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Pardon me if I do not get all uncomfortable and outraged when I read about some Marines stepping outside the lines a bit in Afghanistan. Look, I am certainly on board with “appropriate” disciplinary action corresponding to the actions of these boys, but let’s apply a little context here. First of all, any thought of placating to the “Islamofascist” element by way “punishment that does not fit the crime” would be foolish and counterproductive. Also, is this the same Taliban that I have written about so many times highlighting the manner in which they treat all who cross their ideological path? What I mean is do I have to run down the list of atrocities these clowns have committed against their own people, to include medieval beheadings, “actual” torture and the targeting of women and children with maiming and often lethal explosive devises to make their point. This is to say nothing of their “treatment” of prisoners of war. I simply do not have the patience for folks who want to gloss over the fact that this group is comprised primarily if not completely of murderers and despots proven capable of the most heinous crimes imaginable against humanity.

Did our boys do wrong, you bet? Might their minds have been a bit clouded with the losses of their friends and compatriots to an enemy who prefers to fight in the shadows by way of deceit and cowardice, absolutely? Punish them accordingly but within the context of a bloody war against a merciless enemy without soul or conscience. But know this, that same enemy is watching closely and will use any overreaction or politically correct notion to embolden their band of murderers. And American soldiers will certainly die as a result of any poorly thought out miscalculation on the part of our apologist leaders. Where is old “Black Jack” when ya need um????


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Taliban legitimacy???

I suppose on its face a peace accord of some sort in Afghanistan would be a good thing and might bring about the speedy return of our brave Soldiers to their families, but let’s step back and look at this for a moment. Would this mean “negotiations” with the Taliban by chance? Would this be the same Taliban which supports the subjugation and brutalization of women within their twisted society, and enforces that support by way of beheading, stoning and hanging? Would this be the same Taliban which abhors any and all Western influence, with “individual freedom” at the top of that list? Would this be the same Taliban that supports education only through the “Koran” and forbids any other with beatings or worse for those non-compliant? Frankly speaking, is this the same Taliban in direct conflict with everything America stands for? Well it seems they are exactly who the Obama Administration intends to cast in the light of international legitimacy. Heck, we are even going to release enemy combatants who have most likely killed American/Coalition Soldiers as well as innocent Afghan men, women and children in the name of “Sharia Law”. At this point, one does have to ask the POTUS what the heck we are fighting for over there.

Now I know there will be those from the Ron Paul circle, who email me till their fingers bleed about 9/11, al-Qaeda, justification for military action, and all that crap. But in the end, if we leave behind the same breeding ground for murdering despots and would be dictators, what will our brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice have died for? It makes absolutely no sense that we “negotiate” with those who are clearly our enemy in every possible way they could be, so that we may facilitate some uneasy and/or false peace. Remove Karzai and his corrupt government and allow our military to do their jobs “unhindered” until the mission is complete.

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Shoe sale…

Focus Joe, focus...

From Axelrod claiming the GOP is “screwing up the economy” for President Obama, to Biden saying the “Taliban are not our enemies”, one has to wonder if the wheels have finally come off the “hope and change” train. I think I’m willing to give Axelrod a pass as he is clearly frustrated with the failure of his Bosses vision for a new and more European United States. The Presidents chief advisor is wholly representative of the “blame everyone but ourselves” gang who have occupied the halls of the White House since 2008. Biden however is a different animal.

I have commented many times on this guy’s ability to find any shoe in the room and stick it right in his yap. His haphazard and callous way with words has led me to believe he was not so good at ad-libbing when necessary. But after hearing that he feels a group, who for so long has reiterated its hatred for the “crusader enemy”, and who has backed up that hatred by spilling the blood of our brave soldiers on the fields of Afghanistan primarily by way of trick weapons and booby-traps, is now somehow not our enemy, I’m convinced that the Vice President of the United States is an imbecile.

It pains me to say this as I am aware of VP Biden’s son and his contributions as a combat veteran. With that said however, the assertion that the Haqqani network is not a clear and present danger to the interest of the United States, demonstrates a critical disconnect which should never exist at that office level during time of conflict. There are men and women in harm’s way who know with clarity the enemy they face, and this Vice President would do well to join them on the battlefield for a “hands on” tutorial. This is to say nothing of the obvious and fundamental human rights issues which place the U.S. and Taliban on very different and ultimately conflicting paths.

This is war Mr. Vice President, please do not confuse the issue any more than the “main stream” press has done already.


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