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“In God we trust”…

So the President doesn’t like that Congress voted on the reaffirmation of “In God we trust” as the nation’s motto. His message was of course laced with rhetoric regarding his contention that the Republican led House has been doing nothing to put America back to work.

There are a couple of peculiar things about the President’s decision to mock congress on the “motto thing” though, not the least of which is that Speaker Boehner has in fact sent over 15 jobs proposals for the Senates consideration which have all been labeled “dead on arrival” by WH Harry Reid. Maybe that should be the Senates motto. Are they part of the “do nothing Congress” the President is referring to, or is he frustrated because his initial stimulus did little if anything besides stimulate a whole lot of fraud investigations. Or maybe he feels a little silly going out and touting all these “shovel ready projects” again. Or possibly, he is stumped on how the hell he’s gonna pay for any of it, or for that matter how to explain why entitlement spending has usurped all of the cash away from its Constitutional destination… This guy is the poster child for political hypocrisy. Moreover, the Congress deals with literally thousands of such bills and moves them with relative speed under accelerated procedural rules. It is the day-to-day business of Capital Hill and (former 180 day Senator Barack Obama) damn well knows it.

Now on the issue of the motto itself, it is school boy Jazzy Jay Carney who has once again helped us to define his bosses Administration. His uneducated comment on the phrase “God helps those who help themselves” which he mistakenly stated was from the Bible when referencing the POTUS’s earlier comments, demonstrates how little faith these nitwits have in anything but their own ideological belief system. They are truly devoid of honor in any form and therefore incapable of leading with the confidence necessary to represent “We the People”.

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