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Green energy farce…


Make no mistake oh faithful of the blogosphere; rising fuel costs will have a dramatic and undoubtedly negative impact on an already struggling economy this Summer. Whatever anemic improvements and trumped up media hype surrounding any so-called recovery, as framed by this White House, will be consumed by massive inflation brought about by the price of oil and massive debt. It appears to be just one more nail in the coffin of the grand Obama experiment.

Ideology aside, it remains difficult for me to understand the mindset of “We the People” inthe face of such economic Armageddon. How can so many be so easily manipulated by the failed tactics of class warfare and division, spun by those who claim to champion the poor yet have done little but to keep them in a state of perpetual entitlement while enabling a George Soros funded and massive effort to secure their generational vote? How can so many of my time accept the watered down Obama version of our father’s American dream, and be content no less, to make that the foundation for their posterity?

I was debating these and other questions with a political rival recently at a Campaign 2012 event and we landed where we usually do, agreeing to disagree. But putting aside idealistic stuff for a minute, I asked him one more economic question at the end of our discussion which seemed to catch him a bit flat-footed. I asked: even if one were to subscribe to “Obamanomics”, how could one ever reconcile what has been spent these past 3 years against what has been gained? How will we ever pay it back? And how do we explain to our children that we’ve mortgaged “their children’s” future? Before he could answer I answered for him. “We can’t”.

The facts are simple. Unless we dramatically alter our national course, and move to fix what’s broken with a purpose and expeditious diligence, rooted in a common desire to leave a better country for our kids, all will be for not. Anyone, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, who claims to love this country and yet refuses to recognize the perils of proceeding with ideological blinders firmly affixed, must be guilty of at the very least gross complacency and generational neglect. (I made those up for effect, but I’m serious…)

In the vein of intellectual honesty I will tell you, this is about change from the lowest to the highest levels, from your city councilman to the President of the United States. And at the risk of being accused of melodrama, do your homework and choose wisely this Fall. The vote you cast will have significant implications which are sure to affect you and your family directly.


I can’t think of a President who so effortlessly contradicts himself and does so with such emotional conviction. As if it makes it any less disingenuous. This fact is exasperated by modern media where his contradictions live eternal. Take for instance the many times then Senator Obama slaughtered the Bush Administration for $1.89 gasoline. Today we here the same man attacking Republicans for raising a similar issue,,, must be an election year… And get this, he wants to “double down” on green energy spending and promote the use of “algae” as alternative fuel… Yikes, what are they smoking over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Look, the problem is things are far worse today when taken in context, and yet the “main stream press” is devoid of (equal opportunity questioning “bashing”). Not once did gas prices come up in last night’s debate. Come on CNN, at least make some effort to look objective. Sadly, as we are finding out that the Keystone project would in fact generate millions of barrels of added oil productivity directly into the Midwest for U.S. consumers, and merely entertaining (broadcasting) the idea of drilling the vast resources available to us right here in our own country would scare the Saudis and company back down to about 70 bucks a barrel, we must acknowledge a simple truth. This Administration could care less about what you pay for gas. The tactic is obvious, that being to use inflated fuel prices as a means to promote their energy plan which will contribute readily to the downfall of America as we know it, and quick. Sigh…

NOTE: Clean green energy has a place in America’s future to be sure, just not next week…


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Inflation trigger…

I heard the President make a stunning assertion today claiming that gas prices were rising because of global demand and our “economic recovery”. He said this is the reason we must extend the payroll tax cut immediately. Now that extension and the measly $20.00 it attaches to your pay check every week is an entirely different argument all together. And in spite of the wheel barrel full of class warfare hate mail I’ll get on the matter I will move on.

Mr. President, gas prices are rising because of our dependence on foreign oil and your lack of will to do much of anything about it. Moreover, demand is actually down and supplies are up in February. Ya know, I seem to remember Nancy Pelosi chastising President Bush for $2.00 per gallon gas, yet your solution Sir, is an extra 20 spot for our troubles? Inflation is poised to rear its ugly head this summer unlike at any time in American history, and our leaders are flat-footed and clueless.

The nonchalant and frankly scary way this POTUS frames the critical issues of our time is truly unsettling and smacks of complete indifference and elitism. Even in the face of one of the most significant shovel ready energy projects to come down the pike in the last 20 years (Keystone Pipeline), President Obama has embraced the ideological wing of his party yet again by coming down on the side of the environmentalist nut jobs. Subsequently, as we look as his budget overall and the fact that most members of his own party won’t even vote for it, then we throw in the national debt, and unprecedented food and fuel prices coming to a city or town near you this summer, it is difficult to embrace our Presidents rosy assessment of our condition.

Truth “and” consequence are very often difficult medicine…

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