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Border cover up…

Agent Terry's family bids him farewell.

You had to know that Democrats like Diane Feinstein and company would try to spin “Fast and Furious” into an anti-gun thing. Problem is they have their “facts” confused as usual. Seriously, from Holder on down you have to wonder if these folks could find their way out of a paper bag with two hands and flashlight, that is until you look at the history and know there is and has been an agenda for some time.

Assertion: 70 percent of the firearms recovered from crime scenes in Mexico come from U.S. gun stores.

Fact: That number is extrapolated from federal weapons “traces” only, and in many case the traces are doubled and even tripled up in the collection process as they are often derived from three or more agencies. Additionally, even BATFE is reporting that with the exception of “Holders guns”, most seized weapons are older weapons traced to legal

Agent Zabata's bullet riddled vehicle.

military sales to a number of Central American nations over the years, and had probably made their way into the hands of the cartels simply by way of the highest bidder. (I would add here that in both cases where we are looking at American officials killed by the cartels, (Agents Terry and Zapata), “Holders guns” have been the only ones implicated). Oh and one more thing, it is understood by even the most partisan hack having anything to do with the border firearms issue, that Russia has been and will continue to be a huge influence by way of illegal arms and ammunition sold to the Mexican drug cartels. As I have said many times, those bastards would sell gasoline to arsonist if it turned a profit.

Look, this is simple. Holder and his anti-gun cohorts on the Hill, in another failed effort to portray anything related to the Second Amendment as bad for America, made a big huge boo boo with this “Fast and Furious” gig. Consequently, it’s looking more and more like their negligence got some fine Americans killed in the process.

So don’t be fooled by the desperate smoke and mirrors campaign launched by Eric’s buddies in Congress. The facts tell a very different story. And that is why in this author’s humble opinion, if the President of the United States continues to stand in defense of the Attorney General and does not accept the truth about (Operation Fast and Furious), ultimately he will be complicit in the deaths of those two brave Americans who gave all in defense of the homeland against the scourge of the drug cartels.


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