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Charles Woods deserves to know how and why his son died…

I was taken back when I heard the father of Special Operator Woods’ father commenting on Benghazi and the death of his hero son, Tyrone. Charles Woods is a soft spoken man but his pain and sorrow were evident. As someone who has seen his fair share of tragedy, I assure you I’m taking that pain into account as I write this post.

Nonetheless, Mr. Woods went a long way to making my point the other night about the major news outlets stuffing the Benghazi story until the President is re-elected. And given the latest revelations from high level sources on the ground in Libya during the attack, which detail the horrific battle that was raging there, the scandal continues to grow larger and more sinister with each passing day.

I must tell you, the Administration’s attempts to stonewall the truth about what happened in Libya have now become the story. Pandora’s box is open and there are now a host of new questions regarding everything from the Obama foreign policy, to military preparedness and operational questions. And Mr. Obama’s decision to haunt the Hollywood talk shows instead of holding a press conference to clarify all of this “intelligence” he supposedly received, might just cost him his job. At the end of the day, if the President can’t provide the American people with an explanation, then who do we go to? “We the People” look to the POTUS as the leader of the free world. He was elected on the promise of “Hope and Change”, “transparency” and a new way forward. Therefore, he is either inept and not up to the job, or he is lying.

The actions of S/O Woods, and S/O Doherty on the night of September 11th in Benghazi, were nothing short of selfless and morally courageous. They readily stepped up and gave their own lives to save their comrades in harm’s way. I Implore the Commander-in-Chief to fulfill his responsibility to their families, the families of Ambassador Stevens and Attaché Sean Smith, as well as the American people, and hold a press conference today to explain just what the hell happened over there, what he knew and when he knew it.

The anguish of Mr. Woods and the other family members is only magnified when they don’t have a clear picture of how their love ones were lost. Moreover, the ridiculous but initially adamant claims by Secretary of State Clinton, Ambassador Rice and Jay Carney, that these events were somehow related to a foolish and inconsequential video made in a free country, should be fully investigated by an oversight committee with appropriate sanctions leveled if needed. These people answer to us damn it, and Charles Woods deserves to know how and “why” his son died, Mr. President.

As a side note: If we are to believe Mr. Woods claims, (and we have no reason not to), regarding the remark made to him by VP Biden as his sons casket was being loaded into a hearse concerning the size of his sons “balls” in relation to those of “cue balls”, then President Obama should pull that jackass aside and explain the merits of his immediate retirement from public service. What a disgrace!


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John Christopher Stevens (April 1, 1960 – September 11, 2012)

When I heard the President claim his “foreign policy experience and superiority” over Mitt Romney, while simultaneously trashing that of President George W.  Bush, my first reaction was to lash out at the shear “audacity” of such an inference. I quickly laughed it off though, like every other ridiculous claim from this unprepared and unqualified Administration. However, with the recent reporting of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’ death at the hands of Libyan Militia, it’s just not that simple. Not only has this President diminished our nation in the eyes of the world, but his “lead from behind”, and policy of bowed appeasement, has undoubtedly cost American lives. From the unprecedented leaking of classified information which put the members of “Seal Team 6” in grave jeopardy, to an outstretched hand to the most sinister of Islamofascist organizations like the “Muslim Brotherhood”, the Obama Administration’s policies toward Egypt, Iran, Libya and Syria, along with their seemingly sarcastic indifference to allies like Israel, demonstrate a lack of cohesive and appropriate diplomatic initiative / oversight at the senior most levels. Stealing the credit for the bin-Laden assault and sidestepping victory in favor of premature troop pullouts, does not make you an expert in foreign policy Mr. President. It makes you a political punch line overseas, and “We the People” far less safe.

God bless the family of Chris Stevens. He died doing his duty for his country…

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July 4th, 1776 – 2012…

With all the political hullabaloo over healthcare, immigration and the like, I’m content to be a bit reflective this “Independence Day”. I am also quick to remind my readers this time of year that we are for all intents and purposes, a young nation. Nonetheless, The United States of America has changed the world for the better like no other before it. Having read and written thousands of pages in print and on-line over the years in my quest to communicate what I believe is this nation’s best destiny to whomever would listen, I keep coming back to the same diagnosis for what is ailing “We the People”. We appear to be suffering from “generational degradation”, born of selfishness, complacency and a lack of real understanding of this country and its founding. Please let me explain.

Removed from the sacrifices of WW II and Korea, and born to parents determined to shield them from the horrors of their own lives by any and all means of pampering, there are those of the “boomer generation” who would take our nations imperfections and manipulate them into decades of ideological hatred and class warfare. Subsequently over time, the cause of “liberty for all” has been hijacked and smeared by those unwilling or simply unable to process the fact of its God-given origins. Idealistic politicians with a societal axe to grind, drive wedges and “categorize” Americans in order to foster a sense of entitlement and resentment, as they posture for political power and a platform to change what wasn’t meant to be changed. So called minority or (community) leaders coerce the young and the impressionable with the (have and have not) argument so they may cement their status and reap their own financial rewards, all while leaving their target audience with no hope and no direction. And many Americans increasingly sit on their hands (some even willingly), as their children are spoon fed a steady diet of anti-Americanism and revisionist history in our public school system and on into higher education. The loud and angry voice of a smaller but focused opposition is drowning out truth and reason, and the principles on which this great nation was founded are passing into history. We are becoming that which we separated from in 1776.

I know this must sound like a rather bleak assessment of our national status, and I apologize if I can no longer sugarcoat reality with fancy words and non-confrontational tactics. I believe we are beyond that approach. And while this is not a blanket synopsis, the facts are these. The enemies of freedom cannot win in the arena of ideas. Therefore they are in many ways content to fan the flames of discontent with lies and distortions so we may die slowly from within from a thousand knife wounds. For our part, we are not doing our collective homework and thus making it easy for the enemy. We are leaving the spiritual and cultural identity of “One nation under God” by the roadside, and molding our posterity to fit a world so many brave Patriots died to distinguish us from. A simple truth which addresses this is that there can be no God in the life of a Socialist. Personal responsibility and accountability for our actions are not tenets of a politically correct society, and to pursue a better way for you and your family is seen as not in line with the “fair shake” philosophy.

Hear me people of this great country. We have made our mistakes. On this we should have no illusion. But The United States has done more to advance the cause of humanity than any nation on earth. In our short time we have resolved to fight the fights un-fought by other nations from the beginning. And while there have been battle wounds and scars, we have won, and continue to win those battles today. Appropriately, it is only by the grace of God that we have enjoyed these successes, and by that same grace that we may go forward. “We the People” of this great nation are poised at the precipice of truth. The question on this “4th of July” 2012 is, do we fix what’s broken and hold fast to that which has provided our greatness, or do we accept the message of globalism and mediocrity for the sake of some unholy “new world order” that welcomes genocidal dictators into its ranks?

Teach your children of America’s true history and greatness. Explain to them that while no nation is perfect, they are truly blessed to live in this one. And send a message to those who mean to represent us, that we will not be stripped of that which the Declaration and the Constitution outlines and God guarantees us.

And to all who have worn the uniform of The United States Military and provided that we might celebrate 236, some at the cost of their own longevity, I am reflecting on you as well this 4th. Thank you and may God bless and keep you all…

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For the children...

2012 is sure to be remembered by historians and political junkies as a defining year. Many things I thought would surely be part of my son’s lifetime are somehow coming to pass in my own. I would not profess to be able to explain this, but will admit it is disconcerting for me to bear witness to it at times.

With my pessimism as a backdrop to this New Year’s Eve, I ask my readers to consider something other than the present tonight. I ask that you consider and then promote a future solidified by the ideals and principles on which this great nation was founded. Accepting our faults and frailties, and in the interest of our posterity and legacy as a nation, let us celebrate our exceptionalism and all that has allowed us to triumph in the face of adversity while thriving in the acknowledgement of (one culture) come from many.

My faith tells me of a certain inevitability for which I should always be ready. Every day I do my best to aspire to that faith. However, I also look at the gifts we enjoy as a country and wonder how we may control that which we can. I respond in writing daily to the questions of politics in the 21st century. I argue the finer points of my beliefs and ideals until my fingers and neck hurt. But when all is said and done, I keep coming back to the same question that haunts me, and which seems to define all the rest. I ask myself how a child anywhere in this modern world can go to bed hungry. What are we doing wrong?

So as we begin the 12th year of this 100, shame on those who see this analogy as overly majestic or hyperbole. For my part, I think that if I do anything right in 2012, it will be to steadfastly pursue an answer to that question.

May God bless and keep all of you this New Year…

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