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The Definition of Success…

BernankeandobamaLooking at some fresh numbers today, and as always I’m a little confused by the “Lame Stream Media” portrayal of our current economic posture. For starters, nearly 23 million households and 48 million individuals partake of the “Snap” (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). Now these numbers in and of themselves expose the Obama Administration’s  claims of any “recovery” for what they are, carefully contrived deception (with the help of a complicit media), designed to instill a false sense of progress. I also looked at some video from the past week and heard even a few “Conservative” economists characterizing 175,000 jobs created as a “moderate” pace. Now putting aside the fact that number will likely be revised down in the coming week, the reality is that about 200,000 is more traditionally “moderate” in terms of job creation, with 300,000 a sign of true momentum.  I’m simply having a hard time understanding why we continue to revise reality for the sake of this Administrations’ efforts.

The hard truth is our economy remains a shell of its former being. Housing numbers are driven by unsustainable Fed rates propped up by monopoly money, with the DJIA hanging precariously on Bernanke’s every syllable. Companies large and small continue to hire part-time to offset the impending cost of Obamacare and crippling regulation. The class warfare gap has never been wider with more and more people receiving some form of government assistance. Local governments are literally going bankrupt, an unthinkable occurrence one never would have imagined in this country. And most regrettable, our focus is now compromised by the myriad of scandals plaguing President Obama’s second term. This is always what happens when we substitute flawed ideology in place of “truth and reason”.

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What’s in a number???

I know there are those Left Wing Lunatics who say Conservatives were actually hoping for higher unemployment numbers as a means to lambast the POTUS. Therein lies part of the partisan problem we are facing in our nation today. Despite the idiocy of such a broad and divisive assumption, the latest numbers from the Labor Department are definitely not what they seem. Sadly, those numbers  will most likely be revised, and dare I say, there may be questions about how they were calculated and by whom. To think that operatives inside “the fray” might manipulate statistics to cushion the blows President Obama took in Wednesday’s debate, is disheartening to say the least. Nonetheless, I have no hard data to support that assertion as yet, and so I will let it play out.

I would add however that if you calculate the miniscule jobs added per month since this “recovery” began, the alarming reality is that hundreds of thousands of Americans have simply walked away from the stagnant job market. When you add these poor folks back into the mix, you get an actual unemployment number North of 11 percent. To go one step further, as if we needed to, when we consider the dollar value per” job unit” against what this Administration has spent to achieve them, your knees begin to tremble with the realization that we may never ever be able to pay it forward.

Inevitably, when we start hearing words like “anomaly” and “unbelievable” from the mouths of folks like retired GE CEO Jack Welch regarding the most recent jobs report, one has to pause and brace for what may be more unprecedented tactics (cheating) on the part of the incumbents campaign.

What a crock/////


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That sickening feeling…

It is nothing short of shameful that folks like the portly pundit Bob Beckel are touting 163,000 jobs as if that were nearly enough to dent the real unemployment number of over 15 percent in this country. Even more disturbing, is their “purposeful ignorance” when it comes to other factors like last month’s jobs numbers being revised from 80,000 to 60,000, as if 80,000 were not bad enough. And then we read that 153,000 people simply left the work force entirely last month. So what does that mean? It means the net gain of jobs is actually a net loss of (-30,000 jobs), in terms of contributing revenues.

Any economist with credentials beyond those of a classroom twerp will tell you, that an economy with the breadth and scope of the United States economy, requires consistent job creation in the range of 225,000 to 375,000 jobs per month to constitute tangible, albeit average recovery. The simple truth is that our nation remains wounded and staggering without hope of stabilization short of unleashing the “power to prosper”, by way of massive across the board tax incentives and a complete restructuring of the U.S. tax code. Realistically, we are actually sitting at the best possible juncture to push the reset button on years of reckless feel good spending and income tax nightmares.

These numbers today spell real trouble for an incumbent President, and believe me the Obama Team knows it. Oh, and message to WH Harry Reid: Mitt Romney has paid far more taxes in his working career than your entire family generationally has “earned” in all of its history. What a complete imbecile….

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The new reality sucks…

With Gas prices still hovering above $3.00 a gallon, 2 million mortgages in foreclosure and an equal amount 3 payments or more behind, and a measly 85,000 jobs created last month in a total work force that has shrunk by almost 3 percentage points since this President took office, I suppose one would have no choice but to try and spin these dire numbers as somehow “a step in the right direction“. I’m just not so sure I like that direction.

Look, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz can blabber on all she wants about how GW was the Anti-Christ and all bad things in Washington are Republicans fault. But the facts are our economy is flailing and in danger of going out of business, and the Presidents approach has been one of more debt, more taxes, and divisive class warfare. Consumer confidence continues to plummet as Americans are far smarter than the Dems give them credit for. “We the People” can see the ship is sinking and we are not overly anxious to back up and hit the iceberg again.

Then Candidate Obama was very frank when he told a reporter that if he couldn’t fix this in three years, his would be a one term Presidency. Well, all he has done is exasperate a bad situation, and I think we should hold him to his own prediction.

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The Liberal frustration with “truth”…

When the President of the United States begins one of his press conferences by essentially misleading “We the People”, I simply turn off the T.V. or the live stream, because I can’t bear to listen to the rest.

He’s starting off today with the “worst recession since the Great Depression” stuff, which is debatable on so many levels, and quickly transitioning into how his administration has created 4 million jobs and seen 27 months of positive job numbers. The sad reality for so many Americans under this President is that the size of the American labor force has shrunk to its lowest per-capita level in decades down to 58.4 % from 65.5% when Bush was in office. That disparity alone obliterates any job creation under Obama at all! Moreover, the “jobs” he boasts of are a part-time at best substitute to the stable and full-time employment of the past, and have cost the taxpayers of this country literally (T)rillions of dollars in the form of so-called “stimulus” spending.

In the face of indisputable fact as well as irreconcilable numbers, our President has chosen confrontation with the opposition party and “the blame game” in place of the “hope and change” he promised to bring to Washington. Consequently, “We the People” continue to pay the price for this ideological and dangerous gamesmanship.

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PAV – Political Assault Vehicle…

No bullets, just bashing...

I am simply not going to jump on the (political rapid assault vehicle) and mindlessly ridicule the POTUS based on this latest and very sobering jobs report. Frankly the two political parties are wrapped so tight these days I think blood vessels are going to begin popping soon. I will however state the facts and appeal to President Obama’s common sense to accept that his approach is simply not working . You see, we can argue indefinitely about whose fault it was/is. But unlike many of my Lefty counterparts, I care far less about the road traveled than I do about the road forward. They are two very different avenues (arguments).

The facts are we remain heavily burdened as a nation with unsustainable debt and our government is doing little to promote either economic growth or job creation. For the President’s part, he seems focused on using an ideological mechanism as a means to quickly and fundamentally change the way our country functions, and that approach is collapsing under the weight of its own un-workability. Moreover, the usual Liberal sycophants continue to advertise this fraud as a “recovery” when it is now plainly anything but. Previous monthly and quarterly figures revised, current numbers embarrassingly, (no dangerously) low, and predictions of a total economic breakdown are the realities we face, and I am today begging our President to put his children’s country before his failing ideological vision.

Enough time has passed and this is now beyond the blame game Sir. Your numbers do not add up. There must be a balance, a place where we can meet and put our future and those of our posterity ahead of short term political gain, (ala Bill Clinton?). Even if Paul Ryan’s budget is not the answer, there must be something in there worth negotiating. Remember that all of your own budgets have been DOA as well, and in a friendly Senate no less. Maybe there is something in those documents which can be brought back to life.

My point in all of this is, I and many around this country are becoming increasingly concerned we may run out of road soon. So concerned in fact, that this Conservative pundit has no qualms about meeting in the middle somewhere just to avoid what is still an avoidable disaster. We can fight about the logistics and particulars another day. But the truth is, there are some very simple incentive based applications which will stop the bleeding and get our country headed back in the right direction. Ironically, most of our representatives know and understand what these applications look like because they have been tried and have worked in the past.

The whole world is watching and waiting to see which way America goes and I have to tell you, one misstep in this ever-growing economic minefield, and this chalice of success through freedom may not pass to the next generation.

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Factual Hurricane…

There are 1 million fewer (jobs available) in the job market today than there were in January 2009. The unemployment number is ticking down at a rate that would not see pre-Obama levels until 2018. Jobs created last month were an anemic 150,000, and manufacturing has been revised down yet again to reflect the Obama “new norm”. (Note: Average Job creation under Clinton was 240,000, Bush 20,000, Obama -53,000 that’s right, negative), and this is allowing an extra 6 months to accommodate trickle down “stimulus” spending. Median income levels are down 2.3% and poverty is up 1% since 2009. Gas prices are headed North of $4.00 per gallon. The federal government has spent an unprecedented $6 Trillion dollars it did not have since 2009 making the national debt nearly $16 Trillion. There are more people receiving some sort of government assistance today than at any time in U.S. History. 45% of Americans pay almost 94% of all income taxes while over 50% pay nothing at all. Our enemies are salivating as we crumble from within, and expectations are to say the least pitifully un-American, as we are fast losing site of the country our parents entrusted to us.

This is just a glimpse of a factual hurricane that will eventually devastate and change the United States forever. And President Barack Obama’s answer? – Blame Bush, more taxes on job creators, class warfare, and a level of political division unprecedented in American history. The “great uniter”, I think not… Please wake up America. It’s time to save our nation from this failed academic and elitist experiment.

Oh, and I should mention that the POTUS’s “fairness” tax will raise a mere $700 billion dollars over 10 years, against a deficit projected to be over $23 Trillion by then at our current rate of spending, (“Affordable” Care Act not included). Election year politics as demonstrated by a masterful demagogue? Absolutely…

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…

There is some good news to report today in that applications for unemployment fell to a seasonally adjusted 390,000, the third decline in four weeks. This comes as economic growth ticked up a bit as well. Economists are still worried however, that consumer spending rose only as household revenues decreased indicating people are using credit again making less money. With crude on the rise again and gas prices soon to follow for the holidays, Wall Street is “sketchy” at best in its forecasts, though the Dow did manage to hold on to modest gains today after yesterday’s plunge. This is probably due in part to some possible stability being reported from overseas within the last 24 hours.

Truth be told, our economic prognosis is still grim at best considering businesses are hedging their bets to make certain they survive. Additionally, and in the absence of any real growth spurring initiatives by this Administration, and with a national debt that looks only to climb dramatically over the next five years, job creators in America are simply looking to outlast the bad times and emerge on the other side. This understandable consensus is only aggravated by the lack of any level of confidence that might be instilled by the current political climate in Washington. Regrettably, I see these infinitesimal upward movements as only the gasps of a grievously wounded economic engine in need of immediate, tangible and “real” stimulus.

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“In God we trust”…

So the President doesn’t like that Congress voted on the reaffirmation of “In God we trust” as the nation’s motto. His message was of course laced with rhetoric regarding his contention that the Republican led House has been doing nothing to put America back to work.

There are a couple of peculiar things about the President’s decision to mock congress on the “motto thing” though, not the least of which is that Speaker Boehner has in fact sent over 15 jobs proposals for the Senates consideration which have all been labeled “dead on arrival” by WH Harry Reid. Maybe that should be the Senates motto. Are they part of the “do nothing Congress” the President is referring to, or is he frustrated because his initial stimulus did little if anything besides stimulate a whole lot of fraud investigations. Or maybe he feels a little silly going out and touting all these “shovel ready projects” again. Or possibly, he is stumped on how the hell he’s gonna pay for any of it, or for that matter how to explain why entitlement spending has usurped all of the cash away from its Constitutional destination… This guy is the poster child for political hypocrisy. Moreover, the Congress deals with literally thousands of such bills and moves them with relative speed under accelerated procedural rules. It is the day-to-day business of Capital Hill and (former 180 day Senator Barack Obama) damn well knows it.

Now on the issue of the motto itself, it is school boy Jazzy Jay Carney who has once again helped us to define his bosses Administration. His uneducated comment on the phrase “God helps those who help themselves” which he mistakenly stated was from the Bible when referencing the POTUS’s earlier comments, demonstrates how little faith these nitwits have in anything but their own ideological belief system. They are truly devoid of honor in any form and therefore incapable of leading with the confidence necessary to represent “We the People”.

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