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Evil x 2+1…

Events here at home have us focused on our Colorado brothers and sisters, and this is all together appropriate. We continue to pray for the souls of the twelve who were so senselessly taken, and for those fighting for their lives in Aurora area hospitals. I for one will be watching as “evil” will face justice beginning  tomorrow.

However scenes from around the globe remind us of the perils still lurking outside our door. Syria is poised to dissolve into total chaos as Assad and his regime run out of options. This is worrisome when we consider the amount of chemical and biological weapons that monster has stockpiled, and whether he would now use them to hang on to power or exact revenge. Worse yet, might they fall into the hands of terrorists should the government ultimately collapse? Assad is no Khadafy. He was raised a purposeful and blood thirsty killer, just like his old man. And it is likely he will lash out in some fashion before this is all over. Israel is monitoring the situation closely as is to be expected, and at the same time their attention is focused on Iran and the “shoulder monkey” terrorist group, Hezbollah. Truth be told, the Israelis will not run for the politically correct cover of the so called “United Nations” as does Secretary of State Clinton, but rather they will act in the best interest of their people first. And if it can be determined that the Iranians had a hand in the Bulgarian bus bombing, then you can bet some Hezbollah operative and/or one or more of his Ahmadinejad handlers, are going to have a severe case of shrapnel disease coming on.

All this comes under the backdrop of another UN attempt to corral the U.S. into a Constitutionally incompatible small arms treaty, and while Mitt Romney is planning to go overseas as part of a campaign initiative to roll out and gauge international support for the Presidential Candidate.

The weeks ahead are sure to bring more fateful events outside our borders, and the United States had better be prepared to act if need be.

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Bad people do bad things…

Normally I would not jump so quickly to comment on a news story, but Aurora is already crumbling under the weight of a media circus as the networks scramble to find a phone booth.

Appropriately however, we must first step back and remember the lost and pray with vigor for those left to bear an unimaginable burden of grief. It is being reported that very young children have lost their lives, and this is certain to wrench the hearts of all Americans. With that said, My thoughts go immediately to what I believe is the desensitizing of life in our American culture. From the battles over when it begins, to the plethora of ultra-violent and graphic “movies” and video games which depict the wanton taking of it, many of our young people no longer seem to value the gift that is this life.

Sadly, this will most likely be overshadowed by the coming tide of political sentiment having to do with the gun control debate singular. Many a political hack with the intent to subvert the United States Constitution will rise up once again and sight this horrific incident as another reason for draconian, irresponsible and ineffective gun control laws. This is always accompanied by a blatant disregard for the truth or real solutions and usually flies directly in the face of any reason and/or facts. Nonetheless, the victims and their families will be misrepresented and exploited by fools like Mike Bloomberg, who care far less for anyones immeasurable loss than for their own selfish and malicious causes.

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