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“Rino” reasoning…

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist was many things politically, but he was never a Republican. Crist’s record reeks of “middle of road” tactics and politically motivated sidestepping. He struck me as a coward then as he does today, with his recent shall we say, “conversion”. You see, I’ve never believed in the “Rino” label, but rather felt it was cover for those who simply lacked “intestinal fortitude”, and whose intentions were rooted in re-election and re-election only. Good riddance Chuck… I do believe however, this type of political morphing is symptomatic of a bigger problem which has transcended generations to the American Electorate. It is just plain easier to be middle of the road and stand for nothing these days…

Ultimately, I remain convinced of the need for a return to conviction and principle in the American political system, bracketed by an educated and informed voter who understands that our nation is unique, and for very special and significant reasons. The question is, can someone who stands on their principles, and who feels those principles are reflected in the “American Dream” expect to be successful in U.S. politics today, oh and without being branded a greedy, rich, white, polluting, racist, sexist, homophobe? Let’s look at this with some objectivity and truth, shall we?

Judging by the 2012 Presidential Election results, I’d have to say a fair amount of folks are a bit conflicted about their principles. Old folks because they’ve had Liberals screaming in their ears about Republican plans to replace their Social Security checks with pet store food stamps, young folks because they are learning about the “new and improved America” in school and they just don’t know any better, and middle aged folks because they’re suffering from the Rip Van-Winkle effect. There is a ton of ideological crap floating around the toilet which is our nation’s capital these days, and both of the major parties share some of the responsibility for it being there. The result has been a diminished sense of our national identity, and a subtle but growing confusion about our cultural destiny. This is demonstrated by a recent poll showing that more than fifty percent of Democrats have a favorable view of Socialism. What??! This can and must be because they simply have no clue of history and how the Socialist model has given rise to some of the world’s worst tyrants. For if they had read the true historical record, and listened with even the most objective ear, they would surely have come away with a different conclusion. Ok, so I won’t get into a sprawling rant on the perils of Socialism, and how it is been re-packaged if you will, by the Progressive Left. But it is obvious that what ails us is not simply socioeconomic and/or ideological, but rather it’s a fundamental break in the line of historical truth which shaped this great and worthy experiment. Moreover, it is the mission of every George Soros enemy of freedom, to rewrite and revise the American experience, in such a way as to lessen its worth in the eyes of future generations, here at home and around the globe. This is their only hope of victory, to re-write the story over time. Simply put, the exploitation of America’s faults and shortcomings is relentlessly and maliciously broadcast by a complicit Left wing press, and now taught in our schools and institutions of “higher learning”, out in front of the undeniable goodness, immeasurable contributions and inspirational example to free people everywhere, which are the true hallmarks of the greatest nation ever in the history of human kind.

So as we gear up for what will inevitably be a fight to regain our national sense of worth, through 2014 and beyond, the battle lines appear much more defined. In the end, that battle will be joined by those stewards of history and truth, who value liberty and the individual’s contribution to the collective success of a free republic, pitted against those of endless excuses and a perverted and fairytale sense of fairness, having little or nothing to do with “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This is the growing reality and the pivotal face-off which will eventually define Barack Obama’s eight years as President of The United States. Which side of history will you tell your children your were on?

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