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A Black Conservative???

I do not condone nor would I suggest that sexual harassment in the workplace, specifically against women, is acceptable for any reason, it is not. That said, the vetting of a particular occurrence is a matter for the
company in question to address and/or face the possibility of federal involvement.

In the matter of Presidential Candidate Herman Cain it is
clear that until a gag order put in place by the presiding judge is lifted, all
the facts are simply not there. Consequently, I shall reserve my opinions until
that time. This however, does not mean that I will not comment on the foaming at the mouth Liberal attack dogs who see this man as the greatest possible threat to “their black imposter” in the White House.  

What could possibly be worse than a black Conservative? A self-made
man who defied the “odds” and made it happen for himself and for his family, a
man who refused to be labeled as anything but an American trying to succeed, a
man who did not listen to Washington Progressives when they told him that he
was being kept down, and a man who is now calling out the current President for
the phony working class hero, entitlement and class warfare crap he has been

Look, I expect Herman Cain to do what I believe is in his heart and tell the truth. Moreover, I see genuineness in him which is markedly different in the appeal department than the packaged presentation of our current “Professor in Chief”. All things considered, if it turns out that Candidate Cain has been less than truthful, I will certainly support someone else moving forward. However, if it is determined that this is a smear campaign with little or no basis in fact, less the stories of a few easily manipulated and money hungry perverts, will the Liberals then offer an apology to the front-runner and champion the
cause of hard work, dedication and determination to a minority populous which needs
and damn well deserves the truth, and not some race based agenda of lies and manufactured disadvantages? I think not…

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Back in the “stand”…


Well we have arrived and I’m trying to get a handle on my
new “home”. Thank you all for your supportive emails and a special thanks to those who recommended this new company, they are absolutely wonderful. Thank you to all who sent me advice and educational links that have helped me down the road to a more hands on approach to my blog. I hope to get it all in line within a couple of weeks. I must admit however, that hunting season is upon me and I really do need some time in the woods.

Fear not though, I am on top of it all, from the (Lefts) attacks on Herman Cain because they are scared senseless of a black Conservative, to Eric Holder running for cover and doing his own rendition of “Bush bashing” when it comes to “Fast and Furious”, and even the POTUS trying to look like a “regular” guy… Really???

I will also be posting all of the archives which I brought over from the “other hosting company” in bulk form on www.patriot64.com so you can browse and reminisce…

Once again thank you, and let’s get this show on the road…
(Right after I bag my first big deer for the season.)

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