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Divided we fall…

I thought it was interesting amidst all the economic chaos in Europe, how we are reminded of President Reagan’s premise that freedom is always one generation away from extinction. Well then it should come as no surprise, that with nations like Greece and Spain poised to ignite financial Armageddon across the pond, the Neo-Nazi party in Greece has gained in political strength from 2 percent  to 22 percent, and now holds 21 seats in Parliament. These frightening trends are also becoming more noticeable in France and Italy. So a note to the complacent among you: When government fails to make good on promises it should never have made in the first place, the gates are then opened for the sinister forces of evil to invade the minds of a disgruntled populous causing confusion and mayhem. In the whirlwind of debate which ensues, blame is more easily affixed and the truth becomes lost in the fog of ideology. This is exactly what the Fascists and Communists used to insert their illegitimate causes into the mainstream of European politics, eventually causing the deaths of tens of millions of innocents in the 1930’s and 40’s. (Ironically, more than one third of the population of Greece would eventually be murdered by the Nazis during World War II).

I tell you this because I believe history is our greatest friend. It can also be our worst enemy should we “choose” to ignore its pointed lessons. The United States is undoubtedly in the grip of great financial stress, the complexities of which we have not seen before. And we do not have to look far to see some of the same forces of evil attempting to exploit our nations weakened condition. The likes of George Soros and the millions he pumps into organizations like “Acorn” and “Media Matters”, are a stark reminder that the very freedom our soldiers are dying to protect is threatened more covertly (but effectively) by those who are content to manipulate and promote our collapse from within.

It is certainly not my intention to be the predictable “prophet of doom”, but rather to wake Americans from their complacent slumber and remind them that what we are going through is real and getting worse. These circumstances always leaves us more vulnerable, especially if we are fractured and divided. We must remember there will always be wolves at the door of liberty, and that the lessons of history are there for us to embrace and learn from so our posterity may at least have a fighting chance.

“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed by Americans.” – President Clinton – “But we must first unite behind a common culture and the original, Constitutional intent.” – Fred Comella





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(Warning: The video below may be upsetting to those who actually have feelings.)

I think it’s fair to say a great many of us have done a few stupid things growing up. I for one readily admit the mistakes that have “learned me” to my place in this life. But something has changed. I remember joking about adults, but not contemplating the results of stabbing them. Moreover, to openly harass and abuse an adult in any way like the youths on that school bus in Greece, NY would have brought the back of my Dad’s hand in immediate proximity to my face repeatedly. As a matter of fact, just being openly disrespectful would usually have been enough to warrant a moderate ass kicking upon arrival back at the “Patriot64” homestead.

So after fighting back tears for the poor women in this video and then listening to one of the “children’s” fathers attempt to somehow reconcile the incident, I did actually take something away from it. My thoughts on what ails “We the People” as a nation, having to do with the necessity of an appropriate and caring but disciplined home life, are spot on.

Wake up America, because if this bunch of sadistic and unfeeling rabble is the best we have to offer the world, then we are truly screwed!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l93wAqnPQwk’]
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