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Andrew Breitbart, February 1, 1969 – March 1, 2012…

3/1/12 – The untimely death of Andrew Breitbart showed me something today. Despite having been at this game a little while, I am still a bit of a novice. As I read through some of the vile crap posted on the social networks by a number of hygienically and morally challenged individuals, it occurred to me the propagandists are indeed a dangerous bunch. Truth be told, I have been labeled in this regard a number of times.

I have to admit though, even having been witness to some of mankind’s most evil acts against one another, there is nothing like the presentation by an individual so corrupted by an ideology that they are incapable of (real) debate. Any form of mutual discussion with this type, descends almost immediately into vitriol and unabashed intolerance for any other argument, (or person) for that matter. They seem almost robotic as if brainwashed beyond any compromise by hate and deep seeded self-esteem issues. I find this to be the case when dealing with the Progressive wing of the Democrat party. So “convinced” of the opposition’s complicity in all things bad in the world, they simply cannot allow the seeds of self-doubt to temper their rhetoric. They become that which they claim to oppose with every fiber of their being. These are the true Socialists. These are the real intolerant among us, the true minority who would even “silence” dissent if allowed to by way of our collective complacency or some perceived notion of “political correctness”.

Now I will admit that I was not a Breitbart follower per say, and I’m not so naïve as to candy coat the real world we live in. But what decent person among us could condone such hate filled vitriol as we have witnessed in recent hours? What decent person could view this as acceptable while a wife and children mourn the loss of a husband and father? A consequence of the saturation of social media, maybe? Ironically, it seems to be a broad cut of the Leftist political machine, from the “intellectual giants” in the twitter cage to the so called “main stream media” types. This is not to condemn the lot by any means, but you know who they are.

Breitbart was apparently many things to many people. He was true to his cause and passionate to a fault at times with regard to his beliefs. He was not perfect, but who in this field claims to be? He took a position and defended it. Simply put and for the purposes of this post, he was a family man and he died too young. For my part, I have many political enemies and feel strongly about how their agendas will affect my son’s country. Debate along these lines is what sets us apart from the rest of the world, and I welcome it (if) sincere. However, with the exception of those who would harm children, and of course Osama bin-Laden, I could never see myself partaking in such hurtful dialogue at so inappropriate a time. It is simply wrong.

So at the risk of over simplifying, I will reflect on what my dad told me many years ago: “Take a step back kiddo and consider the source. That (sxxt) just makes rejects feel good about themselves”… He was a smart guy my dad…



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