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Manipulating the vote 2012…

I have written much about how the Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party has manipulated the minority vote in our country over generations. In fact 98% of black voters voted for President Obama in 2008 and 91% still support him today. This statistic by itself represents the magnificent job the Left has done in placating too and coercing this demographic. I have also written about how the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have done nothing but inflame the issue with negativity and racial bias, thus only complicating meaningful progress over the years. These two clowns and others like them have gained much both in fame and fortune portraying themselves as champions of the cause of racial equality, when in fact they have simply made their bones on the backs of those they claim to speak for.

Now I will certainly not attempt to address the complicated issue of race in America 2012, but I watched a documentary piece recently which really sums it up for me. Take out the emotional and often factually devoid arguments of the Progressives and you are left with two simple truths. 1. There is no substitute for individual effort, and 2. While there are obstacles, those obstacles are very often man-made.

This post is not meant to bait or invite unwarranted or unproductive argument, but rather it is simply an effort to plead with the so-called minorities in America, and remind them that if there really is a Black, White, Latino, Italian, French, Irish, Mexican or any other America, then it was created by someone who wants you to keep them in the seat of power. We only benefit from equality if we stop letting political charlatans on both sides of the aisle (and in the WH) convince us we are different. If we are to believe their pandering and divisive rhetoric, where then are the results of decades of one party solutions to the plight of “minority America”?

Oh, and if your argument is that the opportunity does not exist equally for all in this country, ask the President of The United States how he became the most powerful man in the free world. E Pluribus Unum… No excuses…

Watch or be content with complacency and a lack of knowledge… http://www.runawayslavemovie.com/site/

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