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Biden, “over the pond”…

You got a license for that finger Mr. Vice President???

You got a license for that finger Mr. Vice President???

Hypocrisy in one form or another seems a permanent detriment in the modern political arena. I suppose one could cite voter apathy as a cause. In fairness, it’s not exclusive to either party, though this Administration seems to have opened significant inroads in terms of “do as I say, not as I do”. That aside, is the Vice President of the United States dumb, or do he and his staff simply have the utmost contempt for “We the People”.

Watching the President’s wife live the jet-set life in financially crippled Spain last year was bad enough, but Biden’s overseas hijinks on the tax-payer dime recently, all the while allegedly drowning in a sea of tears for sequestration, is borderline nauseating.

At the end of the day, over a million dollars spent on transportation, staffers, security and five-star hotels for two nights in London and Paris, is a bitter pill to swallow for those still struggling in an ever-shrinking American work force.

Now for all you apologists who would try and validate the VP’s ability to accomplish anything of substance over in Europe, (or anywhere else for that matter), I have some simple math for you:

Biden’s trip + the “Tiger Woods Presidential Golf Extravaganza” = 1/2 of the yearly cost of White House tours. Moreover, if the “First Family” would kick back just 1/5 of their vacation cost to taxpayers last year, we could cover a whole year of tours, and some change for popcorn too… Nah, I hear Michelle doesn’t vacuum…

Hypocrisy or elitist contempt, you make the call…

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The mirage in the mirror…

Listening to the “line up” before Michelle Obama the other night made it very difficult to take her rosy assessment of her husband and his job performance seriously.

I love that for Barack, there is no such thing as “us” and “them” – he doesn’t care whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican, or none of the above…he knows that we all love our country…and he’s always ready to listen to good ideas…he’s always looking for the very best in everyone he meets”.

Excuse me????

Did the First Lady listen to the speakers ahead of her? Did she listen to the vitriolic Rhetoric and pandering? Has she been listening to her husband and his campaign crew these past months? Was she asleep during the health care and debt ceiling debates? Maybe she’s just content to live in an alternate Liberal/Progressive universe where truth is “negotiable”.

Look, I will not deny that with the exception of one fleeting moment on the night he won the 2008 Election, I don’t believe I’ve seen anything like how the media portray this man or his wife. I would agree that while all outward appearances show they are the attentive and caring parents of two lovely young girls, their political persona’s on the other hand, are manufactured, embellished and disingenuous at best. And we need look no further than the last couple of weeks for validation of same.

In a nut shell, the Republicans did a pretty good job of keeping the “red meat” often associated with these conventions to a minimum, and were dam respectful of the office, (Eastwood’s performance notwithstanding, though really funny and not without merit..) Clearly the same has not been afforded the Republican ticket thus far. The man who “doesn’t care whether you’re a Democrat or Republican” has sat on his hands while his minions have shredded and disrespected the Romney-Ryan ticket and Republicans far beyond any acceptable limits, to include no less than 3 references so far comparing the GOP to Nazi’s. Now while I believe the evidence shows the opposite to be true, it is still somewhat stunning to hear Mrs. Obama get up in front of the whole world and say the words she said. And while I’m quite sure I will catch heck for it, I think she’s full of it…

Man, can we get on to the debates??

Note: The fact that this Jason Biggs scumbag is even relevant, speaks volumes about the decline of modern America… What a low-life….

Note 2: Anyone wanna buy a couple of tickets to Obama’s outdoor extravaganza?? Cheap!!


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