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Please help…

There are many on the Left who would have you ignore the factual numbers regarding the debate over gun control in this country. And there are even those advocating for a total ban on firearms. So when I read a story like the one below, I can justify the many hours I have spent and then some, on the battle over the Second Amendment here in my home state of Rhode Island.

I would urge all of you to read the link below and contemplate accepting responsibility for your own safety first. Never give up the right to keep and bear arms as a means to protect that which belongs to you, to include your physical person as well as your family. Please help this young woman in any way you can. Reach deep so she may overcome the unimaginable tragedy in her life and provide for her son’s future. Thank you and God bless… http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/01/04/teen-mom-shoots-kills-intruder-with-11-dispatcher-on-phone/

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