the 2012 Democratic Presidential Campaign, is simply to smear your opponent while simultaneously engaging in cheap office cubical tactics. Heck, if the POTUS can keep this type of soap opera politics out front, he may never have to talk about his own vision for the future of the United States. (That’s the idea!)

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Round two…

The President came out as expected last night and went a long way to repairing his image, if only in the eyes of the “Far Left” sycophants. Mitt Romney also came out as expected, looking confident and ready to get to work. I must admit I enjoyed the fact Romney finally did what so many in politics and the media have cowered from, and that was to call the President out on his failed record once and for all.

This was significant because despite Candy Crowley’s best efforts, Romney pushed his way through the truth door, and even managed to reinforce people’s notions of a very one-sided “Lame Stream Media”, as if that were necessary…

I was particularly struck when the President attempted mightily to squeeze by the Libya issue, this time by lying straight out to “We the People” about what he said in the Rose Garden the day following the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other American attaché, and I noticed the camera panned to the First Lady, clapping as if trying to turn on a light in New Mexico. At this point, I see Libya continuing to haunt this President right out of the Oval Office.

Good riddance. Enough already with this silly college prank. Please let the adults back into the White House so we can save our country…

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“Reality Shrugged”…

It seems Team Obama aim to ride this class-warfare thing right into November. Now we are hearing the POTUS will go on the attack regarding “Bain Capital” this Tuesday. Well I say bring it… Now I know there are those who cringe at the thought of defending Capitalism, but I’m not one of them, and I’ll tell you why.

After doing my best to get past the “Biden effect” last Wednesday, I heard Congressman Ryan say something he says religiously on the trail, and that is Americans will have a clear choice in this election. This is as true in 2012 as it has ever been in American politics. Rhetoric aside, “We the People” must choose what kind of country we will leave our kids. Will it be an ever-growing “nanny state”, brought about because we were too complacent and lazy to heed the lessons of history? Or will we take back our schools, our city halls and our inalienable rights, so we may at least give the next generation a fighting chance?

No matter how you slice it, Capitalism is the engine which provides and Liberalism is the engine which costs. There are many ways to tweak this reality. But in the end, government must always turn to the private sector for its worth. And without a healthy and vibrant private sector, there is no government sector. Simple math… I am no conspiracy theorist, but I would encourage my readers to peruse a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. In it you will find Collectivism and Statist topics that read as if straight from 2012, even though the book was written in 1957. It might at least make you second guess the Chris Matthews platform for America.

Anyway, Biden did make one thing very clear during the debate, and that was his boss’s vision for our country is measured largely in terms of phony empathy and unrealistic theory. The very notion you can create a “lean military fighting force” for example, is Liberal fools code for massive “Carter” style equipment and personal cuts at the expense of national security. Moreover, if anyone believes this will not result in massive job market and ultimately economic bleeding, just ask the stunned folks in Ohio, who could have sworn they heard the VP throw the M-1 Abrams out with the bath water.

Look, we can do this together. We have compromised and done it before. But if the bi-partisanship these Leftist ideologues are speaking of looks anything like the “my way or the highway” application of the last four years, then the cost is simply too high. Mitt Romney for President.

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“The Obama Curve”…

“The Obama Curve”

Okay, so can we finally acknowledge what the job numbers really and truly are? Of the 800 thousand plus households polled in the so-called “family survey”, most are underemployed. This means they have taken any part-time work out there to pay the bills. This also mean that folks with once sought after qualifications are helplessly adrift on the “Obama recovery” ocean. This brings me to my next point.

Every credible economist not on the Obama Campaign payroll will tell you, we must create North of 200,000 new full-time positions just to keep up with the rate of college graduation and population demographics. The U.S. economy created less than 120,000 jobs last month, and has been right around that number consistently for months now. This brings me to my last and probably most sobering stats.

More than 600,000 Americans who are able to work have simply given up and left the job market, lowering the percentage of labor force participation, an index measured by you guessed it, the federal government, from about 66.2 when President Obama took office to 63.6 percent now. When these hard figures are calculated back into the jobless numbers, which are actually a reflection of the “family survey”, the real unemployment numbers look more like about 13.9 percent.

So you tell me… Who is lying to who Mr. Axelrod??

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What’s in a number???

I know there are those Left Wing Lunatics who say Conservatives were actually hoping for higher unemployment numbers as a means to lambast the POTUS. Therein lies part of the partisan problem we are facing in our nation today. Despite the idiocy of such a broad and divisive assumption, the latest numbers from the Labor Department are definitely not what they seem. Sadly, those numbers  will most likely be revised, and dare I say, there may be questions about how they were calculated and by whom. To think that operatives inside “the fray” might manipulate statistics to cushion the blows President Obama took in Wednesday’s debate, is disheartening to say the least. Nonetheless, I have no hard data to support that assertion as yet, and so I will let it play out.

I would add however that if you calculate the miniscule jobs added per month since this “recovery” began, the alarming reality is that hundreds of thousands of Americans have simply walked away from the stagnant job market. When you add these poor folks back into the mix, you get an actual unemployment number North of 11 percent. To go one step further, as if we needed to, when we consider the dollar value per” job unit” against what this Administration has spent to achieve them, your knees begin to tremble with the realization that we may never ever be able to pay it forward.

Inevitably, when we start hearing words like “anomaly” and “unbelievable” from the mouths of folks like retired GE CEO Jack Welch regarding the most recent jobs report, one has to pause and brace for what may be more unprecedented tactics (cheating) on the part of the incumbents campaign.

What a crock/////


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It’s only the first debate…

Just a couple of observations. (If) we are to believe the polls, Governor Romney did exactly what he needed to do and took the fight to the President. He was on message, articulate and described what is the most basic but important part of this election, “the vivid contrast” between two visions for America. And while the President did seem a bit disinterested and smug, that actually didn’t surprise me one bit.

Now I won’t get into why I feel the POTUS is not necessarily the “likable” guy many folks seem to think he is. I might just let the recently revealed tapes of a couple of very divisive speeches he made before he was elected speak for themselves on that matter. Consequently, I definitely got the feeling the Obama camp was trying mightily not to appear outside of that “likability” comfort zone. Let’s face it, Romney pretty much showed that’s really all they have. Arguably however, this is only the first debate. And judging from the “Shame Stream Media” response thus far, they will be out in full force today to spin this to the President’s advantage as best they can.

The simple truth is that in November, “We the People” will in fact have to do exactly what Governor Romney said last night, and choose between two very different ideological directions for our country. One thing is for certain after watching last night’s contest though, and that is neither of the candidates  attempted to hide theirs. Using only this as a benchmark, I score the night a tie.

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