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The latest ad from the Elizabeth Warren camp is a picture perfect example of a campaign in crisis mode. The Liberal Democratic Candidate for Senator Scott Brown’s seat in Massachusetts has latched on to the Akin controversy with the talons of a desperate competitor who is in trouble and out of ideas, (if she had any to begin with). The fact that the ad is flat-out rubbish and awash with mischaracterizations and down right lies, is almost lost behind what sounds like the gasping tone of it.

Listening to Warren speak is almost painful. She is easily flustered and devoid of any logical or factual debate. Her lack of knowledge on even the most basic issues regarding the current economic crisis we face, is trumped only by her missteps and bumbling attempts to clarify her “Native American” heritage.

I simply cannot defend the Akin remarks, and I have stated as much in recent commentary. Having said that, if Ms. Warren would like to speak out for women in America today, maybe she could offer a solution to the disproportionate unemployment numbers for women during the “Obama years”, rather than fear mongering and propagandizing. Then again, that’s what the Left does best. What a joke…


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Watch out Senator Brown…

I’m doing my best to stay away from President Obama’s press conference comments. The level of elitism at that podium yesterday was simply too high even for me to analyze and still afford all due respect to the office. So I’ve decided to go a little closer to home today.

I supported Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy’s old seat basically because it was a historical opportunity to shake loose the Progressive strangle hold on Massachusetts. Frankly, Senator Brown was and has been somewhat less than Conservative on most issues. However he certainly doesn’t resemble the (“Liberal” Lion of the Senate) in any way. Truth be told, he is even advertising the fact that he was voted the most “bi-partisan” Senator of the bunch. As I’ve said, I’m all for a little “bi-partisanship” at this juncture, so long as I don’t have to vacate my principles, turn over my guns, and kneel before the corrupt “Whore house Harry Reid”.

Anyway, I read an interesting comment in the Providence Journal recently from Democratic Senatorial Candidate and Brown opponent Elizabeth Warren. I would add here that anyone who doubts this persons Liberal qualifications must be living under a rock. Brown’s “bi-partisanship” aside, Warren makes him look like Barry Goldwater. Nonetheless, I thought it was extremely telling that she was quoted at the “Netroots” Convention recently as having said, “progressives must change the conversation in Washington“. That one stand alone statement reinforces what I’ve consistently espoused concerning the true intent of the Left in this country. It is not about making our free republic better by way of a healthy debate rooted in the content of our nation’s founding documents, but rather it is about (changing) that free republic to a big government, European style entitlement state.

I am asked quite often by Liberals about the title page of my political blog, “For Patriots Only”. It seems they feel I am excluding them from the argument. I tell them simply, the only pre-qualification I have for their comments, (which are Constitutionally protected), is that they love their country for its basic principles as set forth by the Framers, and not forego those principles for the sake of failed ideologies or selfish apathy. Translation: Know your history and learn from it. Do not blame others for your station in this life, but rather use your God-given freedom and talent to succeed. And together let us leave a greater United States of America to our posterity… How’s that for changing the conversation Liz???

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