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The Constitution according to Matthews…

I always find it amusing when the Libs cry “FOX” foul every time Hannity gets out of bed in the morning. Love him or hate him, Hannity is versed on the issues and does not let his Right Wing politics cloud Constitutional reality. Sadly, this cannot be said for Chris Matthews and the rest of the “main stream” media.

Reading and understanding the Constitution is not a difficult thing. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to engage in the American political discourse. In fact, the individuals who penned the document intended it to be simple but rock solid in terms of its foundational properties. So when I hear the likes of Matthews spouting off about how Constitutionally, one cannot challenge the President, I have to wonder what this man’s credentials are to host a prime time cable news program, other than maybe being an undisciplined political hack with anger management issues, and a “bromance” crush on Bill Clinton. What a disgrace.

The simple truth is, much of the media today leans Left. To say otherwise is to intentionally live with your head firmly positioned up your backside. Consequently, President Obama has been afforded an unprecedented level of quasi collaboration with the press, many of whom manipulate and misrepresent things like Constitutional intent to make their case for his policies. From his candidacy through his Presidency, scrutiny of the POTUS by ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC has been rare and fleeting. Moreover, when agencies like FOX attempt to vet this man of lofty title, venerable praise, but little in the way of actual resume, they and others are labeled racists and liars, even in the face of indisputable facts and figures. This is a big reason Election 2012 is so important. In the end, if we refuse the lessons of history, and bargain for undeniable truth with those who would have us believe something less for political correctness sake, then how can we possibly leave a clear path for our posterity to follow?

President Barack Obama is the standard-bearer for a party high-jacked by revisionists and those who despise the hard-fought exceptionalism which made this nation great. In as much as we must turn from the Obama iceberg, Mitt Romney has the executive experience, character and drive to at least begin what will be the lengthy and arduous process of “real” and sound economic recovery for The United States of America.

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Popular vs. Legal…

On the matter of Constitutionality, I read recently of the divide with regard to interpretation of this unique and special document. The words “popular and legal” come up quite a bit with a good segment of the judicial community coming down on the side of legal interpretation. Once again I will defer to the “popular” reading of the document and the emotional tone and time in which it was written. Never in recorded history, have so many sacrificed their lives and fortunes to provide for the survival of that which is framed in the Constitution of the United States. And while there is no doubt the Founders themselves acknowledged a need of legal definition for posterity sake, it was never to come at the expense of the basic ideals and principles which are its foundation. One only need put down any legal briefs or modern definitions as put forth by agenda driven judicial ideologues, and pick up the letters and writings of the men who actually wrote the Constitution to understand this. No symposium/seminar chaired by the so-called scholars on the matter can match the feeling and fervor of group of individuals pledging everything in this life for a cause greater than self. Think about that…

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