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“All those opposed, say NO…”

If there was a moment when the Democrats laid it all out for everyone to see, it was yesterday when they “amended” the party platform to include the mention of God and show Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Not only was the lunatic and Godless Left element, which now appears to be dominating the Democrat Party, present and accounted for, but it also sounded as if they actually won a vote L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa tried desperately to pass off as two thirds “in the affirmative”. Only after a wayward camera caught the teleprompter with a “cued up” message to that end already running, was the “Lame Stream” press then forced to run the story. Moreover, it was not until the original story of the platform lacking the references broke, that the “smartest man in the room”, President Obama, intervened and ordered the platform changed, (most likely regardless of the vote count).

Now if there is anyone still out there who believes the Democrats are not obviously and drastically influenced by the radical Left wing of their party, and that they are at the very least, nothing but a bunch of desperate and pandering politicians, please apply either your (sycophant apologist) or (dunce) cap immediately, and proceed to the corner of the room, because you should not be part of any logical or useful debate. Wow….

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Evil x 2+1…

Events here at home have us focused on our Colorado brothers and sisters, and this is all together appropriate. We continue to pray for the souls of the twelve who were so senselessly taken, and for those fighting for their lives in Aurora area hospitals. I for one will be watching as “evil” will face justice beginning  tomorrow.

However scenes from around the globe remind us of the perils still lurking outside our door. Syria is poised to dissolve into total chaos as Assad and his regime run out of options. This is worrisome when we consider the amount of chemical and biological weapons that monster has stockpiled, and whether he would now use them to hang on to power or exact revenge. Worse yet, might they fall into the hands of terrorists should the government ultimately collapse? Assad is no Khadafy. He was raised a purposeful and blood thirsty killer, just like his old man. And it is likely he will lash out in some fashion before this is all over. Israel is monitoring the situation closely as is to be expected, and at the same time their attention is focused on Iran and the “shoulder monkey” terrorist group, Hezbollah. Truth be told, the Israelis will not run for the politically correct cover of the so called “United Nations” as does Secretary of State Clinton, but rather they will act in the best interest of their people first. And if it can be determined that the Iranians had a hand in the Bulgarian bus bombing, then you can bet some Hezbollah operative and/or one or more of his Ahmadinejad handlers, are going to have a severe case of shrapnel disease coming on.

All this comes under the backdrop of another UN attempt to corral the U.S. into a Constitutionally incompatible small arms treaty, and while Mitt Romney is planning to go overseas as part of a campaign initiative to roll out and gauge international support for the Presidential Candidate.

The weeks ahead are sure to bring more fateful events outside our borders, and the United States had better be prepared to act if need be.

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Blind side…

Same old Liberal song and dance...

Isn’t it ironic, while our diplomats jockey to establish ties with the “terrorist” Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and seem to grovel for a seat at the (Taliban table of peace), all while our Soldiers are fighting and dying in theater, our President is laser focused on slashing our military in order to make it “leaner”, (code for weaker). I say ironic, as I do not wish to suggest panic at this point. But the fact is, as the so called “Arab” Spring clearly appears to be morphing into an “Islamofascist” Summer, our leaders continue to ignore the root causes of our financial woes here at home while simultaneously cutting the very means necessary to safeguard our children’s national security against these threats.

Meanwhile, the “recess” appointments and regulatory nightmares I wrote about just last week are all coming to fruition as predicted, and have actually been fast tracked by an Administration bent on turning as much Socialist university pabulum into reality as is humanly possible before what could very well be a landslide loss of the WH come this November.

Sadly but as I surmised, 2012 will likely add much to the history books. However it doesn’t seem as though it will be anything good…


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Open mouth insert foot…

Maybe President Obama should worry about what French President Sarkozy says about “him” when he’s not around, or vice versa. Look, these two quasi Socialists have a lot in common, not the least of which is their disdain for the state of Israel. And so in the end it is not a surprise that they are exchanging their views as such in conversation. That said, and considering the powder keg that is the Middle East as we know it today, one would think that the POTUS might use a little more tact when out on the overseas “campaign” stump.

Facts: The Administration has failed to (re-negotiate) an agreement in Iraq that would have at least facilitated a larger deterrent ground force remaining there to discourage the obvious Iranian influence. Moreover, the President continues to play both sides of the fence regarding the “2 state solution” and the “palestinian question”, while simultaneously picking and choosing which battles for “freedom” he will support. (Note: We all know how that has played out as we watch those engagements descend into Sharia Law.)  

Consequently, we must look at the big picture here and conclude that for all of the Presidents talk about his “unwavering support” of the Israeli State, we only have to listen to his most recent comments, picked up on yet another prudently open microphone, and know the sad and dangerous truth.

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